Icing’s Primed and Ready’ Eye Shadow Primer

Shadow primers are relatively new to the makeup scene for the general public. I got my first one as a duo with a lip primer in a Laura Geller collection. At the time, about 7-8 years ago, it worked quite well for me. However, for the past 1 to 1-1/2 years, I can’t get a primer to work for anything! So, I have been quizzing bloggers and members on beauty forums what they have found works. I have taken quite a few recommendations and still haven’t found one that keeps my shadows in place all day. Boo.

Somewhere down the aging line, I started getting oil lids. I don’t think I had that problem when I was younger. In fact, my skin has become a bit drier but I still have oily lids. Boo.

On my quest, I have purchased many different products. I found this one at Icing’s and since it was 50%, I figured it wasn’t that much of a $2.75 waste to give it a go…

This is Icing’s ‘Primed and Ready: Golden Girl’. I’m going to take it that the golden part is because of the primer’s color…

I guess, that would be an old gold color. I found this primer to be very liquid-y. When I put it on my lids, I patted it on rather than rubbed it because it was just that runny. The first couple of times I tried ‘Primed and Ready’, I didn’t find that it made my shadows last a lot longer before it creased up. I gave it a go with several mineral and pressed shadows.

As swatched on my arm, this is one layer…

There is only the very slightest of pigment from one layer.

Since it was rather thin in consistency, I thought I’d experiment with applying 2 layers. So, I put one the first one and then did some other makeup task waiting for it to dry before applying a second layer. This is a swatch of two layers allowing for drying between them…

I’m tapping it on with my fingers rather than rubbing. With 2 coats, you can start to see that it is building up. Slightly.

Two layers did a lot better than just one. But, it only got my shadows to last maybe an extra hour. So, I’m still not really satisfied with the results. As you can see the color better with 2 coats, it does make for a nice, muted wash of color on the lid. I didn’t find that this primer intensified the colors of any of the shadows I used.

If you have ever used one of elf’s shadow primers with the doe-foot, ‘Primed and Ready’ is very close to the same consistency. I can’t recommend this shadow primer, as in my experience with it, I didn’t get the results that I set out for. However, I did feel that it made my eye shadows last a couple of hours longer than if I hadn’t used anything. Do keep in mind, maybe someone with non-oily lids could get this to work like a charm.

I gambled with just under $3 and here, I feel I got what I paid for. Have you tried Icing’s ‘Primed and Ready’ shadow primer?


Revlon: Moon Candy Collection; Flakie Polish Treats

I’ve been polishing nail wheels and, actually, having fun doing that. Since my own, pathetic nails are out of commission and into rehab, I’ve taken to re-inventing the (nail) wheel. I was missing painting my nails.

Revlon has been releasing nail polish collections with dual-ended bottles. I reviewed one from the ‘Moon Candy’ collection last month here. This is the first time that I have used the dual-ends and it is quite nice for the ‘Moon Candy’ look.

Here are all the polishes from that collection…

The order of these shades will be the same on the nail wheels coming up too. Starting on the left: Galactic (dark Blue); Milky Way (dark Grey); Satellite (Burgundy); Supernova (Grey); Universe (dark Brick); Cosmic (Olive); Moon Dust (Black).

The opaque shades are all cremes…

And the accompanying glitters are in a faintly tinted base with shard-like flakies…

The cremes alone are gorgeous. I have worn Galactic (dark Blue) and Milky Way (dark Grey) without the flakie top coat. But, there is magic in the universe when these are used together…

I don’t think I will ever get tired of flakie glitters. It surely is one of my favorite polish looks. ‘Moon Candy’ polishes glow like the stars on the perfect, cloudless night…

Just some more goodness…

Take a gander and tell me which one you like best. Or, if you are like me, maybe you can’t pick because you like them all…

I used 2 coats of the creme and just one coat of the flakie top coat. I only had to do the tiniest bit of fishing for the glitter but only because I allowed myself to be fussy with it. I can’t say that the top coat is totally smooth; it does have some bumpiness to it. However, I didn’t put on a clear top coat over the glitter top coat. I would have done so if I would have worn these polishes just because I know that I’d be rubbing my finger tips over them habitually.

You can find these at almost all drugstores. I found mine at Walgreens. I still see them in a few stores but, never the entire collection. Did you get yours?

Create Your Own Customizable QR Code With QRt.co And A Giveaway

I love technology. I always have. And I love social media stuff too. There is so much to learn in both areas. And I wonder just who can keep up with the continual up-grades, enhancements and releases.

So, what if new technology and social media came up with something just down-right cool? And cute too? And customizable just for you? I found something like that.

This is what I created with a custom QR code generator by QRt.co

Yep, I created this all on my own. I picked my colors, pixel shapes, layout, everything. And if you look really carefully, you’ll see that some of those dots are actually little replicas of my kitty logo! How cool is that!!! Go ahead and scan it and it will bring you right back here to this website.

The creative folks at QRt.co make creating a real and customizable QR code fun. I got a QR (that stands for Quick Read) code for my business cards and that was oh, la la big time for this blog! But, when I moved from Blogger to my own WordPress self-hosting blog, I needed a new QR code made. When I got the opportunity to try this system out, I was excited. And I got more excited when I found out how much I actually could customize. You have to admit, that code is SOOOOO LIBBY!!!

I got to pick my colors and shade them how I like.  I could pick what the corner symbols looked like and which direction I wanted them to go and even customize the colors. I put my own little kitty logo right in the center too. Even the code dots can be changed from round to box to blended together!

There are so many choices of items to customize that it can be very overwhelming. I spent two nights creating my QR code. It was fun to play with the million different looks possible. So,I recommend that you set aside some time to get acquainted with the template and remember, it’s FUN!

Yes, I’m very excited about this. And, I’m going to get you excited about it too. I’m having a QRt.co code giveaway to one faithful reader, courtesy of QRt.co. You will get to create your own QR code worth $10. Once you create it, it is yours forever.

I’m using mine for my business cards, media kit and whatever else I can think of. How about you? What would you use your own QR code for?

Let me know in the comment box along with your email address. And, if you go to my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment under the listing of this blog post, I’ll give you yet another entry. One entry allowed on each, please. I’ll pick a random winner on September 1, 2012 at 8 PM EST.  Of course, since it is all done by computer, it’s open Internationally. No spam or links to your own site, otherwise, your entries will be voided and removed. I will notify the winner by email and it must be claimed by 9/5/12 or I will pick another entry.

If you have any questions, let me know. 

I received a custom QRt.co product in exchange for my honest opinion through Blog Friendly PR, no compensation was received.

A Pink Mini Purse From Claire’s Boutique

If you step into the ‘way-back’ machine with me, I’ll tell you about my strange addiction to baby purses. Not purses for babies, but little purses that hold hardly anything. One of the reasons I got into these mini purses is that when I used to go out clubbing, hence the need for the ‘way back’ machine, I don’t need to be hauling a huge-ass purse around. Who can mingle and dance with a hobo bag hanging off your shoulder? Not me…plus, I think it looks tacky. Even needy. ;p

I’ve been itching to get a new purse too. But I haven’t been willing to loosen up my current purse-strings to purchase one. However, when I rummaged up upon this one, it was almost a given…

It’s Claire’s. You know, where little girls shop. And lovers of Hello, Kitty and Justin Bieber. And, well….me.

I almost didn’t buy it. I argued with myself. Do you really NEED it? Will you really USE it? I decided that this voice wasn’t my own but that of my ‘just say no’ husband. Hey, it was little and pink and dammit, CHEAP!! I pissed away a ton more money on a stupid Louis Vuitton purse that I simply abhor! This purchase was not going to break my budget and it was cheaper than a Starbuck’s Venti Soy No Water Chai. (Saying just in case you ever want to buy me a drink.)

So, the purse’s attributes…

Well, it’s pink. It is little. It has a bow on it. That bow happens to have a faux reptile pattern in pink too. And the strap is cute. And it was on clearance…

My keys, a tube of lipstick, my driver’s license and my Starbuck’s card all fit in there perfectly.

Now, if you have read through this middle-aged woman’s obsession for purses that are for 5 and 6 year olds, you deserve a reward. This is a preview of my review on Cult Nail‘s new Deceptive Top Coat collection that goes on sale Sept. 1. Listen carefully to the next thing I say: Do Not Miss Out!

Let’s just say this one is a ‘Two Timer’.

Bath and Body Works: Shea Cashmere Hand Cream

We have all decided that Bath and Body Works is one of our favorite stores, right? Who said no?! You don’t count!!!

Now, to all those that are in their right senses, let’s talk about this yummy trial size: True Blue’s mini of ‘Shea Cashmere’…

If you like lotions that have that extra ‘slip’ feeling, you’ll love this. When I first purchased ‘Shea Cashmere’ I had gave it a whiff at the store before purchasing. So, I had assumed that the Cashmere part was due to the lush fragrance. If you like ‘Cashmere’, ‘Black Cashmere’ or ‘Cashmere Mist’, all by Donna Karan, then you will like ‘Shea Butter’. That ‘cashmere’ word ties these fragrances all together. I think B&BW was giving a gentle nod to Ms. Karan.

However, there is cashmere extract in this cream. Here is the list of ingredients…

Go ahead and click on the photo so the print isn’t so miniscule. It’s nice not to see mineral oil as an ingredient. B&BW used it for years. They may still use it in some products, but the ones I like don’t have it.

This is a hand cream but I didn’t keep it just to my hands. I ran it up my arms, to my elbows. What do you know, my elbows liked it too! In fact, I liked it a lot. That ‘slip’ feeling just feels good. And it doesn’t make the skin sticky or tacky. My knuckles are my indicator how long a lotion is moisturizing. So, my knuckles stayed soft, easily until my next hand-washing.

My vote is yes for Bath and Body Works’ ‘Shea Cashmere’. I like the feel of the lotion and the fragrance is wonderful. If you are sensitive to fragrances, you might want to check this out first before you purchase. It is a very powerful smell and may not appeal to those that get headaches from perfumes and such. The lotion is very fast absorbing so I can get back to my work at hand without anything falling from my hand.

If you purchase stuff at B&BW without one of their coupons, I’m sending you to be back of the class! I never buy anything there without a coupon! Sign up on their webpage and get some coupons sent to you. Most of the time when I purchase something (with said coupon, of course), I will get a survey on my receipt. It has always been for a $10 savings on a purchase over $30. And, the very, very coolest part of that survey coupon, it never expires! I save mine and use them when I don’t have a store coupon.

And, another good thing, these little trial size make the sweetest gifts for RAOK (random acts of kindness). 😀

Jesse’s Girl: Brown Eyed Girl 9 Pan Palette

After Cosmoprof, I got to try out some Jesse’s Girl products for the first time. I sort of had that feeling I’d like them. And, sure enough, I do!

This is a neutral/brown palette called ‘Brown Eyed Girl’…

My driver’s license says I have brown eyes. But, if someone would take the opportunity to check out my peepers they’d find out they are half green too. I guess that’s a brown/green hazel color?

One thing that is clear, these colors are gorgeous and are all meant to be together…

The colors in the photo are rather pretty but they are not accurate. My white balance on my camera is well, not balanced! Some of the shades are right on but a few are not. The orange shade, third from the right is more golden than orange. And the last one on the right is a gilded brown rather than a mauve that the photo shows.

Here, maybe this will help. These are swatches for you to check out…

And the last four…

They are all shimmery. I like that they are velvety soft and blend like nobody’s business. I tried the fourth one from the left foiled and it did a wonderful job.

If you like the current trend of the neutral eyeshadow look, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ would certainly be a palette worthy to add to your collection. I found these shades played awesomely well with other shadows too.

Jesse’s Girl can be found at Rite Aids. However, if there are no Rite Aids by you, don’t despair like I did, at first. You can order yours right from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics website. And did I mention that this palette is only $3.99?!! For less than $20, you can get the pink, purple, blue and green 9-pan palettes as well! That appeals to the palette-lover that I am, as well as the thrifty side too.

What Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics do you have? Are you as pleased with the quality as I am?

Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser

While I got to meet and talk with many vendors at the Cosmoprof NA 2012 I went to in Las Vegas, there are a couple of vendors that stick out from the rest and leave a good impression on how their business and products are.

One such vendor was Dante Disposable Products. I met with Linda Skene who is Sales/Project Manager/Problem Solver. Yep, says so right on her business card. I don’t know a lot about makeup brush cleaners but I came away from my meeting with Linda with a whole new mindset and understanding. Linda educated me; she didn’t sell me. She knew her product was good, its history and popularity among the cosmetic counters speak volumes.

This is Dante’s ‘Makeup Brush Cleanser’…

I like the byline this company has: ‘A premium product developed by cosmetologists for cosmetologist with the consumer in mind.’  Linda told me that it is the Dante Cleanser that is used behind the makeup counters of Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, etc. She said that they have been using Dante for years and there is a very good reason too; it protects the clients and the brushes as well.

Not to get all gross and buggy on you but your makeup brushes can get icky stuff on them. A strain of staph infection can cause acne and worse. Because brushes can get wet from water and liquid products, mold and mildew can take up residence. And if you, by chance, use your brushes when you have the flu or a cold, (you are staying home and makeup-free when you’re sick, right???) you can give those germs right back to yourself.

Unlike tossing your toothbrush when you are sick and starting with a fresh one, makeup brushes are not that cheap. They are an investment. And not only is keeping them clean for health reasons important, you want to take care of them so they last too.

Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser works on 4 different levels: it is a cleanser, first and foremost. It sanitizes, disinfects and prevents bacteria and viruses from settling in. The second level is that it is clear. The product is colorless, odorless and won’t interfere with the smell or color of the beauty products you use your brush for. Thirdly, this cleanser conditions your brushes. In a gentle, yet very effective manner, this cleanser is keeping your natural and synthetic brushes in prime condition. And lastly, it is convenient. When you are finished with your makeup brush, spray it, wipe of off and you are ready to go. Simple!

As I posted here, I bought some very nice Sephora makeup brushes. They are an investment. I want to take good care of them, as much as I do with my not-so-expensive brushes. Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser is a product that helps me take care of my investments. And, I don’t have to be as concerned about my health, my eyes’ health and any of those icky viruses and germs that could end up on my adorable brushes. If I’m wearing makeup, I’ve used a brush. And so, I’ve used a brush cleanser. That would be Dante’s.

If you happen to be going to the Orlando Makeup Show in November, Dante Disposable Products will be there. You can also check out their website on how to order.

Do you use a brush cleanser?


This product was provided for me for my review. This is my honest and own opinion.

EZFlow: Silky Soft Hand and Body Lotion

EZFlow was at the Cosmoprof this year. I got to try out some of their hand and body lotions and this is one that I got to review. It is EZFlow Silky Soft in Cucumber Melon…

If you like the fragrance of cucumbers with a bit of melon thrown in, you will certainly love this lotion. I like this combo because it gives me a sense of feeling fresh and summery.  And, at the same time, my skin is getting taken care of in a good way too…

I love all the healthy ingredients they use. From their website, more good news:

Each of our six SILKYSOFT hand & body lotions is formulated with:

Sweet Almond Oil – Neutral, soothing base
Aloe Vera – Used for centuries, taken internally as well as externally, to calm inflammation
Lemon – Cooling and clarifying, with antibacterial and antifungal properties
Lavender – An ancient relaxing herb
Rosemary Leaf Extract – Stimulating and antiseptic
Vitamins A, C and E – Antioxidants which scavenge and fight free radical cell damage

I can’t think of one reason I wouldn’t want these benefits or ingredients in a lotion. I’m fortunate enough to not be allergic to any of these.

The consistency of ‘Silky Soft’ is a wee bit on the thin side however, it is not watery. But, that lotion absorbs so nicely into my skin that I don’t even worry about it now.

During the hot days of summer, cucumber melon cools the skin and gives a cool feeling to your senses as well. I use lotion every morning after a shower and ‘Silky Soft’ gave me a lift, getting me ready for my day. And, at the end of the day, I think everyone knows that cucumber-type lotions are soothing and cooling to the feet. That’s a nice treat for my feet that carried me everywhere that day.

You may know the name brand ‘EZFlow’ from the nail acrylic and gel systems they sell. But their lotions have a strong following by customers who like to keep their hands moisturized. Nail tech have been using ‘EZFlow’ lotions as part of their manicures and pedicures for decades. You can find the ‘Silky Soft’ lotions at beauty supply stores.

Are you enticed to get this soothing, cooling lotion for your feet?

Jesse’s Girl: Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow in Rosemary Frost

After years of hearing nothing but good stuff about Jesse’s Girl cosmetics, Jesse, himself, gave me some products to try out!! I met him at this year’s Cosmoprof in Las Vegas and not only was he super nice, I found him to be an ordinary guy that started a cosmetic company that just happens to be very popular. When we talked with Jesse, he made us feel that he had all the time to talk with us about his company and where he wanted to go. It was all very interesting.

Seeing this shadow made me giddy, and it’s purple, and it’s mineralized baked, and it’s pretty…

what’s not to like about it?!

‘Rosemary Frost’ sounds like a heroine from a romance novel, doesn’t it? But, this shadow makes my eyes look romantic.Purple shadows bring out the brown and green in my eyes.

I think this looks like a planet. The white and purple mixture greats a frosty, vibrant shade…

Sometimes I find that baked cosmetics can be hard and difficult to transfer to the brush and then to the lids. I didn’t have a problem with ‘Rosemary Frost’. I found it soft and completely blendable.

A quick swipe on my arm in indirect sunlight…

And here, this is at another angle…

I can’t help to notice that ‘Rosemary Frost’ is pretty at any angle. Jesse’s Girl is sold at Rite Aid drugstores. Bummer, that there are no Rite Aid’s in Florida. However, not all is lost; they have a website. There are six different shades in the Mineralized Bake Eye Shadow line. Oh, and one more nice thing: this shadow is only $3.99.

Tell me if you have tried any Jesse’s Girl cosmetics. What do you recommend I get next?

Toss or Trash for July 2012

Gosh, if I don’t get busy with July’s Toss or Trash, I’m going to have to combine it with August! It’s just one of those posts that gets bumped often.

Let’s just get started…

From the shower, I have Pantene’s Shampoo for Curls. Love my Pantene! This is one of the dozen or so I got when CVS had them on clearance. Must have set me back an entire buck seventy-nine. Pantene has redesigned their packaging and when that happens, sometimes the old ones move to clearance.This is trash because I already have a new bottle in the shower.

Then I have a bath and shower gel from Crabtree and Evelyn. This is Sweet Almond Oil. I have the body lotion that goes with it but, soap goes faster than lotions, for me. I liked this one. I really do. However, it isn’t one I am going to replace because I just didn’t love it.

For the eyes…

I got my initial tube of this from Revlon for a review. This product is ingenious! I love that I can just brush false eyelash glue right onto the falsies and go from there. I was given the tip of using the glue like an eyeliner then putting the false lashes on. That isn’t too bad but, as you can see around the cap, the product gets goopy after some time. I don’t even know how that happens because I am not being sloppy with it, as far as I know. So, when it gets goopy like this, it’s hard to make it work right like an eyeliner. This is trash because it got too ugly and the product was getting way too tacky to work with. I already have a replacement and another in reserve. The Vanity truly loves this product.

From Bath and Body Works…

This is the ‘White Citrus’ fragrance lotion and body scrub. ‘White Citrus’ is one of my top 5 favorite fragrances from B&BW. I have the entire line of this fragrance. And it is a favorite during the summer months. B&BW body scrubs are my favorite of all. Gosh, let’s just say ‘White Citrus’ is my favorite and I’ll move on! (I have the wallflower oil fragrance of this as well, ha!) This is trash.

And more Bath and Body Works…

This is Sage Cucumber from this past Spring’s collection of candles. I have been fervently burning B&BW candles to make way for the just newly released Fall candles. I am ‘fall’ing behind though. Thing is, I just have a lot of B&BW stuff. It is one of my favorite stores and I enjoy their products. Sage Cucumber was a delight to experience. It was a pairing that I found unusual but it works together just beautifully. This candle is like many of the products for this months’ Toss or Trash: I like it a lot but because there are so many other candles coming down the pike, I won’t actively seek out to replace this particular fragrance.

For my pucker…

I have Sally Hansen’s ‘Prep and Perfect Lipcare’. Again, this was part of the CVS beauty clearance and I got three of these. It is a lip primer and I think it works wonders. As the tube gets used up, though, the product gets a bit gummy. But I can spread it out with my finger and it still works fine. The applicator is a soft doe-foot tip.  I like how this primer felt on my lips. It wasn’t sticky and had no flavor or smell. It’s trash but the box is from the newest one that replaces the used up one.

Two more trash items…

If I had to recommend just one makeup remover that suited ALL skin types, Avon’s ‘Moisture Effects’ would be it. There is virtually no fragrance. It is smooth and super effective at removing all types of mascara. After washing my face with this, my skin feels soft and not dried out or tight. It isn’t oily but it is moisturizing. The Vanity does recommend this remover and Avon has it on sale often for around $1 with another purchase.

That is a little, itty, bitty OPI polish. All I remember is that it came in a wedding collection. I was very much into French manicures when I got this. I have had this bottle a long time too. I don’t know the name of this shade or, even if it is still a part of OPI’s collection. But I did like it and have been using it as a nude base coat for glitters and effect top coats of late. I would replace it if I didn’t have other selections. But it is trash and I found it to be a lovely color.

More stuff for the hair…

If you haven’t heard of Moroccanoil, I have to wonder where in the world you’ve been! This oil is what your dry hair is crying for. It longs for its touch. You will love the way it feels and smells too. At night, I take a dime size drop in my palm, rub my hands and then rub my hands through my hair. From the crown all the way to the ends. And once I’ve done that, I will rub my hands over my face. Let me tell you, the smell is divine. If you do not over use this, it can be for any type of hair. My hair is dry and color-treated and Moroccanoil is a treat for my hair. They even make a ‘lite’ version if you find this one too heavy on your hair. Now, I’m not replacing this and here’s why: I am in love with Macadamia Oil. Some time, I’m going to do a review on that product. However, I still recommend this one. It’s a bit pricey and there are plenty of contenders. What the Vanity recommends is getting at least one small bottle of THE Moroccanoil to try out so you can compare it to others you may wish to try.

If you can believe this, I used to HATE hairspray. I felt if I truly did my hair right, I wouldn’t need it. Wow. Even confessing that I’m thinking ‘that’s so lame’. I’m sort of fickle with hairspray now. I have used the Sally’s Beauty Supply’s Ion brands for years. This can of ‘Color Solutions’ spray is great at holding my hair in place. It’s a firm hold but not rock hard. My hair is dry, as I have mentioned, and this spray doesn’t help my hair at all as far as making my hair soft. Now that I’ve used this up, I won’t be replacing it with the same. And the reason is….Macadamia Oil has a very moisturizing hairspray that holds and makes my hair soft. Go figure! So this Ion hairspray is trash.

And more lotions…

I am frantically trying to stay hydrated as I get older. And my hands are especially getting a beating because of the nature of my work. So I have hand lotion all over my house and several in my car. The Silk Elements ‘Shea Butter with Olive Oil’ gets a huge ‘get it’ from the Vanity. I love everything about this hand cream; the smell, the feel, the tube and…the price…$2 at Sally’s!

I can’t shower love on Crabtree & Evelyn’s ‘Naturals Nourishing Body Butter’. I thought since it had Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg and Cardamom it was in for fragrance bliss. OK, so it didn’t totally suck but I wasn’t digging the smell for very long. And, I didn’t feel that the lotion was all that nourishing to my skin. I used it up but I’m calling it a toss.

Lots of lotions this past month. I can’t tell you how many times a day I put lotion on my hands and arms. And I put body lotion after I shower in the morning and then again before bed. It seems like the theme for July’s Toss or Trash was moisturizing products.

Have you tried any of these products? Do any of them interest you?