A to Z of Me – Jeweled Tips Blog

 For the past few Sundays, I have been doing a series of A to Z of Me. For me, I am having a ball, snooping learning about the bloggers I follow. 
Today’s A to Z of Me is on Jana, owner of Jeweled Tips.  I haven’t shared this with Jana, but I am in love with her nails. She had me at comparison posts. This woman can swatch!!!  I don’t think you ‘should,’ I think you HAVE to go check out her blog.
The A-Z of me.
A. Age:

B. Bed size:

C. Chore you hate:
Recycling magazines
D. Day:

Thursday!  I do sports radio shows/podcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so Thursday always feels like I can take a little breather with no shows to prep for.

E. Essential start to your day:


F. Favorite color: 
Purple (you might have been able to guess that from my blog huh? haha)

G. Gold or Silver:
Silver, I’m generally not a fan of how gold looks on me

H. Height:


I. Instruments: 
I play a mean Alto Saxophone and a bit of bass guitar

J. Job title:
I have lots 🙂

K. Kids: 

L. Live: Jersey…I am not tan nor do I have a poof.  But I have encountered and known a lot of people who are all about the GTL/Jersey Shore style of life haha.

M. Mom’s name:

N. Nicknames: 
JK, Jana Banana, Blondie, Jana Bean

O. Overnight hospital stays: 

more than I’d like, blech

P. Pet peeve: 

I can’t stand the sound of silverware scraping on a plate, weird I know.  It also makes me crazy when people forget to use common courtesy.
Q. Quote from a movie: 

“Is that you Baxter?  Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee. Is this Wilt Chamberlin?!” -Anchorman

R. Right or left handed: 
Right handed
S. Siblings: 

A pretty cool brother
T. Time you wake up: 

I don’t have a specific time since I work from home

U. Underwear: 
Yes haha
V. Vegetables you dislike: 
I’m allergic to corn and radishes.  I’m not a big fan of brussel sprouts

W. What makes you run late: 
Oh all kinds of things haha.  Generally it’s underestimating how long it will take me to move around to get ready since I have a bad back
X. X-Rays you’ve had: 

At this point I’m probably closing in on 50 or so.  I clearly spend too much time in Dr. offices

Y. Yummy food you make: . 

I’m much better at baking than actually cooking haha I have some great cookie recipes passed down from my grandfather that are crazy delicious.

Z. Zoo:I prefer aquariums since I have a really serious love for penguins haha (if you haven’t been to the one in Boston it’s a must for penguin fans, just throwing that out there 🙂 haha)
Is she not cute, or what?  Jana, if you are reading this, get busy! Everyone else, enjoy!