‘After Dark’, Do You Really Think About Your Toes?

There are some vampy-color nail polishes that look damn good in real life but, they don’t translate on camera very well
This is one of them…

I got this at the beauty supply store.  This is Nicka A’s ‘After Dark.’  I’m sure this is a take off of OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark‘ and another, Rimmel 60 Second Polish’s ‘Deliciously Dark.’  It has that same blackened, deep burgundy wine color.

Shows up lovingly in the bottle…

But it is not translating to the toes very well.  When I took these photos, this evening, I didn’t think I would capture any of the burgundy.  However, I see a tad bit of it here.  Otherwise, it looks like just a black polish.  And that’s just too bad because ‘After Dark’ is more sultry with that hint of burgundy in there.  I have on 3 coats here, and followed up with Seche Clear.

Besides the polish being too far away from my eyes to enjoy the color, this polish didn’t level out very well on its own.  But a couple coats of Seche Clear and it hid a lot of that.

‘After Dark’ is not a polish I’m going to put back into the dark of my closet.  I think I’m going to try it later on as a nail look.

Do you sometimes feel your toes are too far away to enjoy the pretty polish you put on them?  😉