A New Treasured Piece of Jewelry

When I first saw the jewelry by Tracey of www.gingerkittydesigns.com I knew I was going to get one. One by one, other nail bloggers were getting theirs and I was getting antsy.

Finally, I found one that I loved so much I couldn’t pass it up…

When OPI’s Shatter polish made the scene, Tracey started implementing it right away.  Here’s the result of a holographic polish with black shatter over it.  And it’s all captured in a cabochon pendant.

I took it out of the wrapper, gasped and snapped this…

Even the card it came on is sparkly!!!

The pendant was much larger than I expected.  It’s easy to see, and that holographic effect is very noticeable. I cannot stop looking at it.  It’s my own fascination ball.

You can also get rings, bracelets and  hair pins, all made from nail polish.  You can get the shattered effect or not.  And her assortment is endless.

Shhhh…it’s a trade secret how it’s done; that adds to the mystery and beauty of it.  However, you can own a piece of this jewelry line by visiting gingerkittydesign’s Esty shop:  www.gingerkittydesign.etsy.com or check out her blog: http://gingerkittydesigns.blogspot.com/  Want something specific?  Tracey’s super sweet, so just ask her!

When are you going to get yours?!

  • I haven't hear of her jewelry before! This looks awesome! I'll have to go check out her shop!

  • I've been looking at her stuff for so long, I think I need to order! Perhaps some studs 😀

  • @Peach Do check out her stuff. It's all so marvelous. I know I'll be getting more.

    @Bailey I did the same thing. And I'm glad I waited for the shatter polishes to come out. It really makes the look very unique.

  • That is wicked!

  • This is so gorgeous! I am in full-on love with Tracey's jewelry. Yay for getting such an awesome piece! 🙂

  • @vandaleyez Damn straight! 😉

    @colourcoated Yep! And I'm thinking earrings next. 😀

  • AKB

    Wow! That turned out really cool, I had no idea that it was black shatter.

  • So pretty! I can't wait to feature my ring from her!

  • @AKB I was sporting it yesterday and got lots of compliments. 🙂

    @kittypolishnbags I can't wait to see photos of it on you, as well!