A Stinkin’ Cute Giveaway

You know what’s cute?

But you know what’s really cute?

That would be Libby’s pinky lips.

But, you want to know what’s STINKIN’ CUTE???

These are.

So are these.

And these are as well.

When I told my hubs I was thinking of a ‘stinkin’ cute’ giveaway, he thought I should ‘test’ out that label as someone might be offended by it.  I said ‘so what.’  If it offends anyone, they just don’t have to enter.  How simple is that!?  But ‘stinkin’ cute’ is meant as a term of endearment, seriously.  And that’s what I feel about my followers; you are all so cute!

Everything here is new, purchased by me and all to one prize winner.  But you got to enter.

*1)  You must be a follower of my blog.  Note this in your comment and what name you use.  You must have your email address on every entry you make. 

*2)  Tweet about it, with a link back to here, and let me know.  1 extra entry
*3)  Post about this on your Facebook, with a link back to here, let me know.  1 extra entry
*4)  Post this on your blog; put on the sidebar, on your listing giveaways, anyway is good, as long as you have it somewhere visible on your blog. Have your post link back to here and let me know your link.  3 extra entries on this one.

*5) If you are a follower of my blog already, you automatically get an entry.  1 extra entry

Giveaway is international.  You can do all entries on one comment or each individually, just make sure you put your email address on each entry.  Any entry that doesn’t have an email address, gets removed from the entries.  If you have won with me before, you can still enter!  I’ll notify the winner by email after the drawing and the winner needs to respond back to me within 48 hours or, we will draw another entry.

This giveaway closes on Saturday, 1/29/11, at 9 PM EST.