Sinful Colors: Leap Flog

Sinful Colors nail polish is a brand that I stalk. If I find out that a new shade has popped up, I’m on a mission. Luckily, because I live in a large city and, I am all over this city working, I get plenty of chances, almost daily, to stop by different Walgreens to shop.

Here is one of the newest called: Leap Flog…

See, that wasn’t a typo. At least by me! I sure wish I knew the story behind ‘Leap Flog’. What I do know is that it is a gorgeous color. My photos don’t do it justice because it is a darker and dustier shade of turquoise. It has some gray to it, as well.

And, I think this has to be a Fall color…

This is the standard three coats. I used Lumos as the base coat and Lumos High Speed Top Coat. I wore this for 2-1/2 days and it wore super well. It isn’t a watery polish, as Sinful Colors can be. This one builds up opaque in 2 coats, easily.

I’d love to find a pair of pants or jeans this color. It would work so well with other colors I love like black, red, pink, and brown.

Have you tried ‘Leap Flog’? Care to take a guess on what the name is about?

Nature’s Care: Paw Paw Lip Balm

There were many international beauty companies at the Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas last weekend. I enjoyed visiting with these vendors as they were very passionate and eager to share their products with the US Consumers.

I had the privilege of meeting Steve Collett, General Manager, of Nature’s Care. This is a company that is said to be well-known in Australia and is beginning to branch out to the States with their Paw Paw adult & baby skin care series.

Steve gave me this product from their line to try out…

This is ‘Paw Paw’ lip balm. If you like papayas, then this lip balm and the entire Paw Paw line is going to delight you.

Of course I smelled the balm as soon as I opened it! Yep, it is papayas! And not an over-powering smell either, but that sweet, waif of fragrance. I didn’t hesitate to put it on my lips. This balm is not sticky or tacky. It felt like just the right amount of ‘slip’. My lips are in the normal to a just slightly dry range while I live in humid Florida. But, they can become very dried out when I’m not in my home state. During the Holidays, I have to have my lip balm with me when I visit family in Colorado. But, I will not wait to use my Paw Paw lip balm til then. It’s awesome right now!

Nature’s Care is coming to the States already knowing what we like to see in our beauty/skin care products; natural and healthy ingredients. All of their products are made in Australia. Don’t think we are the only country that doesn’t like GMO products; Nature’s Care is already there saying NO to them. Everything is organic. Nothing mystical in their ingredients in this balm. You’ll recognize them all: Papaya Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Jojoba Esters, Rice Bran Wax, and Beeswax. There are no petroleum-based ingredients in this line. Just all the good stuff that your skin is friends with.

They also have a large selection of baby care products. A total of 7 in all, these are safe and pampering for the babies. But, the adult line is just as plentiful. Steve Collett offered me to try a sample the Paw Paw Body Butter. Just like the lip balm, the scent is very soft but the results are bountiful. Again, no petrochemical free so only the natural ingredients provide moisture to my skin.It was smooth with no greasy feeling.

I hope we get to see the Paw Paw product line very soon in the States. Feel free to email them from their website to find a location that sells this. Any of these products would be great gifts to a new mom.

China Glaze: Bohemian Collection

After attending the CosmoProf in Las Vegas last weekend, I was excited to review some of the items I got. Then, I get a call today from my Sally’s Beauty Store Manager that the China Glaze Bohemian collection came in. I got to see these ‘live’ in Vegas so I am very excited to have my hands on them so soon.

I hope this means Fall is coming and soon…

‘Swanky Silk’ is on the left. That’s sort of a gold-ish taupe. On the left is ‘Unpredictable’. I liked the twinkle of light reflecting off it. To the right is ‘Rare and Radiant’. Not really so rare since I have at least 2 very close dupes. 😛

Then, I grouped the purples and blues together…

First is ‘No Plain Jane’, ‘Want My Bawdy’ and then ‘Deviantly Daring’.

The display shows a peacock along with the model. So, you can see that all these shades are inspired by the plumage of a peacock. Pretty cool but, sure to make some red and pink polish lovers feel left out.

I got a free bottle of ‘Diamond Dry’ for purchasing 2 China Glaze polishes. It was only 1 freebie per person though. This is a $6.99 product. I’m looking forward to trying it out…

I shall be swatching these soon…like next year with all the other polishes and products I have for review. (That’s a joke. Maybe not.) There will be no case of writer’s block on this blog!!

Are you going to get any of these?

ELF Cosmetics: Makeup Mist and Set

The elf cosmetic line has been around for 8 years. In fact, currently, they are having an anniversary sale on their website. You can take $8 off any order greater than $30. And, shipping is free. Check out their site for more details. But, you better hurry because this promo ends on 7/30.

It seems that I remember seeing elf cosmetics way before 2004. Regardless, this company has continued to increase in popularity and sales. Don’t let the inexpensive price scare you away. I’m finding more and more elf products that are a steal!

Here is one that I picked up a couple of weeks ago…

This is Makeup Mist & Set. After you have completed application of your makeup, you lightly mist this product over your face and it helps to set the look. The website likens it to hairspray for your face. But, this is like a refreshing mist made with aloe, green tea, cucumbers and vitamins A, C and E. All those ingredients spell good stuff for your skin!

This spray pump bottle holds just a tad over 2 oz. I use 2 to 3 pumps at a time, so it will last a good, long time. I have never used a makeup setting spray before. Yet, I thought it would feel cooling after I put on my makeup in the morning. I wasn’t disappointed. And, you don’t have to use it just for setting makeup. I use it after I remove my makeup, again, for the cooling effect. It’s even good to use during the day just to feel refreshed.

There isn’t any fragrance to speak of and it doesn’t leave a tacky or sticky residue. It just feels cooling.

Makeup Mist & Set only costs $3. That’s a rather easy investment to treat yourself. I wear mineral foundation and it doesn’t smear or make it blotchy. I’m glad that I took the chance of trying something new.

How about you? Have you tried this or do you use a makeup setting spray?


I Have A Good Reason For Being Absent

And, I mean a REALLY good reason.

With only 24 hours to prepare, I got the opportunity to go to Vegas and attend the CosmoProf Show. Not only was I able to make a ton of industry contacts, the best part was meeting other beauty bloggers that I have been following before I even took up blogging.

Every one of them were sincere, friendly and a blast to hang out with. I have a lot of photos to share and that means a lot of photos to sort through. But I’m determined to get a post up with the best of show and products and enjoying meeting my blogger friends who I jokingly referred to as real-life friends now.

Maria, owner and creator of Cult Nails, is already my real-life friend. We went to the show together. She is stunningly beautiful.

Claudia, of Chromatic Misadventures, is my idol. She is one of the very first blogs I followed. I hope she didn’t get annoyed at me gushing over getting to hang out with her.

And this was a gathering of awesomeness. Left to Right: Claudia from Chromatic Misadventures; Krystal with Polish Galore; Judy with Beauty Judy; Maria from Cult Nails; ME; Gia with Bottles and Bottles of Polish; Sinead owner of Self Tanning Queen.

Can you tell we were happy and having a good time? We sure did!

Color Memory: Battle Of The Gloss Shades

In college, I took an art appreciation class. Our instructor told us about how the brain perceives color and how our brain stores it. Since most people have an abstract memory, as opposed to those that have a photographic memory, we do not have good color memory. Then, I attended a makeup artistry class and again, I heard that the brain doesn’t have a good color memory. Most of us don’t recall a color’s true hue very well. Example: Have you ever purchased an article of clothing thinking it would go with something you already own? Then, when you get home it doesn’t work at all because the colors clash? That’s our brain not having precise color memory.

Gosh, that has happened to me many times. I do that a lot with blues. But, once I learned about cool, warm and neutral tones in colors, I got more hits than misses. Today, I have a miss to you show.

A new store in town has an elf makeup tower display. I only pushed one person out of the way to get to it, so I was fairly proud of my restraint. I got several items and one of them was this gloss…

This is called ‘Jeweled Jem’. Glitter overload to the max. Now, I’m sitting here at my desk with said gloss in my hand. Comparing the photo to the real thing doesn’t match up. This gloss is more purply. I still love it, but the photo is deceptive.

Then, at a later date, I saw a glitter gloss by LA Colors. I knew I had the elf gloss but couldn’t remember if it was more pink, more purple??? And since it was at the Dollar Tree, I was only going to be out a buck. Now, here’s the two side by side…

The top gloss is the LA Color one and I’m not finding a name on it. Do you see how my camera adjusted the elf to be more purple? And that is a LOT closer to what it is in real life. My point is, I thought they’d probably be close in shade. Maybe not glitter amount but I thought it was going to be a close dupe.

Here’s what happened when I swatched them…

LA Color on the top; elf on the bottom. Next trick; what you see in the bottle doesn’t always translate OUT of the bottle. In this case, it’s a tube. The LA Color is almost a peachy color and boy, is it light. Before I go on to show you the individual glosses, let me say, that if you want to make a match of color(s), whether it’s clothes, makeup, polish, shoes or redecorating your house…take the things you want to match with you, physically, and don’t rely on just your memory.

Since I purchased the elf gloss ‘Jewled Jem’ first, let me show you that one…

The applicator is a soft brush. It holds the gloss really well when you put on that first stroke. But, after that, I had to fish out more product as it didn’t adhere too well onto the brush after that. I stuck it into the tube and swirled it around hoping to scoop up more. That’s what did the trick. This isn’t unique, though. The gloss wasn’t runny but rather thick. That’s a good thing as the gloss stayed on my lips better and I got very nice coverage.

This is the LA Color doe-foot applicator…

Does this even look like the same gloss from the photos at the top? This is pink and I thought it was going to be a golden red, going by the color I see in the tube. This one was even tougher to get the gloss out. I had to remember not to bend the wand too far while swirling inside the tube. I’ve broken them off doing that in the past. And this was a very sheer gloss. Almost what a little girl could use because it isn’t much there. But, I do like it over lipsticks.

I will say that I am happy I got both. For a total of $4 I got a couple of fairly cool glosses. Both shades work on me and I didn’t get two of the same shade.

But even if my color memory was really good, I still couldn’t rely on it in this case, because what’s in the tube isn’t always what comes out. Moral of the story: Open up the makeup and test it out before you buy it.

Just kidding!!! What I recommend is purchase your beauty items at a store where you know they will refund your money if you don’t like it. Walgreens, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond and CVS are good with this. Happy Matching!!

Murky Greens: China Glaze Argo vs. Forever 21 Sage

Have you noticed that there have been a lot of murky green nail polishes showing up this year? It’s not a color I would expect in the summer season. Luckily, I love murkies. Let me show you two I recently got…

The China Glaze is ‘Argo’ and it is from the Hunger Games collection. Next is a Forever 21, love & beauty ‘Sage’.

Even though they are not exact duplicates, they could be fraternal twins…

Both have golden shimmer. ‘Sage’ is lighter and not as murky as ‘Argo’.

Now, how they look applied…

When you have a price point of one, $2.80 and the other $7.00, you are going to see a difference, most likely. ‘Sage’ is on my thumb and middle finger. That leaves ‘Argo’ on my index and ring finger. Both are two coats.

Sometimes I want to help an underdog. ‘Sage’ was really trying to hold her own but I gave her a pair of underpants and then she went to show off…

I used Cult Nails ‘Nevermore’ for the black base. ‘Nevermore’ is going to be my ‘go to’ black polish forever! One coat, baby!! And this black made a gorgeous, blackened green from ‘Sage’. I love it better that way.

My thoughts on these are: I’ll use  Cult Nails ‘Nevermore’ under love & beauty’s ‘Sage’. China Glaze’s ‘Argo’ easily stands on its own. But, I actually prefer ‘Sage’ and ‘Nevermore’ together over ‘Argo’.

What do you think about the murky greens that are trending this summer? Do you feel ‘Sage’ is a great attempt by Forever 21 to give one of their polishes a name?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Cala With Collegan

Today’s featured facial wipe is by Cala Products. They have a number of different types of facial cleansing wipes and I was able to pick up several different ones at their booth last month at the Premiere Orlando Show.

This one is infused with collagen…

There is one quality that I do like my facial wipes to have and that is that they are ‘juicy’. Not to the point that I can wring them out, but I want them to be fully moist. Cala wipes are like that. The texture of the clothes is medium; not too thin and not too thick…

Since Cala has several different types of wipes, I picked up Collagen because it should have some anti-aging properties. Now, collagen is a protein and protein is a large molecule. The skin is pretty picky about what molecules can pass down into the layers. So, a topical collagen isn’t all that the media hypes it to be. However, what few layers collagen is able to penetrate, continual use will allow the skin to stay plump.

And, just checking out the ingredients on the back of the package, there are some healthy ones in there…

This package has 30 wipes and the top flap only did a fairly good job of staying closed tight. I had to press it with my palm. And when I did that, that’s when I realized just how juicy these wipes were. The wipes, themselves, have no fragrance. That’s perfect for someone who has fragrance sensitivities. And I found that the wipes did a very good job of cleansing my face. What they didn’t do was take off my mascara, waterproof or not, and some heavy-duty eyeliners. I used the wipes twice on the new Milani felt tip eyeliners and to Milani’s benefit, those liners stay on! However, when I wash my face, I want all my makeup off. No raccoon eyes!! I had to scrub my eyes just too much for me to give these a complete nod.

I will recommend Cala’s collagen wipes for just the face, however. They are just not strong enough to take away water-resistant or water-proof eye products. I didn’t invest a lot of money into it, though. I paid $2 for the package.


Revlon’s Moon Candy: Orbit

Revlon’s newest double-end polish set is called ‘Moon Candy’. This is the display I found at Walgreens. I snapped it with my phone camera so the picture really sucks. I went to Revlon’s website to see if there was a decent photo there and they didn’t have one. I didn’t want to steal a photo, but you can find a lot of photos and info on this collection if you google it…

Moon Candy makes me think of these…

and these…

Are those face orbs vomiting my space dust candy??? Ewwwww!!!

I got them all; I confess. Walgreens had the BOGO 1/2 price special so I went for it. The first one I picked to swatch is called ‘Orbit’…..

‘Orbit’, another candy! Well, the purple creme looks like a nice, healthy purple plum. The top coat is flakies. The base is a murky purple shade and those flakies are with no doubt, iridescent.

I would even like ‘Orbit’ just for the pretty plum polish…

But as soon as I snapped these photos, I ran back into the house and put on the top coat…

I love it. Flakes and all. I do want to mention that the creme was rather thick. In fact, it seemed to get thicker the more I kept putting the brush back in for more polish. The top coat, not so bad. I did put on two coats of the base color and two of the top. I used CND’s ‘Sticky’ for a base coat and this mani lasted two and a half days until I removed it.

This concept of having two polishes together in one packaging may not be popular with some bloggers, but I do like it. I really don’t need a full-size bottle of polish. I just don’t use up an entire bottle. However….at $6.99 a bottle, I think that’s a bit too much. So, the BOGO 1/2 off made it somewhat better.

Since I did get the entire collection, I’ll be doing more swatches. But, if you are eager to see more, you can visit Pointless Cafe blog. She did what she is calling ‘Down and Dirty’ swatches of Revlon’s new collection.

Are you going to try these out?

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