A Vamp Color that is ‘Jaded’

There were some severe storms here in Orlando today.  Thus, no sunlight to photograph with.

This is Ulta’s ‘Jaded.’  These photos come from the St. Patrick’s Day theme I did earlier this month.  I didn’t get to posting this mani.  So, it was good I had one ‘in the can’ to share for today.  Gives new meaning for ‘saving for a rainy day.’

 I like the duochrome-isque of this polish.  I didn’t notice the bubbles that formed until I looked at the photos.  I really need to have my eyes checked. :/  This is 3 coats with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat. 

‘Jaded’ is one of those blackened teal/green colors that usually is named ‘Green with Envy’ or ‘Poison Apple’ or even ‘Midnight Jade.’  It’s always a somewhat sinister name that makes you think of danger and intrigue.  I call it vampy fun.  Same thing.

Add this to the long list of vampy shades I like.  ‘Jaded’ is a rather new shade by Ulta and I liked it right away.

Is it a color you’d like to wear?  Do you go against the grain and wear shades like this into the spring and summer, when everyone else seems to be wearing some version of pastels?

  • cool colour!

    In Palace ♥

  • Oooh! Pretty color! Another storm in Florida? What is up with Spring this year?!

  • Very pretty! And I'd wear it in the spring and summer. While I like following seasonal trends, I'm not a strick conformant to them!

  • I would wear it year round, but then I get the feeling I'll wear dark colors no matter what the season, because that's what I like.

  • @In Palace Isn't it, though?

    @Megan Well, those storms are pretty usual for us. Just that these were really intense! However, Spring IS here!

    @Peach I'm just like you. I like to bend the rules occasionally.

    @Breigh That's the way I roll too. 🙂

  • It's a really nice colour, especially in the sunshine !