A Very Cheap Clearance Eye Shadow Purchase Turns Out Well

Not all of the after-Christmas clearance beauty items I purchased were terrible. Here’s one that was 50 cents and it is awesome….

DSCF0346 DSCF0347


This would be a deal even for the full $1 price. I got this at Walgreens. Simply called ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, the five colors look playful and fun. The big squares look to be very pigmented and, they actually were!…

DSCF0349 DSCF0348


I was holding myself back on getting too hopeful about the color payoff until I swatched. Here’s what I got…




This palette was best used with a shadow primer for longevity. The first time I did an eye look, I didn’t use a primer. I got giddy when that yellow swatched so boldly and I was raring to try it out. There was some fall-out with the yellow and the baby blue shade but not so much that it was a deal-breaker. The second time I did an eye-look for the day, I used NYX’s HD Eye Primer and these shadows came on bold with lots of staying power.

Not bad at all for 50 cents! There were, originally, 3 other palettes but this was the only one I found left on clearance. Would you have gambled a mere 50 cents on it?

  • I bought this for full price (a whopping dollar) and was SO STOKED but with all the holiday craze I never posted about it!! I even teased it on my insta/facebook asking people to guess how much I paid based on the swatches. I never followed through. Blogger fail. Tehe

    • Maybe I have inspired you to blog about it now? 🙂

  • Amber

    Wow, great find! A friend of mine gave me the palette like this, in the purple version. It’s SO gorgeous!!

    • I’m trying not to kick myself for buying the others when they were available. But, if I just go look on the vanity and in the drawers, I have no reason to feel a lack. LOL! I’m glad your friend gave you this palette and not that crummy eyeliner from LA Colors!!!

  • MyBeautyJunction

    Whoa, that is such a cool palette for 50c!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    What a great find!

    • Kind of gives me an easier mind since I feel the LA Colors liquid eye liner I posted about was a rip off.

  • That yellow is lovely! What a great find 🙂

    • It was a big surprise to find a yellow shade that behaved!

  • For 50 cents I’m impressed with the pigmentation.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Not bad for the price tag!

    • I’m not feeling ripped off this time.

  • erikatheicyone

    I’d have given it a whirl for fifty cents. 🙂

    • You’d be happy with this one, I know.

  • That’s pretty dang awesome for fifty cents… I’d buy two 😉

    • Watch for Holiday 2014 they will suck!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I bought the other palettes when they were $1, and they are pretty good! – Definitely use primer with them, but they all had good pigmentation. I was pleasantly surprised!

    • High fives for you on getting some.

  • Farryn

    Cool colours and what a steal 😉

    • It feels good to catch a deal once in a while.

  • Ange

    Great colors! I am loving that pink! Thanks for the swatches and seriously what an awesome deal!

    • I’m a bit jazzed that I was correct in having a feeling these would be pigmented. They just ‘look’ like they are going to be that way.

  • Nicki Zevola

    50 cents, my word. I think I spent $3.50 in parking meter fees today.

    Definitely a solid deal! Thanks for exploring the drugstore products; I think studies have shown that as many as two-thirds of women only shop in the drugstore for beauty products in the United States, but too few bloggers are willing to review the drugstore brands. I’ve gotten some unexpected hits on my FutureDerm blog in the past just by reviewing drugstore brands as well, so it’s good for bloggers to do anyway. Just a ramble…great work!

    • That’s interesting stats. With so many different products and colors and styles and tastes, I like to experiment with them all. But, I think spending over $18 for a mascara is too much! I got a makeover by a very high-end cosmetic company in turn for a post of it. As much as I liked about 1/4 of the product used, I was in love with the mascara. Alas, it was $35 and I couldn’t see paying that much. I mostly loved it because of the unusual color. I haven’t found any other makeup company that has that color but I don’t regret spending $35 either.

  • Lisa Chakan

    what a steal! great pigmentation for a product multiples more expensive. score!

    • Yes, indeed, a score! Pleasant surprises are so much fun. 🙂

  • Who’da thunk it’d be pretty good? 🙂 I love a good steal!

  • Anastasia

    That’s a pretty good color payout for such inexpensive palette. Definitely a great purchase!

    • I don’t usually like to use blue but that sky blue has been fun to use as a bit of color on the bottom eyelid. Not hardly any fallout!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    Never heard of this brand–what a bargain!!

    • Normally it’s just the cheapy stuff out there. But I was feeling adventurous the day I bought some clearance items at Walgreens. This was the prize of them all.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Wow, 50 cents!?!!!! That’s cheaper than a candy!

    • Great way to think of it! And, are these not candy colors?!!

  • Justina

    So pretty!

  • I bought this at full price and agree that it’s awesome!

    • Great to know you agree, Sheila!

  • Betzy Carmona

    Wow I’m surprised with the pigmentation

    • I was hopeful but so delighted when I did those swatches.

  • myCosmeticBag

    i would definitely have bought that for 50 cents

    • You would have been tickled at your prize too.

  • I totally bought this at Walgreens when it was $1.00! I thought it did a great job as well, but def. recommend primer for sure.

    • It’s reassuring to know you feel the same. 🙂

  • kSquaredGlamour

    not bad for how affordable it is!