5K Race Day Nails: Pure Ice Remix

Today was RACE DAY! I ran the Operation-Giveback 5K held at the University of Central Florida. This is the 2nd annual run, so there wasn’t a huge crowd…and that was just fine with me.

Almost all of the course was run on sidewalk and I wasn’t too happy about that. Well, let me say it this way: my hip joint wasn’t too happy about that. However, it didn’t hurt to the point where I started limping and am not in pain some 8 hours later. Thank goodness for good running shoes (I wear Adidas) and good socks too (those are Adidas as well).

Here I am, ready to get this race underway…

My manicure is using Pure Ice’s Vinyl Remix collection. I used the green (‘DJ Spinner’), yellow (‘Emcee Me’) and purple (‘Vintage Remix’). What is fun about using these polishes is that I don’t have to be steady-handed. I apply the ‘Platinum’ Magic Base Coat, first. Then the black shatter polish over that. Instantly, the black shatters and the white polish is ‘stained’ to show a particular color. Neat!!! I did each finger in a different configuration and made it fun. I added a top coat to enhance the shine and extend the wearability. 

And, at the end of the race at the photo op. 

I pinned a photo of my step-nephew, Bill, to my shirt because I ran to honor him. The race is to raise awareness and aid for the wounded coming back from the Iraqi and Afghanistan war. Bill is one of those wounded warriors. I went home with shaving 3 minutes off my personal best 5K time and with this medal…

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix collection was provided to me for my honest review. My opinions are totally my own.

P.S. Why did that shirt-less dude, to the left, photo-bomb my winner’s circle photo!!?