My Three All Time Beauty Favorites

We all have our very, very favorite beauty products. They are the products that we will go back to after trying out something else. Beauty bloggers know this well.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy trying out new products. And, I have made more new discoveries than the number of favorites I keep. I would like to share with you 3 of my ultimate favorites…

favorite products earring fixer 028I won’t be without my Silk Elements ‘Shea Butter with Olive Oil’ hand cream. There is always a tube on my bed stand and one in my bathroom or kitchen. The smell is soft and feminine. The lotion is creamy and doesn’t make my hands greasy. I use it on my elbows when they are dry and have been using it on my heels recently too. This hand cream is found at Sally’s and cost around $3.

My skin loves Dove’s ‘Cream Oil’. Again, not a lotion that leaves my skin greasy. No flaky or dry skin for me! Dove’s lotion is, again, one that smells lovely. Yet, it doesn’t overwhelm or interfere with my perfume of the day. Even before I moved to Colorado, I used Dove to keep my skin soft. I haven’t had one patch of dry skin since moving here in January. I purchase mine at either Walmart or Target.

And last, L’oreal’s ‘Total Repair 5’ hair conditioner. There’s a shampoo that accompanies it and I love it too. But, I am IN LOVE with this conditioner! It’s new to my favorite list though. I was looking for a very hydrating conditioner earlier this year and L’oreal had just released this new line along with 4 other hair care lines. I picked this one first and found that it made my hair extremely soft. Occasionally, since it is a rather new product, I can find  coupons for it. Again, I purchase this at Walgreens or Target.

One thing that is a part of my morning routine is to use a wide-tooth comb to comb my hair while the conditioner is still in my hair. ‘Total Repair 5’ conditioner allows the comb to glide right through my hair with no snags or knots. And, as with the other two favorites, I like the smell of this conditioner.

Here’s the theme I discovered with these three favorites: soft and smells lovely. They do the job I purchase them for and that makes them my favorites.

Do you have any all-time favorites?

Indie Makeup Companies, It’s Time To Get Branded

This isn’t a post on pet peeves because I don’t feel like being petty. However, I share this in hopes that indie companies will help brand themselves.

Even if I purchase a sample, the bag, clam shell or jar should tell me who it came from…

bad branding 001Shrine is a sparkly mineral eye shadow. It’s one that I like to wear however, I do not remember which company it came from. I don’t see how I can replace it from the original company. And, Silk Kiss Glow gives me a total face shimmer that looks awesome over a bronzer. Just the right amount glittery prettiness. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to reorder it. Bummer.

bad branding 003This indie blush does a bit better. I, at least, have the company’s name, Voila, to go on. I think, as a company, they should be more concerned about branding their products. They are missing out on a repeat customer.

bad branding 004I’ve had these two samples for some time. I don’t know where to reorder them so I am hoarding them. I do remember that Chiffons is the name of the collection and that the shade is called Glitz. Sadly, Bewitched felt that telling me that it is an eye shadow was more important than sharing with me the company name.

bad branding 005See a trend here? Dragon Fly comes from the same company that wants to make sure I know I’m using an eye shadow. And next, I am putting an indie company on the spot. Much like Voila, Black Rose Minerals leaves the research of reordering to me. At least they stand a chance.

My wish is that this can be positive criticism. Don’t lose your customers. We want to purchase from you again.

Fix Beverage: Drink Away Wrinkles, Strengthen Hair and Nails

Beauty isn’t just for the skin. It, actually, starts from inside the body. Sure we can treat and take care of our body from the outside but, let’s not forget what we can do from the inside, as well.

I have a project that I will be in a variety of grocery stores. Yes, sensory overload if, I don’t stay on task with work. However, I do get thirsty. I found an opportunity to not only try something new but, I even got it on clearance.

Take a look…

phone etc 118This is ‘Fix’ a dietary supplement that aids the hair, skin and nails. One of the flavors I picked was Orange Pineapple…

phone etc 120

Before I mention the benefits Fix promotes, let me tell you about the flavor. It was OK. Not sicky-sweet at all. It was more like a slightly flavored water. I didn’t detect any aftertaste, just a refreshing beverage.

The promise of Fix being ‘youth activating’ had me chugging the stuff! As with many products that claim health benefits, it would take more than just one treatment/application/dose to discover if it truly works. And, Fix gives a tall order of benefits…

phone etc 119phone etc 121In viewing the ingredients, most of the nutrients are electrolytes. Nothing really harmful with that. There’s 5 grams of sugar that comes from stevia which doesn’t spike the blood sugar.

If you would like to learn more about a drink that can reduce wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, here’s a link for you to check out. For around $2.00 I can see that working on reducing wrinkles and strengthening my nails from the inside out could be a delight to my taste buds.

Is this something that you might try?

Hot Tools Ionic Blow Dryer

It was time for a new blow dryer. I have only one at a time and the one I presently have is well over 16 years old. When I relocated to Colorado, I didn’t want to travel with my blow dryer because I worried that it would break. So, I decided that I would use over a year’s worth of Ulta points and get a new one.

Here’s what I got…

swatches and reviews 090swatches and reviews 091The selling point was that this dryer uses ionic technology…

swatches and reviews 095What does this mean for me?…

swatches and reviews 093swatches and reviews 092Does this dryer live up to its claims? You bet! Of course, being in a dryer climate has helped too. But I needed a diffuser to help keep my curls in place. I had to purchase the diffuser piece separately…

swatches and reviews 097Pops right on the end of the dryer. It dries my hair but does so gently, saving all my curls.

These are cool features but none of them a reason I bought this particular blow dryer…

swatches and reviews 098swatches and reviews 099swatches and reviews 094But, I have to be straight with you, I did buy this dryer because I love the color. See, it matches my robe…

swatches and reviews 101Not only does the combination of the dryer and the diffuser allow my curls to stick around, the dryer without the diffuser does a wicked job of giving me a blowout too.

I have always been leery of claims that a blow dryer can dry hair faster. Happily, this claim is spot on. And, that makes for happy, healthy hair at The Vanity.

I purchased this at Ulta using my bonus points, so technically, it didn’t cost me anything. Regular price would have have been $30 for the dryer and $12 for the difuser.

Do you have a favorite blow dryer? Do you have one that has special technology to dry your hair faster?

Milani Cosmetics: Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez Pencils

When I saw a review on my friend Nouveau Cheap‘s blog on the new Milani eye pencils, my search began. I am a huge Milani fan. So, you can imagine my frustration when I found out the Walgreens here in the Denver area do not sell Milani *gasp*

I was back in Florida for a couple of weeks last month and you know darn well I hit up the Walgreens store there. I snagged these up like the tourists snag up on souvenirs…

samples milani eye pencils 008

samples milani eye pencils 010Not only did I find the colors to be awesome but also, there was that promise of ’12 Hour Wear’. Even Nouveau Cheap said that these lasted hours on her oily lids. I became hopeful.

However, I had to photo them and swatch them before I went to try them out…

samples milani eye pencils 012samples milani eye pencils 015Almond Cream is a very flexible matte color, indeed.

samples milani eye pencils 016Sand Dunes gets into some summery shimmer.

samples milani eye pencils 017 Golden Bronze will get anyone’s eyes ready for a summer look.

samples milani eye pencils 018For a matte brown, Cafe Au Lait is calling my name.

samples milani eye pencils 019And lastly, this is Espresso Lane. My favorite brown for a smoky eye look.

I had fun swatches these lovelies as they were utterly creamy and smooth. Talk about rich pigmentation…

samples milani eye pencils 020These may be considered neutral shades but there is nothing quiet about them; hyper-color.

samples milani eye pencils 024Shown in direct sunlight, it is easy to see how rich these pencils are.

At that point, I thought I was finished swatching. I went to wash my hands and arm and this is what happened after a good scrubbing, with handsoap…

samples milani eye pencils 032What happened was NOTHING! These swatches did not BUDGE! I was excited to swipe them on my eyelids to see if this was really true. Now, I don’t have any photos but, I got crease in less than 90 minutes. However, this test was flawed because 1) I applied the pencil right over a day’s worth of shadow and 2) I didn’t use a primer.

I did wear the Espresso Lane as a liner on Friday and it worked fine. I used Golden Bronze as a liner, as well, on Saturday and it stayed on for hours. I may just have to keep these pencils away from the crease in my eyelids. But, I’m not done experimenting. Bawaaahaahaaahaaaa!

Did you get any of Milani’s Shadow Eyez for yourself? How’s it holding up for you?

June Klutchclub Box: Now That’s A Subscription Box!

Today, I received my third Klutch box and I feel like it’s Christmas. Klutch box is only $10 (add another $8 in for shipping) a month and you can purchase several months at a time or, singly. That versatility should appeal to many customers. I love my subscription so much that I ordered several months at a time.

Here’s what I got today:

June Klutch Box 001 June Klutch Box 004 June Klutch Box 005 June Klutch Box 006

Presentation is everything!

I got all this…

June Klutch Box 011

And, this…

June Klutch Box 017And this…

June Klutch Box 015Sure, hangovers suck. But, I have never had one….I said ‘ONE’!!! 😉

Most of the items are full-size or overly large samples. And, most importantly to me, these are products that I would actually purchase…

June Klutch Box 021 June Klutch Box 022 June Klutch Box 023These two items are what I’m most excited to try…

June Klutch Box 024The Walgreens catalog with Fergie on it not only has health-related articles, but also coupons on products mentioned in those articles.

I checked my mail on the way to a business meeting and found I had received my June Klutchbox. I couldn’t wait to get home and open it. Everything I received is something I look forward to using.

You can sign up for Klutch box here.

Black Radiance Lipsticks; Two Red Hot Colors

When I get a new product, I’m itchin’ to try it out. But, I refrain until I can take photos of it and swatches, as well. Heck, I even managed to photo one of these products on my lips…

swatches and reviews 302

It is only on a rare occasion that I find Black Radiance cosmetics. I know they are made by the same wonderful folks that make Wet ‘N Wild. When I do come upon them, I look for any new lip shades. Even though Black Radiance is marketed to women of color, I find that most of their lipsticks and glosses look awesome on me.

Here are the two lippies that I got…

swatches and reviews 302

Sadly, there are no names on these. Sort of odd since Wet ‘N Wild has some of the cleverest names for their products. Anyway, #5016 is a super deep magenta color. #5014 is a dark pink-red; definitely has the blue undertones.

This embossing makes me weak in the knees. I love things like this with makeup…

swatches and reviews 316

swatches and reviews 317

Swatching these two products reminded me exactly why I love red lipsticks…

swatches and reviews 324

Since I was on a roll, I went right ahead and applied # 5016. I wanted to see how it looked on me…

swatches and reviews 330

I found that this darker shade was not quite as dark when swatched or applied on my lips. Nevertheless, I really like the color and how it turned out.

These lippies are very creamy and smooth. After about 2 hours, I did feel like my lips were getting drier. However, I have moved to a much more arid climate and have been experiencing dry lips for months.

Black Radiance is a bit more expensive than Wet ‘N Wild. I don’t remember the exact prices of these lipsticks but I do remember that their 8 pan shadows run about $1 more than WnW. Still, I find their prices to be quite reasonable.

Do you think it’s cool that a drugstore brand put an embossing on their lipsticks?