A Saucy Little Red Number

I have clients that I visit at a mall that has a Forever XXI store. I told myself that I didn’t need ANY more polish. I didn’t NEED to stop in there as I had PLENTY of Love and Beauty polish at home. Some people like to reward themselves with food. I reward myself with polish…

Let me explain this. This is NOT a polish I got today. This is one from at least the last or second to the last shopping spree. The ones I got today will sit still until I can get photos of them first.

I must be showing my age because there are words no one uses any more, however, they fit the bill so well. One of those words is ‘SAUCY.’ This polish shade is SAUCY. And that is a much more exciting name than its given name ‘Currant.’ OK, I get why ‘Currant’ but, that doesn’t excite me. Something SAUCY does.

Completely wicked on the nail, this is 3 coats. I think another coat might have made it just that much better…

As you can see, it isn’t totally opaque. However, ‘SAUCY’ has, by no means, held back in flashing the gold micro-glitter emblazoned in the burgundy base. The top coat I used is Color Club’s Eco Top Coat.

This sauce-pot will come back around for the Holidays at the end of the year. I look forward to it.

I worked with a young lady who laughed at my use of the word ‘britches.’ She said it was old-fashioned. Are there any ‘old-fashioned’ words you like to use?