Are You Missing Merry Mittens?

The hustle and bustle that I have is to get all the new Holiday nail polishes swatched before the year is over.  I went a bit overboard with polish purchases this season because of all the glam and glitter.

This polish from Finger Paints is just adorable.  It’s called ‘Merry Mittens.’

It’s that glam?  It’s crush-velvety red with red and gold micro-glitter.  It’s a divine color combo.  It you read my last post on ‘Mistletoe Kisses,’ what that polish did for green, ‘Merry Mittens’ does for red.  Spee-Arc-Ull.

That’s pretty sweet when the polish shows its high-beam brilliance in both the sunny window AND outside.

I have on 2 coats of color and the standard 2 coats of Seche Clear followed by 1 coat of Vite.

If I had not found ‘Mistletoe Kisses,’ ‘Merry Mittens’ would have been my actual Christmas swatch.  This red is just how I like red glitter.  It has shine, glitter, sparkles, all those things that hold my fascination. 

Living in Florida, I don’t have much need for gloves or mittens.  However, I leave for Denver in a couple of days and I have lost my gloves!!!  I did wear them last week when it was a chilly morning.  But I didn’t put them back where they belong.  Luckily, I have some woven gloves I can take.

Do you wear gloves or mittens?