Apple Harvest Ready

After I got out of college, I began to love fall.  No more starting school!!!  But, it also meant the end of a 3 month vacation.  Hello, adult life.

And, as I get a bit older (hey! it’s rude to ask!!!), fall is a pleasant temperature season.  I AM a sweater girl.  I love wearing boots.  I adore flannel sheets!  I SO live in Florida!  Hmmmm….

In a previous post, I showed this set I got from Icing…

Yeaaahhhh!  My first fall collection of the year!!  Yummmy!!

First one tested….

A creamy red that is orange/yellow based.  Icing doesn’t name any of these.  And that gives me a chance to “NAME THAT COLOR!!!!”

I, hereby, dub thee “Harvest Apple.”

It’s cute, I do like it.  However, I think blue reds are better for my skin tone.  But, since I am in a (hurry up and get here!) fall mood, it fits.

This is 2 base coats, 2 coats of Harvest Apple, one Seche Clear and then Seche Vite.  It wore like crazy.  Consistency is a bit thick and would be much easier to manage on my fingers.  And the stupid little top and brush…it will put a scowl on your face.

The price wasn’t too bad; $8 for the entire mini set.  And, I still see this fall collection in the Icing stores.  So they are not flying out of the store.  But then, I figure since it is ‘mostly’ a young girl’s boutique store, that audience isn’t into these shades of polish anyway.

Which looks better on you: orange reds or blue reds?  Do you have a ‘rite of passage’ fall color or shade?