A Dual Of Two Forever 21 Glitter Polishes

Why have my nail swatches been MIA? They have been sent to rehab. I’ll post more on that later this week. However, I have to admit (that’s the first step, isn’t it?) that I’m still buying nail polish, just not as much. Seriously, I have gotten picky. My next collection I’m up for is the new Cult Nails that is due to be released in September. I’ll be sharing that as soon as I can along with some fun news about it.

And with that preface, this is a manicure that I did better than a month ago. I wanted to swatch two different glitters from Forever 21’s love and beauty…

And since they are sheer, I picked Milani’s ‘A Rose Mylady’ as a base case.

Of course, these gliters from Forever 21 jumped out at me. They are glitter nirvana…

The first glitter polish is ‘Faded Rose/Multi’. This polish has a dark, rosy base color. The glitters are micro and large and they are iridescent that flash from magenta to pink. I like the consistency of this polish as it wasn’t too thick or too thin. After shaking the bottle up, I didn’t have to fish out the glitter.

The other glitter I couldn’t resist…

Simply named ‘Pink’ I think it looks like Pink Fire. It glows. The clear base is more of a purple-ish pink than ‘Faded Rose’. ‘Pink’ has super-micro and micro glitter in it. It also has shards. And, all of these glitters are iridescent flashing orange and lavender. Both of these glitters are what I call ‘busy’; there is a lot going on in those bottles!

I chose Milani’s ‘A Rose Mylady’ because I wanted a nude polish that would be very similar to my own nail beds. Knowing that the glitter polishes were going to be sheer, I wanted a polish that could create an opaque base to hide any visible nail lines…

On my left hand, I used ‘Faded Rose’ as the top coat. I have on two coats. This glitter went on like we wish all glitters would. There was no drag, the formula didn’t get goopy and it dried in a reasonable amount of time. I only used one coat of Milani on my ring and pinky to see if I could get away with just one coat.

This is my right hand swatched with ‘Pink’…

I only used one coat of ‘A Rose Mylady’ on my ring and pinky finger just to see how sheer ‘Pink’ would be. The other fingers have 2 coats. And, I used two coats of ‘Pink’ as it tended to not pick up the glitter every time.

‘Pink’ and ‘A Rose Mylady’ create a dusty glitter manicure. I am sad that the glowing look of ‘Pink’ is tamed down too much. I like that Pink Fire look. And, the shimmer of the shards and glitter are less obvious as well. I need to try ‘Pink’ with a different base coat to see if I can keep that glow.

Which do you like better: ‘Faded Rose’ or ‘Pink’? I am very partial to ‘Pink’. Especially if I can get it to glow more.

  • I love the Rose Multi! I’m a sucker for pinks and a sucker for glitters so… AWESOME MANICURE! Oddly I don’t really own many glitters?!?!

    • I don’t have a lot of pink polishes like you’d think I would too. Now glitters-that’s a whole other thing!!

  • Jessica Patterson

    I so need to go to forever 21 now I love glitters 🙂

    • I don’t know what is going on but lately they haven’t had any new polish colors. Booo!

  • Tracy Carter

    I have both of those polishes & they’re gorgeous. Pink is actually a very close dupe to OPI I Lily Love You. The flakes pop so much better over dark colors.

    • Ooh, that’s good to know. Thanks!!