Are You Raisin The Bar?

Sometimes we just pick up a polish because we like the name.  Sort of seems silly, but I KNOW nail bloggers do this, for sure.  Come on, ‘fess up!

Here’s a pinky-mauve that isn’t all that exciting…

 This is ‘Raisin the Bar’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure collection.  This is one coat of base, 1 coat Seche Clear, 2 color coats, 2 Seche Clear and finale, Seche Vite.

Yea…go ahead…sing it!

Raisin the Bar got a bit bubbly on me.  But it only shows up on the middle finger.  The rest wasn’t that noticeable.  It’s an OK shimmery pink that is almost a mauve.  This photo shows it to be more pink.

I liked the cutesy name more than I like the color.  It’s a timid color.  Let’s say ‘safe.’  It’s one I call the ‘job interview’ color.  It won’t RAISE any eyebrows.

Is it a ‘safe’ color?  Where would you wear this mani?