A to Z of Me on….Me!

Silly me, I didn’t line up anyone for today’s ‘A to Z of Me’. I’m making myself a stand in. Maybe someone feels as snoopy curious as I am when I read these. Some day, I’ll do the ‘What’s In My Purse’ post. Now those are cool!

The A-Z of me.
A. Age:

B. Bed size:

C. Chore you hate:
Dishes, bathroom cleaning

D. Day:
Friday, especially if I schedule it off


E. Essential start to your day:

 Tassimo Chai Tea


F. Favorite color: 

Yea, I know you thought I was going to say pink.

G. Gold or Silver:
Gold, but I have more silver

H. Height:


I. Instruments: 
French horn, guitar

J. Job title:
Freelance Merchandiser. I make sure my clients’ products are out on the sales floor and look pretty so you will purchase them.


K. Kids: 
Libby and Sebastian, real brother and sister Ragdoll cats


L. Live: Orlando, FL

 No, I don’t go to the theme parks whenever I want. 
At $100 a whack, that’s just not something I can do a lot.

M. Mom’s name:

I love her name so much I changed my own middle name to Rae.

N. Nicknames: 

Sweetie, Kim

O. Overnight hospital stays: 



P. Pet peeve: 
People who have a victim mentality and will weave that into

every single conversation.
Q. Quote from a movie: 

“You came back for me!” Maid Marian to Robin Hood; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
R. Right or left handed: 
 One of those odd folks that have their left hand dominate but 
will eat and write with their right hand. 

S. Siblings: 

A younger brother and sister


T. Time you wake up: 

On my own accord: 7 AM to 7:30

U. Underwear: 
Almost all of the time. And when I do, they better be comfortable!

V. Vegetables you dislike: 
Tomatoes don’t really count because they are supposed to be a fruit.
Wax beans.

W. What makes you run late: 


X. X-Rays you’ve had: 


Y. Yummy food you make: . 

Shrimp & Hot Sausage Gumbo

Z. Zoo:
Zoos make me sad. But I do like petting zoos.

I believe I’m a person of extremes. I’m chatty but love the silence when I’m alone. I’m sweet but am seriously passionate about certain subjects. I’m clever yet have difficulty remembering names and details. I can look like I’m ready to head to Nordstroms or sometimes, headed to Walmart. I love external things but adore my friends who see the internal me. I am fun, am silly and smile, yet my closest friend had a hard time believing me when I told her I have life-long depression.

Blogging has been the best thing I have added to my life and I am over the top about the new friends I have made. This hobby has got me to spend more money on stuff but, my friendships are priceless.