A Pleasant Surprise Pairing Up

As much as I’m on the computer, I’d think I would have read that blogger is changing. Well, I do know that its new name will be Google Blog or Glob Boogle…something like that. ;p

This isn’t a thought-out manicure. I just picked. But, I like pleasant surprises, right?

This tiny Color Club doesn’t have a name but I still love it. Here’s why…

This is a metallic silver with gold micro-glitter. I can see the glitter in the photos, but it isn’t showing up as gold. 
Next, is an unusual crackle color…

Mia Secret’s Crackle Polish ‘Sky.’ I picked this up from a new display at the Beauty Supply Store that I get Kleancolor products. So, I know that the Mia Secret crackles were new in the store. But, the separation of the polish makes me wonder just how old is ‘Sky’? I wonder if ‘Sky’ is as old as…dirt. *goes off to ponder*

This light shade of turquoise is not one that I would like by itself. However, because ‘Sky’ was a crackle shade I have not seen before, I got it. And with a quick pairing up…

Here’s what I got…

I like it! What do you think? ‘Sky’ crackles very well. It applies with ease and is a friendly polish; you don’t have to rush to get it on before it starts to drag.

As with crackles, ‘Sky’ dries matte. I left it that way.

This is a pleasant surprise. And it made me smile.

Are you smiling too?

  • What a pretty color, yes it makes me smile too 🙂 I think the crackle is so pretty

    Nice post

  • Love this combination! The blue looks great with the silver under it! And Blogger is changing?! I'm out of the loop I guess!

  • This came out great! That's probably one of the best cracking crackles I've ever seen. 🙂

  • cool colors! I have a mia secret crackle. the separation is so bad on mine I don't like it at all!

  • That is gorgeous! So jealous of your nails 🙂

  • Great pairing!

  • The crackling of this and the color combo makes me think of an exotic giraffe! LOL!

  • @Dale Thanks so much!

    @Peach Thanks! The dashboard is very different.

    @OnceBitten Since it separated, I'm surprised to worked so well too. Now, I'll have to see if the other colors are just as good.

    @Olivia Oh, dear! I'm sorry that yours went bad, so to speak. I wish I knew what I could do to save it. If, that is even possible.

    @Vintage Wow! I'm bashful right now for you saying that you are jealous of my nails. Ah, shucks, thanks!

    @Megan The planets must have been aligned. 😉

    @kittypollishnbags Oh, that is a good call! I wonder if I can do that with the brown colored crackle I have….hmmmmmm

  • it looks awesome
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