A Giveaway To Honor Breast Cancer Awareness

It has been a full month of pink.  Of course, Libby LOVES pink.  However, the pink for this month is to raise awareness about breast cancer.  And it’s a cause I like to contribute to.  I made some purchases that contribute to the awareness and you can get the goodies!

Here are some of the items in my Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway.  I love that OPI contributes to breast cancer awareness.  Each year they sell a pink polish that donates proceeds for awareness.  This color is ‘Pink of Hearts 2010.’

The color is more light pink than this photo shows.  And I really wanted to capture the teeny tiny shimmers; it’s not really a frost.  It’s just a cute, fun pink!

How about candy that donates?  That was easy!

Can you see the pink ribbon on the York Peppermint Patty?  Seche Vite has a bottle with a pink bracelet.

Can you see the plastic pink ribbon on top of the fluff on the pen?  When you write, it lights up!  I like girly pens because, in my house, no one else is going to be caught using them.  Hee heee!

And the other items are just to make the giveaway a tad bit juicier!
The Piggy Polish is called ‘Pink-nic.’  It is an orangy-pink, especially next to ‘Pink of Hearts.’  However, there is micro-glitter in this that is fuchsia.  Darling!!!

I have a Mega Mixer lip balm from Wet’N’Wild named ‘Electric Lemonade.’  Another yummy!  And I found a Sally Hansen pink file for fragile nails.

There’s going to be a few other things added but that’s what’s fun about my giveaways; there’s always a bit more in it than I show.  I love pleasant surprises!!

My story:  I had a scare when I was  34 years old.  I had to have a tumor removed from my left breast.  In my heart of hearts, I knew it wasn’t cancerous.  But my doctor didn’t.  Several days after surgery, she called me to tell me it was benign.  I just have that ‘spooky-ness’ that I knew already.  I wasn’t afraid at any point. 

I asked a dear friend to think about me the day I went in for surgery, she said she would.  When I called her the next day I told her I could feel her presence with me but there was also someone else, and I thought that was unusual (like all the rest wasn’t!!).  She said that she had one of her friends come over and they both focused on sending me healing thoughts.  No matter how I look at this, it had a perfect outcome.

Here are the rules for the Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway:

*1)  You must be a follower of my blog.  Note this in your comment and what name you use.  You must have your email address on every entry you make.

*2)  Tweet about it and let me know.  1 extra entry
*3)  Post about this on your Facebook, let me know.  1 extra entry.
*4)  Post this to your blog, put on the sidebar, on your listing giveaways, anyway is good, as long as you have it somewhere visible on your blog. Give me the link and link it back here. 3 extra entries on this one.

Giveaway is international.  You can do all entries on one comment or each individually, just make sure you put your email address on each entry.  Any entry that doesn’t have an email address, gets removed from the entries.  If you have won with me before, you can still enter! 

This giveaway closes on 10/30/10 at 10 PM EST.  Thanks for helping me contribute to a great cause.