Facial Wipe Wednesday: Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

The facial wipe that I have been using for the past week is Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes…

While waiting in a long line at my neighborhood Ulta, I spotted these in the little shelves they have oh, so strategically placed where check out lines are formed. Actually, it was to my advantage to find these in the travel size, 10 count, rather than having to purchase a full size one. Read on to find out why.

 There is no doubt that this is a product with cucumbers. The smell is delish. I thought about putting these in the refrigerator and creating a cool effect on my hot face. But, it truly isn’t necessary as these wipes felt cool to my skin anyway. 

Here is what the towelette looks like…

Nothing unique or fancy; just a regular towelette. I did tear the flap though. So, what I did was use all 10 wipes rather than just testing this product for 7 days. 

I found that Yes To Cucumbers wasn’t totally effective on removing my eye makeup. During the trial period, I make it an effort to use a variety of shadows, liners and mascaras. I had to press and wipe my eyes too hard for my liking. And, I had to swipe too many times while pressing hard, almost scrubbing my eyelashes to remove all traces of mascara. And that was on any type of mascara; regular and water-proof. It didn’t seem to make a difference. I also had to scrub harder than usual on the rest of my face too. I don’t have any issues with a good scrub to get clean but this was excessive for delicate facial and eye skin.

This is the reason I am glad I only got a travel version of Yes To Cucumbers Towelettes; this stung my face. I don’t consider myself someone with sensitive skin so I was really surprised by this. As you can see on the packaging, it states ‘soothing’. Gracious, no! It wasn’t soothing to my skin one bit. The smell is soothing but my skin hurt. 

So, to wrap it up, I wasn’t happy with Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. Anyone that has sensitive skin, I would advise you to be very cautious trying these out. The packaging also states that it will ‘cleanse, remove makeup and nourish the skin…all in one swipe!’ No, it did not. 

As stated, I did find these at Ulta but I have also seen them at Walgreens.

Have you tried these and what has been your experience?

Tool Tuesday: Versatility of Wax Paper

Today’s Tool Tuesday item is the humble wax paper. Too simple, eh? But, it works super cool. I didn’t learn this from any blog, though I am sure there are at least seventy-zillion out there that have talked about it. Surely….??

Here’s what I mean…

I use the wax paper and the microfiber cloth in conjunction. I posted about the microfiber cloth here. And here is where I posted about coping with messy mineral makeup. So, the wax paper is something I use to keep things handy and in control.

This is how I have it set up at the Vanity…

I think of this as my artistic palette, in some ways.

If I spill any mineral makeup, I can use the paper to funnel it back into the container. Or, I can tap out a bit of the powder so I have room to swirl my brush into the powder. If I add water to a mineral powder to make an eyeliner or for foiling shadow, the wax paper is my palette.

I can, also, wipe off the gooey end of a mascara wand or take off a bit from the brush of an eyeliner too. I can do this on the microfiber cloth, just as well. However, I like using the paper rather than the cloth for the mascara. It doesn’t pick up wild stringy-things.

I’ve been using wax paper to test nail polish layering before I actually put it on my nails too…

Was paper is a poor woman’s nail wheel. Since wax paper is relatively inexpensive, I can change it out often so that I don’t contaminate my brushes or my mineral makeup. And I don’t have to worry about any of the liquids seeping through and staining my vanity.

Do you have a cool tool you use at your vanity? I’m open to learning some new ideas. Shoot me an email and maybe you can be a guest writer for a Tool Tuesday segment.

Reviva Labs: Makeup Primer, Vitamin E Stick and Mascara Reviews

I got a chance to try out a few Reviva’s products. I have been interested in trying them and, had only read good things about them on other beauty blogs.

Here are the first two products…

From the left: Vitamin E Stick and Makeup Primer

Vitamin E oil is my first stop for any scars. Vitamin E can keep the tissue soft and pliable while it heals. But you don’t need to wait until you have a boo-boo to use this Vitamin E Stick. I have been using this stick for my lips, before bedtime. It’s just a nighttime ritual for me to slather on a lip conditioner. I tried the Vitamin E Stick under my eyes and even though it can help with wrinkles and dry skin, it didn’t sink in, or absorb, into my skin. I’ll keep this to use just on my lips and fresh scars, if I should get one.

The Vitamin E Stick doesn’t have any taste but, it does smell a bit medicinal. In fact, to me, it smells like fresh cut hay. 
Next, is what I’ll call the best discovery of 2012: Reviva’s Makeup Primer. This stuff is beyond awesome. 

I have a favorite high-end face primer that I have used for years. Reviva Makeup Primer rivals this one and then some. I use mineral makeup foundation so I can’t speak on how it performs with a liquid foundation. But, I do use cream highlighters and blushes and I found Reviva’s Makeup Primer to hold those creams in place all day. Yes, even in hot Florida days. This Primer applied so smoothly and felt so good on my skin.

Reviva’s Makeup Primer now has permanent residency on the Vanity.

And, I didn’t even know Reviva had makeup, much less mascara…
This mascara is hypo-allergenic and claims to balance the pH of the lashes which will avoid eye irritation. I found that this was a mascara what was easy to apply and it didn’t flake on me at all.

The applicator is easy to use to separate and coat each lash…
I found that Reviva’s mascara worked to enhance the color of my lashes but, it didn’t thicken them. So, I use this mascara for a more natural eye look.

You can find Reviva products at Ulta and Walgreens. I’m sure there are other drugstores that sell these products as well.

Have you tried any Reviva products? Any other Reviva products you’d like to recommend to me?
These products were provided to me for my review. These are my own honest opinions.

Sample Sunday: Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil

A favorite glam magazine of mine is Allure. I don’t feel too disheartened by a lot of ‘youngster’ stuff. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading my daughter’s magazine. (If I had a daughter.)

The last two issues I have received have been rich with samples. They are small but I get a bit of glee discovering them. Perfume samples are fun but little smears of a skin care or hair care samples are more interesting. I like expanding my horizons with new products.

Here’s one of the latest I got from Dove…

Dove is one of the body lotions that I like and their shower creams are so good for my dry-ish skin. Oh, and I use their deodorant too. Not only do these products work for me, but I also love the fragrance. I’ve tried their hair care line as well and it was OK.

This is the sample inside…

Well, first I smelled it. Hey, you would too, especially if you are going to put it on your hair! And I was surprised that this hardly had any fragrance at all. That seems odd coming from a brand that is known for its fragrance of in products.

However, this sample only contained the equivalent of 2 drops…

One of which was absorbed on the back of my hand. Grrr. That didn’t leave me enough to give a good saturation of a clump of hair. But I tried. I have wiry, brittle hair, right above my temples. It’s genetic hair-thinning. Crap! But, I give it a try, albeit on one side, to see how Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil works. Sadly, it truly wasn’t enough for me to give a try.

Here’s what the advertisement says…

Key points that turn me on: Argan Oil. That stuff is Da Bomb! But better yet, my hallmark of hair care oils; Macadamia Oil. (I’ll save that for another post.)

Here’s what I discovered about Dove’s Hair Therapy…it has a very light fragrance that is so light, it is barely there. It was a fresh smell and not something that would ever over-power the nose. It didn’t feel as slippery as other hair oils I have experienced. This could be a very good thing for someone that has thin or, fine hair as this probably wouldn’t weigh it down. And lastly, I have seen this product on the shelves along with the other Dove hair care products.

This is what the Vanity is giving has its verdict: Perfect for the two benefits listed above: light-weight and no overwhelming fragrance. I only remember that the price didn’t make me gasp but, as to what it was exactly, I don’t remember. If you like these benefits, I think it is a great hair oil to try. As for me, Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil didn’t dethrone any of the current hair oil treatments I currently use.

Does Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil sound like something you’d try?

I Spy…EOS Hand And Body Lotions at Bed, Bath and Beyond, 5/26/12

I think, by now, everyone has tried, or at least knows about eos lip balm…

But, did you know that EOS stands for Evolution Of Soft?

And, did you know they have a body care line, as well…

For real, it is a treat for me to scan the aisles at Bed, Bath & Beyond to find new (or, usually, new to me) products. I get excited thinking ‘Ohhh, I can share this on my blog!’ Yea, I was the kid that always wanted to bring something for Show And Tell…

EOS has three different types to offer: Revitalizing Care, Active Care and Complete Care. I couldn’t find anything different between them, however. But, I didn’t try smelling them.

If their lip balm is any measure for their cult success, these surely won’t be sitting silently on the shelves for long.

Have you heard about EOS new body lotions?

Milani: Illuminating Face Powder Or: Embossed Pressed Powder Porn

What if one of my favorite cosmetic lines made a pressed powder with embossed roses on it? Well, I’d swoon. Then I’d fawn. Then I’d take a billion photos of it to save for my own makeup porn collection…

Milani doesn’t just make awesome makeup, I’m calling these art!

From the top: Hermosa Rose; Beauty’s Touch; Amber Nectar. All Illuminating Face Powder.

These compacts are a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter, all in one. It can give you a hint of color or, built it up slowly.

Now, I’ll just leave you to be with awesomeness…

I couldn’t use these until I photo’d them. That’s quite obsessive but it makes me happy. These are sheer enough for me to use all three ways too. Here are some swatches…

Very subtle. Very lovely. Milani wins my heart again with a beautiful product that delivers as promised.

Have you tried these out?

I Spy…New Cover Girl EyeShadow Palettes at Wallgreens 5/24/2012

I had to do a double take on the model for this new Cover Girl display…

That’s Taylor Swift looking all saucy! She’s all smokey-eyed with these new palettes…

I love the color combos of these too. I was in a hurry and didn’t spend a lot of time checking these out. But snapped these photos to show you. This display was only set out yesterday too.

Have you seen it yet? What do you think of ‘virginal’ Taylor getting sultry on us?

OPI: Just Spotted The Lizard From The Spiderman Collection

OPI has very recently released a collection in conjunction with the new Spiderman movie. This seems to be quite a theme, not only for OPI, but other nail polish companies as well, to have nail polish collections that pay homage to an upcoming movie. Remember, the Hunger Games? How about The Muppet Movie? And, way back was ‘Burlesque’.

Although I was not particularly excited about the Spiderman collection, I did pick up two: ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’ and ‘Number One Nemesis’.

Here’s ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’…

The colors that I see in the bottle are deceptive. It looks very much like a duochrome in the bottle. I’m seeing a green, a copper and a bluish-purple flash. But take a look at the color on my nails…

These were taken at the sunny window which, is indirect light. But, as you may notice, even though I am at different angles to the window, I’m seeing the same shiny green shade. I applied 3 even coats. I did top it off with Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

I’m really disappointed in that. I was looking forward to getting a duochrome as I don’t have very many of those in my polish collection. But, I still do like this shade…

It is just not blowing me away like I thought it would.

During the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up, last week, of course we all look at each others’ nails and share what we are wearing. I couldn’t remember the proper name for this one so I jokingly was referring to it as ‘Pet My Lizard’. I think that is funnier than ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’.

What do you think? Will you, or have you, given this on a go?

Milani: Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow Pencils

As far as eyeshadows go, I’m very partial to powders. So, when it comes to a creme or a pencil shadow, I’m really fussy. Now I’m getting a chance to try out Milani’s Shadow Eyez.

I have six, highly-pigmented, shades to try out…


Left to Right: Winter White; Champagne Toast; Brown Deluxe; Royal Purple; Aquatic Style; Green Safari.

These pencils are touted to be:

  • Water-resistant
  • Crease-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • 12-hour wear

OK. Yea, I like those attributes!

So far, I have sampled these on the back of my hand. They applied super creamy. In fact, they glided on. I wasn’t even surprised when the shades were incredibly vibrate, that’s how Milani rolls…

Once I applied them, I waited about 10 minutes before I checked on them. Wow, these are super-saturated. However, I gave them all a couple of rubs and they didn’t budge. The top photo is right after I applied it. The bottom photo shows how they looked after I rubbed up and down, firmly. I even had to check my finger to see if anything came off and there was only the faintest of Aquatic Style that transferred.

Tomorrow, I’m going to give one or two of these a go. It’s going to be hot here in Orlando so, that’s going to give it a serious test for staying put. I’m so hopeful. And, I’ll report back how it works for me.

If you have tried these, yourself, how did it work for you?

Thank you, Milani, for helping to sponsor Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. These products were provided to me for my review and honest opinion.

Central Florida Beauty Bloggers May Meet Up

Central Florida 
Beauty Bloggers
May 19, 2012
Crave Restaurant, Orlando, FL
was our location. We have outgrown this 
place already.
I think will be holding convention style meetings soon, at this rate.

More stuff than you can shake a (lip)stick at…
 No, I didn’t get a cat in the bag. I’m working on getting photos and this silly boy came over and was rubbing all over it.
 You all know that Milani Cosmetics ROCKS!
 Reviva is a brand that is new to me, and I am 
very eager to review.
Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics are right on the money 
with color trends.
Maria, of Cult Nails, gave us a sneak peek at her newest collection, Fairy Tale, to be released next month.  You can click here to find out how to put in your pre-order and also, see Maria’s swatches of them…
  Here are the beautiful, talented, supportive, 
creative, and fun
 Ladies, I had so much fun. Two hours wasn’t enough for me to get a chance to talk with everyone. Congratulations to all who shared great news. Welcome to your newest members. 
And, hugs to all my friends.
Stunning reviews and swatches coming up PDQ.