A Deal With the Devil And I Win!

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I picked up this polish a couple of months ago at a cheap beauty store.  You know the ones that sell hair and wigs.  I go in to look at the makeup and polish.  I found this one there…

This is Ruby Kisses’ ‘Deal With The Devil.’  I love that name because this is a seductive, inky blue, so dark you’d think, at first glance, it is black.

This was a shock to me; this polish went on like a dream!  And it was a buck!!!  And…get this, this is just 2 coats!

I have 2 coats of Seche Clear and the final coat of Vite.  This polish wore quite well.  The brush is just the normal, skinny one.  But I like that the bottle is oblong; easy to hold.   I found my pleasant surprise at that beauty store.  I must go back!

If you like inky colors, what one do you like best?  Do you have any off brand polishes that you love?

  • Beautiful polish!
    The name rocks!

  • I love that name too <3
    I like these dark polishes which look nearly black but aren't, it gives you a nice little surprise in the sun 🙂

  • great polish, funky name 🙂

  • Ruby Kisses makes some great polish for such a great price, doesn't it? I need to wear more of the ones in my stash…

  • looks just like elf navy blue

    cute blog


  • I think it looks gorgeous but i don't really know how i feel about inky colours. I mean i love black and i think that those colours are an awesome alternative for winter when you feel that black is too boring… but when i go to buy new polishes i guess im more interested in other tones (but if the polish is unexpensive i could buy all of them lol i'm such a shopaholic).

  • Ive given your blog an award!
    check it out 🙂