25 Questions Tag

I found this tag on Reviews, Hauls and More, and it looked like fun, so I decided to do it!
These are fun to read because you get to know more about someone, and I find that I’m not so different from others as I think.

1.What do you apply your foundation with…Brush, sponge or fingers?
I use a large, fluffy brush or a kabuki brush because I wear mineral foundation.

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark, or dark to light?
Light to dark most of the time.  However, I have played around with the order just for fun.

3.Do you prime your eyes?
I do. I was using Urban Decay Primer Potion but I’m really over their packaging.  Almost everyone agrees it SUCKS!  I have been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I’m delightfully impressed.

4. Conceal first, or after foundation?
I have done it both ways.  I rarely need concealer so I don’t have any particular order for using it.

5.Go for manicures, or do then yourself.
I do most of them myself.  When my cuticles get so whacked, I’ll get them professionally cleaned up.

6. Exfolicate lips, face or both?

7. On avarage, how long does it take to do your makeup?
This is a hard question.  For the full monty, it’s about 50 minutes.

8.Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
I wear it about 80% of the time I leave the house.  When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s, you would never catch me out in public without makeup.  Hey, in the 80’s we put on makeup BEFORE we worked out!  lol

9.What release are you most excited about?(Makeup)
I’m not too much into makeup releases.  However, since nail blogging and following lots of great bloggers, I now know what’s coming up and start looking for new releases.  Right now I’m excited about the Halloween nail sets that will be coming out.

10.What are your weaknesses? Shoes, purses, clothes, eyeshadow or lipstick?
I definitely go through phases with all those.  I’m going to say right now it’s eyeshadows and nail polish, neck and neck.

11.Do you whiten your teeth?

I wish that I could.  I knocked out a lot of my upper teeth in a car accident when I was 20, so they are ‘fake.’  And you really can’t whiten them up. 🙁  I would if I could.

12.Wax eyebrows or pluck?
I’ve been plucking.  But when I get them done professionally, I prefer threading.

13.What do you use to contour?
I will use whatever blush I’m using for the day.  Or, just whatever darker blush I fine.

14.False eyelashes or natural.
I have been natural for a long time.  However, I got some falsies in a giveaway and then some from Revlon to try out.  I’m falling in love with them again.

15.Favorite makeup brand?
NYX, Aromaleigh (a bit too late, though), snowmancde (mineral makeup from ebay), Milani

16. Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel.
I have them all.  Not really any preference other than what I feel like for the day.

17. Lipstick, Lipgloss or chapstick?

18. Pressed, pigments or cream?

I use loose minerals 90% of the time.

19. Favorite colour?

20. If you had to wear one thing excluding foundation, what would it be?

I would have picked mascara up until about 3 months ago.  Now I find that if I put on a noticeable lipstick, I can get away with that.

21. Favorite colour combo.
Purple and black.

22. Natural or dramatic? (eyewear)
My favorite is dramatic.

23. Do you care more for the quality or the brand?
Quality.  But I’m not a stranger for a cheap thrill.

24.Do you enjoy using face masks? If so which ones?
I do like them.  Just never give them the time.  And I should.  I have some Serious Skin Care’s C-Mask and it is awesome.  I also have just plain bentonite clay I mix with apple cider and that’s very good too.

25.What’s your current addiction?(lipstick, eyeshadow, earrings)

I had so much fun doing this tag, so I tag everyone!

I don’t know anyone well enough to call them out.  So, I’ll leave it open to anyone who wants to join in.