This is a giveaway I’d love to win.  But, it’s not for me; it’s for Libby.
Please click here and take a look at this outdoor Kritter Kondo.  Libby, and her brother, Sebastian, would love so much to be outdoors.  But, they have always lived indoors.  And since Ragdolls are overly docile, they could so easily be hurt outside.

Winning this would be perfect for them!  It’s way better than them just smelling the air at the patio doors.

  • When i saw the little picture on my blogroll, I couldn't figure out what that was. But now that I can see it better, it's awesome!! Our cats would love something like that. Good luck!

  • This is really cute, I hope you get it!

  • Good luck! I hope that you win it. 😀

    My kitty Marley would love something like that. I don't allow him to go outside and he is content and happy to be a house cat, but sometimes, when he is sitting on an open window, I could swear that I see and hear him give a big sigh of longing for the great outdoors. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I find this shade a bit more copper than gold, or too much 24 KT gold as opposed to say 18KT (my fav). the formula is amazing though, the glitter is so microfine, i could barely feel it on my nails!

  • oh my. my cats would murder each other in that space! we have a screened in porch that theyve claimed so they get the best of both worlds.