A Pink Mini Purse From Claire’s Boutique

If you step into the ‘way-back’ machine with me, I’ll tell you about my strange addiction to baby purses. Not purses for babies, but little purses that hold hardly anything. One of the reasons I got into these mini purses is that when I used to go out clubbing, hence the need for the ‘way back’ machine, I don’t need to be hauling a huge-ass purse around. Who can mingle and dance with a hobo bag hanging off your shoulder? Not me…plus, I think it looks tacky. Even needy. ;p

I’ve been itching to get a new purse too. But I haven’t been willing to loosen up my current purse-strings to purchase one. However, when I rummaged up upon this one, it was almost a given…

It’s Claire’s. You know, where little girls shop. And lovers of Hello, Kitty and Justin Bieber. And, well….me.

I almost didn’t buy it. I argued with myself. Do you really NEED it? Will you really USE it? I decided that this voice wasn’t my own but that of my ‘just say no’ husband. Hey, it was little and pink and dammit, CHEAP!! I pissed away a ton more money on a stupid Louis Vuitton purse that I simply abhor! This purchase was not going to break my budget and it was cheaper than a Starbuck’s Venti Soy No Water Chai. (Saying just in case you ever want to buy me a drink.)

So, the purse’s attributes…

Well, it’s pink. It is little. It has a bow on it. That bow happens to have a faux reptile pattern in pink too. And the strap is cute. And it was on clearance…

My keys, a tube of lipstick, my driver’s license and my Starbuck’s card all fit in there perfectly.

Now, if you have read through this middle-aged woman’s obsession for purses that are for 5 and 6 year olds, you deserve a reward. This is a preview of my review on Cult Nail‘s new Deceptive Top Coat collection that goes on sale Sept. 1. Listen carefully to the next thing I say: Do Not Miss Out!

Let’s just say this one is a ‘Two Timer’.