Airy Mani

This is a mani I did a couple of days ago.

                                         Out in the sun; reduced sticker still on.

                                Sunny window light that doesn’t show a true color at all.

This one I picked up on the clearance table at Sally’s Beauty.  It’s called ‘Light as Air’ by China Glaze.  A creamy, dusty lavender.  I like this one very much.

 This polish is the one I used on my toes.  No toe shows.  My hand nails look very dry but, my toes are worse off.  I’m too embarrassed to torture you with those pictures.  However, the polish I choose is a very pretty one.  It’s a new display at Sally’s Beauty.  This color is ‘Pink Fairy.’  And that’s exactly what it makes me think of.

Just look at that shimmer and sparkle. I fun duo that’s pink and purple.  It’s pretty sheer though.  And the richness of the duo doesn’t reflect fully on the nail.
It was hit and miss with getting in that sunshine shot.  (oh, say that a couple of times fast!)  Here’s the growing thunderstorm I was dealing with.

Even though they call Florida the ‘Sunshine State,’ there are thunderstorms often during the summer to give us that nice, sultry, hot and humid weather. (sarcasm) 

Got a cream polish that you just adore?  How often do you get professional pedicures?  I’m SO due!!