A Couple of Pleasant Surprises From Forever 21

There are several things that I find fun and one of them are pleasant surprises.  Those little, sweet, unexpected events.  Getting a speeding ticket is not a pleasant surprise.  Finding some cheap nail polish that goes beyond my expectations is.

Check out this pretty blue…

Love and Beauty’s ‘Navy.’  I don’t even thing it is close to navy.  Nail polish name fail!  How about ‘Navy Gravy?’  I am pleased that I was able to capture the golden swirls in this polish.  Because of the golden shimmer, this ups it a notch to me and I likey!!!

This is two coats of color over a base coat.  I have one coat of Seche Clear followed by one coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat.

Not a bad polish, at all, for $2.80.

Now, this one, got my ‘OMG!!!’….

‘Purple.’  Really?  That’s all they could say about this super cool color?  Hmmm…’Purple Smurple.’  Same as the ‘Navy Gravy’, it has the shimmer of gold.

I want to give a disclaimer; I am showing this mani after 4 hours of working in a grocery store.  I’m a merchandiser, so I move things around, put them in place and make them look nice.  A lot of times that involves picking off a price tag.  That’s were the wear comes in on this mani.  I would have taken photos before I left to work if the sun would have been up; it was just a bit after sun up when I left this morning.

But, pleasant surprise…

This is one coat!  I have one coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat on that was followed with Seche Vite.

Both of these paid off looking just like the color in the bottle.  I paid only $2.80 for each of them.  They applied and dried well.  Yea…you could say I’m pleasantly surprised.

What was the last polish that became a pleasant surprise for you?

  • Did you know that those are really the new LA Girls? And they are SO MUCH CHEAPER than Cherry Culture! LA Girls makes it for them private label!

  • Amy

    I was just there today and checked out some of the polishes. They have some really unique colors! I agree about the lame color names. I picked up this sheer light green with gold/red flakies in it, and all they called it was “light green”!

  • Those are great colors!! I usually run as fast as I can past that store in the mall…maybe I'll actually go in next time *gasp*. LOL

  • wow, beautiful colors and a great steal? love it!

  • Oooh! I need to get over there pronto! lol

  • @jbrobeck I didn't know that! Makes better sense. I used to get LA Girl @Five Below when I lived in Virginia Beach. I miss that store…

    @Amy It's a chance to show your creativity. Give 'er a name!

    @Megan I only like the store for the jewelry and makeup. I've only found a couple of clothes there would would fit my curves. :/

    @SiSi Do you have a Forever 21 near you? If so, check it out!

    @MissMidnightBlue You sure do! 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment 🙂
    I also own the Navy one, and i loooove the color. But for some reason when I took it off it stained by hands really bad! But for like $2, it was a great buy.