9/11 Never Forget

I wore an American pin on my shirt today.  It was a visual reminder that I was honoring all the fallen heroes of 9/11. 

I went with a friend and her family to the Kennedy Space Center today.  And, I was reminded of those that gave their lives so that we could learn more about our ‘space’ in space.  I was glad to see the flags at half-mast. 

9/11 is, to me, a reminder to not hate.  Too not judge too quickly.  And a reminder to realize that there are others who do not feel this way and will never change their minds.  As a devoted American, no one will change my mind in what I believe in.  And that is FREEDOM.

Glitter Is My Crack’s First Giveaway

She has to be the most beautiful person on the Internet!  Blix has a makeup blog that is a scene-stealer.  The makeup looks this chickie comes up with makes my eyes bug out of my head.

She is also hosting her first ever giveaway.  Click on the link to jump over to her blog and enter.  And check her out….she’s gorgeous!!!!

I Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone, Part II

A couple of posts back, I had Part I of ‘not leaving well enough alone’.  However, I have to admit, when I did plop down a sparkly top coat here, it did make me feel I had improved on it.  Remember ‘Home Improvement‘?  Tim never could leave well enough alone either. 

For me, it’s just a wickedly expensive fun hobby. 

Here’s Confetti’s ‘Debutante’…

I’m going to call this a soft, gold taupe.  Very subdue and very office appropriate.  It’s shimmery but not screaming.  I used three coats to make it Solid Gold. There’s 2 coats of Seche Clear and 1 Coat of Seche Vite.  I’m sorta ‘meh’ about this color.  It’s OK, but my tastes usually are to have my fingernails SCREAM!!!

Confetti’s is a new brand, MBA Beauty, released at CVS.  Here’s the scoop on why you may want to get some of MBA Beauty’s polishes before they are GONE! 

I didn’t wait…

If you see a color more than once, that means it’s gonna be in a giveaway.  One for you, one for me.

I’m brazen enough to think I can do better.  Now, I did put on my thinking cap that not only lets me think outside of the box, but also color inside the lines.  If this color is golden, why not try a silver glitter????  Hmmmmm…I DID just get a new topcoat from Revlon.  They released a few new colors recently along with accenting glitter topcoats for…well, not leaving well enough alone!  YES!!  (I have learned, with lots and lots of practice, to justify about anything I do.)  Here’s ‘Belle’ and she is a silver cutie pie.

Top photo is with the sunny window, last one is outside in sunny (read: hot) Florida.  How sad that the silver glitter and holographic larger glitter doesn’t show up on the nails in the photos.  It does a lot more in real life.

Albeit some serious wear in the top photo (that looks really ugl-le), you can see some of the reflections.  And last, a photo of the bottle.  Ahhh, see what I mean!

And, even if I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I feel I made a somewhat boring color a bit more spunky.

When you saw ‘Belle,’ did your mind start reeling as to what other polishes you could use this with?  Which ones?

Tagged For Sunshine Award

This has been the most fun hobby I have ever had!  It’s so addicting to not only creating a new post but to read allllll the wonderful and creative nail blogs out there.  Here’s one that is new to my list of favorites: For Your Nails Only.  You have got to go over to Tara’s blog.  Talk about a creative and unique place!  I’m always excited when she tweets that she’s posted something new.

Then….she sends me a Sunshine Award.  I feel gushy when someone I admire comes to see what I’m up to. 🙂

Here’s the guidelines:

1. Save the image above and post it on your own blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
3. Link the nominees
4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.
Here’s my fellow bloggers I tag:
What a fine group of bloggers!  
When you go over to Tara’s Blog, tell her she’s got company in being a ‘cornball’….me!  😉

Bath and Body Works Giveaway

Good evening!!!

I just drew the winning name for the BBW giveaway.
The winner is……killou.kilou  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Only 2 followers guessed the movie I saw as ‘The Last Exorcism’.  Creepy movie!!
Several of you guessed ‘Inception.’  My hubs and I went to see that the first week it came out.  We both loved it.

OK, back to the subject at hand.  I’m off to email killou.kilou.  Please respond back by Monday, Sept 6. 

Oh, and just to let you know, I always put in a signature bottle of pink nail polish too.  So I’m going to pick a pretty one to go with a very pretty fragrance. 🙂

Thanks, everyone!  I’m touched that so many of you read and/or stop by my blog.  Giveaways are a blast and with me approaching 200 followers, I will be following up with another giveaway VERY soon!  Stay tuned! 

Have a safe weekend!

It’s Libby chillin’ in my office.  This is her ‘place’ to hang out in my office room when she’s not under the desk.

I Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone, Part I

The title says it all.  I did a manicure and a pedicure and since I didn’t say ‘WOW’, I had to do more.  This will be part 1 of 2.  Here’s the pedicure first.

My parents said this often enough to me, so I’m no stranger to ‘not leaving well enough alone’.  Heck, if one aspirin is good, two would be better!  If one margarita is good, then the next 7 will be even better.  No, wait.  I tried that on my hub’s birthday, 10 years ago.  I had all the margarita’s I will EVER have.  Haven’t touched them since!  In one night, I learned how to leave well enough alone after that!  I think I ACTUALLY decided that the next day, though.

And I couldn’t leave my nails well enough alone.  I finally bought China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’  I thought it was a clever name and it got tons of raves in nail blog world.  Wow!  Everyone liked it.  Except me…

Hmmmm….I’m not impressed.  As much as this could get me kicked off the island, at least I am honest.  I think my Mom used to have Tupperware this color.

 No, I’m not impressed.  But I hate to let a possible opportunity pass by.  This is where the ‘leave well enough alone’ comes in…

Let’s put some of that Revlon’s new top coat ‘Galaxy’ on it!  This is just one coat.  I could have worked harder at getting some of those pentagon shaped glitters on.  In the bottle, can you see the iridescent, green, turquoise, and chunky mauve glitter???  Yea, that’s awesomesauce!!!  (If you don’t know what awesomesauce is, go here and you’ll see that I stole this from Jacie. Her blog is awesomesauce.) Glitter like this can be a pistol to get on.  Look at me there with my foot up on my desk.  You’d think I owned the place!  Oh, wait…I do.

For Audrey, it’s a creme, standard issue China Glaze brush and bottle.  Applies about standard, seemed to be fast to me.  Two coats with a clear top coat.  One coat of Galaxy.  Love at first look.  Thick top coat with lots of glitter.  May need two coats, I did just one.

The Galaxy, I’ll keep.  For Audrey, well, I’d give it back to Audrey if she was here.

I’ve seen ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, have you?  Did you like it?  What do you think of Galaxy and/or For Audrey?

I Have No Regrets~Ingrid Bergman

You know how a junkie ‘joneses’ for their next high?  I felt like that getting China Glaze’s Vintage Vixen collection.  After it arrived in the mail, my hubs, later, found me in the corner of the bedroom…in a corner, holding and stroking my new collection.  I didn’t look up, but I knew it was him.  I heard him gasp.

Here’s why there was an addiction…

It’s ‘Ingrid.’  It’s a smokey purple-sh gray.  And it’s mine!!!!  Here I have  a BC, 2 coats of color, and the Siche Top and Vite to finish this 8-ball.

Let me be honest; the high wasn’t as great as I had hoped for with Ingrid.  As shimmery as it looks in the bottle, it just didn’t seem to translate onto my nails.  You can see that there is tip wear, after only 1 day.  The application, at the tips, seems to thin out too. 

See that golden shimmer?  I just couldn’t seem to get it captured on my nails.  Ingrid has a brush that is the standard issue of China Glaze; it’s long and very bend-y.  You really have to know your smack to get this lined up.  (Just as a note: I only know this drug lingo from watching R-rated movies, OK?)

An indoor shot seems best to show the shine and depth of Ingrid.  Smokey and rich, but no gold shimmer pay-off.

I won’t give up on Ingrid.  Maybe after a detox this color will come clean.  And, I believe everyone should get a second chance.

Did you know that I used to work in the field of addiction control?  And I did some of it in Washington DC.  Ohhhh, don’t get me started!!!  I’ll stick with talking about polish and makeup stuff.

My giveaway is running til 9/4.  Go here and enter if you haven’t done so.  It’s a good hook-up!!