Facial Wipe Wednesday: Target’s Up & Up Brand

As facial wipes become more and more popular, stores are putting out their own brand, as well. I picked up Target’s house brand, Up & Up Facial Wipes. This package of 25 towelettes was around $2…


I am glad I chose the 25 count over the larger packaging. The first week of using these, I found the clothes to be on the dry side. I don’t like scrubbing my eyelashes hard to remove my mascara. However, I found that I actually needed to in order clean the mascara off.

Let’s step back a bit…I picked Up & Up Cleansing Towelettes in the Sensitive because they mention they are comparable to the Simple brand. I reviewed Simple for a Facial Wipe Wednesday installment here. I wanted to see how the two compared. I found the Up & Up stung my skin and, I was rather glad when I passed day 15 of using them. I stopped then. It mostly stung on the tops of my cheeks and right under my eyes. Also, I felt that my skin became drier than usual from using these even though I continued to use the same moisturizers I regularly use.


As I mentioned, the first week, I was so disappointed that the towelettes were so dry. However, as I worked my way down the pack, they did get more moist. That’s one of the drawbacks, I have found with wipes: There’s no way to tell how long they have been on the shelf. The Up & Up Cleansing Towelettes have been the most pronounced at being dry in the beginning.

Even when I did get down to more moist towelettes, I found these to not clean my face very thoroughly. I use a toner after cleansing to see if there is any remaining dirt on my face. The entire time I used Up & Up towelettes, the cotton pad I used with toner finished up with lots of mascara residue. I never felt like my skin was completely clean just  imagining I was smearing makeup all over.

The packaging states that the towelettes are made with Botanic (TM) fibers…

DSCF0053 DSCF0054

It doesn’t say anything more than that on the package other than the company that makes it…


While these towelettes don’t have any scent, they don’t have much cleansing ability, in my opinion. I was rather turned off by how much dirt was left over after using these and, that my skin started to sting. For a product stating to be for sensitive skin, I cannot recommend these to anyone, especially since I don’t have sensitive skin, myself.

Have you tried Target’s Up & Up Facial Towelettes?


Profusion 22 Color Fan Palette

If you have been a faithful reader, you know one of my favorite things are what I call ‘pleasant surprises’. It can be someone opening a door for me when my hands are full. It can be finding that my husband put all of his laundry in the hamper before laundry time. It’s just the times when you get a little more than you expected.

Now, these palettes gave me a huge pleasant surprise…


I really set myself up for this, though. I saw these palettes and wanted them but didn’t truly look to see that it does say 22 shades. So, when I opened them up and saw this…

DSCF0025 DSCF0020

I had to sit down and just gawk! All gorgeous mattes.

I saw these on a display at my local grocery store, King Soopers. And, get this: these were $2.99 each! I know I have to go back and get the other sets. Take a look at this one, first…



There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the chosen shades in each palette. And, without seeing the inner shadows, I just picked these randomly. So, on that concept, just randomly swatched shades…

DSCF0026 DSCF0027


I didn’t do these over any primer. For the most part, the shadows seem fairly pigmented. Also, some did have more fallout than others. The black and the green, above, were very powdery. And, the white was very, very light.

I picked this next one because I did see a white shadow…

DSCF0018 DSCF0014

I also liked the idea that there was a gray as well as a black.

DSCF0021 DSCF0022

And, I like the rich burgundy shades. Oh, and these oranges have been more fun to play with for Halloween looks!…


Although I didn’t swatch all the shadows here, I have been mixing and matching like crazy with my looks of the day. Can you blame me?

These palettes are by Profusion and they can be hit or miss as far as the quality. However, for a meager investment of $3 for a 22 shade palette, I’m very happy with what I got. None of the shadows seem to be dupes from one palette to the other; there’s just enough variance. And, that makes for great blending.

Were you pleasantly surprised by the shades of the unseen colors? Have you seen these in any stores?

I found the swabs that I used for swatching to be just as colorful…

DSCF0032 DSCF0031

BFTE Cosmetics: New Baggy Sample Size Added

I’m SO excited to tell you about a new sample size that I just added to my company’s availability. Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics now offers a $1 baggy sample that contains approximately 1/8 teaspoon amount of product. This is for all eye shadows with the exceptions being the Color Of The Month shadow, blushes and foundations.

Let me show you examples of the three size options you have when you order a BFTE Cosmetics mineral eye shadows:

Available BFTE sizes three watermark

The baggy sample, first, is a 1″ square baggy that has approximately 1/8 teaspoon of product inside. The middle jar is our sample jar, which has always been available on the site, called a 3 gram jar. This jar has .3 grams of product in it. The larger jar, on the far right, is the full-size jar. It is called a 5 gram jar and it holds 1 to 3 grams of product before a sifter top it put on. More coming on that.

The baggy sample, as mentioned, has approximately 1/8 teaspoon of product. It all depends on how lightly or, heavily you apply your mineral shadow as to how many applications you can get from a baggy sample. The idea of a baggy sample is definitely a ‘try before you buy full-size’. With a smaller financial investment, you are able to see exactly how the product feels, looks and works with your face before you decide on the larger jar.

The jar sample is the next size up…

Jar Sample raw amount watermark Sample jar level amount watermark

This jar is called a 3 gram jar. I put in at LEAST .3 grams of product in it. Because some minerals are denser than others, not all amounts can look like the same amount. Shadows with lots of glitter can be very fluffy and it will take more of that product to weigh .3 grams. A shadow that has a lot of mica content can be denser, such as a matte shade, and it takes less volume to weigh .3 grams. Again, it all depends on your own applications on how long a sample jar will last you. Sample jars are not sold with a sifter however, you can purchase them separately on the website if you want to add them to your jars.

And, the full-size jar…

Full jar amount watermark

As mentioned, since some shadows are fluffier than others, the weight amount of each shade can vary. From the beginning, BFTE Cosmetics has filled the full-size jar to capacity so you get the most that can be packed into that jar. Do know that settling, naturally occurs, so that’s why I mention that when I hand-pack each jar, it is to the fullest I can make it and thus, the weight of the product will vary from 1 to 3 grams. In the above photo, I have tapped down the shadow (as I do with each of the full-size jars) and this is as full as it can be before putting on the sifter top.

Check out the jar weighing in…

Weight Full Size Jar watermark

I zeroed out the scale (that’s what the TARE button is for) so it doesn’t count the weight of the jar. This jar has 2.12 grams of product in it.

There’s a side-by-side comparison of the sample jar to the full-size jar…

Jar Comparison Side watermark Jar Compare Filled watermark

Here are comparisons of the the amounts of the three sizes…

Variety Shadow Size watermark

I’d like to thank ‘Paris’, the pink shadow I used in the photos, for being my utterly gorgeous model. Since ‘Paris’ can be used not only as a shadow but also mixed to make a lip gloss, added to clear nail polish and even used as a blush, you can see how your mileage can vary on how far any of these amounts will last.

Adding in the addition baggy sample has been a lot of work. There are a LOT of behind the scenes things that have to happen to make something that, from the consumer standpoint seem easy, needs to be in place. I spent 2 solid days changing the sample jar weight, on the site, to reflect the .3 gram weight. I’m still finding ones that didn’t get changed. How frustrating! Now that the baggy sample is available, I will have to go in to each shadow listing and add that to the wording. If I don’t, I still get emails asking what the amount of the sample baggy is. So, please understand that there are going to be those glitches. Trust me, don’t let them be the end of your world!! I am doing my utmost best to make sure you get awesome products, that you get what you ordered and, in a very timely manner.

My goal, with Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics, is to get these awesome products into as many hands as possible. I have been a mineral makeup user for over 11 years and have enjoyed using it immensely. Owned this business has been a huge challenge but at the same time, my heart has soared being able to express myself creatively. The positive feedback I get from wonderful customers far outweighs any of the little bumps that happen in owning my own business. I love mineral makeup and want to share that with anyone that is interested. And those that are not interested, let me convert you!!! :)

Also, I am always listening to my customers. If you have a question, you can contact me at info@bftecosmetics.

Walgreens: It’s Time To LOOK UP!!!

Every year at this time, I eagerly await to show you the beginnings of Walgreen’s gift boxes. The high up shelves have been in place for about 2 or so week, so I knew the products were on the way. I saw this yesterday at one of my local Walgreen’s…

Walgreens holiday look up

I figure if you read beauty blogs, you want to know what is coming up! How about more elf beauty books!…

elf beauty book Walgreens

These must be a hit since they had so many out this year. I’m a collector! These two will be coming home with me and going to my elf beauty book shelf.

The Color Workshop has collections that have a bit of everything in them. I was impressed with the shadow color choices available…

Color Workshop Walgreen kits


And elf has several $3 gift boxes which I think make excellent add-ons to Secret Santa gifts or just as stocking stuffers…



Walgreens elf sets


This Wet ‘n Wild Fergie collection endcap subtly hints at being for the Holidays but it doesn’t have any holiday designs on it. Either way, I’m reading several reviews on these items and, will be getting that huge makeup box very soon. Last year, I didn’t wait and bought the makeup box at full price only a couple of weeks later to have to go to half price. So, I’m going to hold out…just a bit…not much longer! I did purchase the elf beauty books that you see at the base of this display and will be reviewing those here soon…

wnw holiday sets

Is anyone else collecting the elf beauty books? I’ve bought one Christmas gift, so far? How are you coming along?


Toss or Trash: September, Part 1

I have learned, since becoming a beauty blogger, the true value of completely finishing a product. Goodness knows, I used to be a one-trick pony using only one shampoo until it was all gone. Never changing facial washes until the one I was currently using was used up. Now, I have no less than 4 shampoos in the shower and at least 3 conditioners going. So, when I finish up ANYTHING, it’s worthy of a post!

I have quite an assortment to show…


From haircare to skincare, this Toss or Trash segment has a main theme of MOISTURIZE. Starting with the big ass can of hairspray…


Tresemme’s most popular hairspray is the Extra Firm Control, all day humidity resistance. Does this one do the job? You bet! And this can lasted me for months. Not that I’m light on the spray, mind you. What I didn’t like was that this hairspray has dried out my already dry tresses. Even applying gently, at least in my mind, it has dried out my hair. I used it all up but, I will not be purchasing this one again. I need a hairspray that puts back in some moisture.

My skin is also dry and, getting drier by the minute. So, a moisturizing wash is a must…

DSCF0040 DSCF0041


I received this small bottle of Shea Terra Organics African Black Soap Body Wash in one of my monthly subscription boxes. I’m sorry that I don’t remember which one. This sample was Menthe or, had a peppermint oil in it. Fabulous! It wasn’t over the top peppermint like some body soaps can be. This was delicate and still refreshing. I liked the way this felt on my skin after a long morning run. I loved using it on my face as well as my body. I didn’t feel like my skin’s acid mantel was being stripped off with this wash. I felt super clean. This is one that I would replace.

After washing with Shea Terra, the next step is to dry off and moisturize my body…

DSCF0036 DSCF0037


The fragrance of Suave’s Moroccan Infusion body lotion is divine. My skin drank this up. I could tell it was doing my skin good because my normally, very dry elbows stayed smooth. I did feel that the staying power of the moisturizer wasn’t there all day, however. I have since gotten into the habit of reapplying a lotion before bedtime. So, I am rather surprised that with all the moisturizing properties listed in this lotion that it didn’t last the entire day. My skin didn’t seem any more radiant, either. For that reason, it’s trash and I won’t be replacing it.

I’m super fussy about getting moisture into my hair but I’m even more fanatic about it with my face. My age and the dry climate where I live are not doing me any favors!! The war is ON!!…

DSCF0038 DSCF0039

Kiehl’s is my saving grace. I’m SO happy I have discovered this brand. I received this eye cream at a store grand opening almost 2 years ago. Even though I have not used it regularly, as I test other eye creams out, this was my go-to when I wasn’t testing. I’d say it’s my staple. Rosa Arctica Eye Cream is thick enough that I instantly feel the moisturizing happening. However, it isn’t so heavy that it makes my foundation look off or clumpy. There isn’t really any smell to it but I can tell that it is a higher-end product by how well it performs. I am definitely replacing this.

What’s in your arsenal for keeping moisture in your hair and skin? Have you tried any of these products before?

Halloween Pumpkin Skull Nail Polishes Found At Rite Aid

When Halloween rolls around, I get excited for all the new nail polishes. I was super excited to see SKULL GLITTER!!! And, not just black and/or white but other colors!


These pumpkin polishes are adorable! I got these three at Rite Aid for $3 each. Even though they are pretty to look at, they are a pistol to get that glitter out and on the nails.




I will be OK with just two or three pieces on a nail. I used Cult Nails as color base coats on these. I used ‘Nevermore’ and “Let’s Get Dirty’…



The skulls I like are the cutesy kind, not the biker kind, so these are right on the nail for me! Ha!!!

Do you like Halloween polishes? How about skulls?

Reviva Labs: High Potency Elastin Serum

I have been testing a product that I simply love and have, actually, gone past my regular 3 to 4 weeks of trying it out. This is because I’m hooked!

Here’s what I have been using: Reviva’s Elastin Serum…

As we age, we lose that elastic ‘snap’ to our skin. I first started noticing it on the back of my hands. But, trust me, it is happening alllll over your body. Fortunately, Reviva Labs has created a serum that helps keep that bounce and firmness in tact. In fact, they were the first cosmetic company to introduce ‘elastin’ to the US market…

High Potency Elastin Serum is used on those places on the face that show the first signs of aging: the outside corners of the eyes, the corners of the lips and, right under the eye area. However, I have been using Elastin Serum all over my face, as well as down my neck area too.

Just as the name implies, this is a serum and my skin drank it up readily. I can’t say that I would use this serum alone, as it made my skin feel tight (yea, it worked that fast!), however, I noticed a difference within a week of starting this serum. The product has the feel of a thin gel…

But, you can see that once I rub it in, it has soaked right in and has gone to work restoring my skin to a youthful plumpness that I do want!…

As with all Reviva products, this one is not testing on animals and is vegan-friendly. The pump bottle made dispensing the serum uber easy. I used the serum right after I had washed my face and used a toner. Once I put on Elastin Serum, I allowed it to soak in while I brushed my teeth. After that, I put on my nighttime eye cream and skin cream and that was it. After one week, I thought my fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes where softening. By day 10, I knew for sure they were plumped up to the point I was squinting really hard to even make those lines appear!DSCF0352

I find my Reviva Labs products at Ulta and at Kroger’s owned King Sooper grocery stores. You can also purchase their products from their website: www.revivalabs.com

It’s studied that after the age of 25, the everyday environment starts taking its toll on our face and we start to lose the elastin in our skin, which gives it elasticity. I suggest you start being proactive right now, whether you are 25 or more than that, and feed your skin Reviva Labs High Potency Elastin Serum. Your skin will find it yummy and you’ll reap the benefits of youthful skin for decades to come. This

It’s also recommended for the back of your hands too. I’m using it there, as well. Have you tried High Potency Elastin Serum yet?

Nature’s Gate: 40th Anniversary Herbal Body Wash

I know I’m not the only one that works hard at keeping her skin in tip-top shape. Sure, I want it clean but, I also want it to be healthy too. My skin is my armor, if you will, to keeping all the environmental hazards at bay. I don’t want my body soap stripping down my barriers either. Dry, itchy skin is not fun. I found a bath soap that keeps me healthy in more ways than one.

Nature’s Gate Herbal Body Wash is one of the most simple body washes around. I have used their body wash, lotions, deodorants and oral care items many times before because they are a known and trusted brand. Here’s a body wash I received in my Bulu box a few months ago…



I know they have been quite a staple in the holistic bath section of stores for some time and they now celebrate it with a 40th anniversary herbal bath wash.

Just what I have come to expect from Nature’s Gate; lots of goodness…


Number one: they are cruelty-free. They always have been! They leave out the sulfates and parabens that can wreck your skin’s acid mantle and put in all the body-friendly oils and herbs. You bet this smells divine!! I had no problems washing my face with this when I showered. This pump bottle is 16 ounces and it lasted me for months. I loved how clean and refreshed this herbal wash left my skin. I can easily recommend this wash to practically anyone.


I don’t mind that Nature’s Gate wash has lots of ingredients. Just look! These are all healthy and vegan ingredients. And, this is made in the USA.


When you purchase from Nature’s Gate, you help the environment as well. The company works diligently on keeping our drinkable water supply clean. I learned from their website that if you put all of the Earth’s water into one bucket, only one TEASPOON of it is drinkable! I want to support that cause!

Have you tried any Nature’s Gate products? You can purchase from them online or, use their store locator to find a store near you.

BFTE Cosmetics’ Back To School Collection

It’s old news however, I am the owner of Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics. I purchased the  6 year old business last April. And to say that I have been busy could be an understatement. I just released my sixth collection this Saturday. This is the Back To School collection

Back To School Collection pile watermarked #2

I asked my niece to collaborate with me on this one. She’s 15 and will be a sophomore this year. She loves using BFTE shadows and I thought it would be cool to give her the opportunity to have a hand in the creation of a collection.

There are four, full-size shadows in this collection and, it is available 8/2 to 8/17/14. These are all brand-new colors and are limited editions. The set is $20.

First, I want you to know that I NEVER, EVER had Detention when I was in school. I was a good student and didn’t get into trouble. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with Detention. This shadow was created knowing that some mineral makeup users love to use it as eyeliner. So, BFTE’s Detention can be foiled for a serious purple eyeliner or, use it to create a smoky eye that just doesn’t play by the rules…

detention raw pile 2 watermarked Detention swatches watermarked

The first swatch is over eye primer, the second is swatched with BFTE’s Mix and Fix sealant.

Where’s Your Hall Pass? is almost the same shade of pink the hall passes were when I was in school. We hardly ever used them because there were only 100 students in the entire high school!!! Nevertheless, this pink invoked a lot of fun memories…

Pass Pile Hall Pass swatches If you have to take a bus to school, that has to have its own set of school time anxieties. I was lucky. I lived only 4 blocks from the school. We didn’t have bussing until we consolidated with a couple of other towns my freshman year. I lucked out. The building that was only 4 blocks away continued to be the same school I went to from Kindergarten until I moved away my Senior year. Missed The Bus is the yellow color without all the hassle…

Missed The Bus raw pile watermarked

Missed The Bus swatches watermarked

The top swatch is dry over eye primer. The bottom is using Fix and Mix fixative.

Waiting On The Bell is a brilliant bronze shadow with bright pink sparkles. Way more interesting than waiting for the bell to ring. Life never went so slow at waiting for the last school bell to ring. This shade is meant to transition right into being an early Fall color…

Waiting For The Bell raw pile watermarked Waiting For The Bell swatches watermarked


Again, the top swatch is dry over eye primer. The bottom, foiled with Fix and Mix sealant.

For my look of the day, I foiled Detention with Fix and Mix sealant for my liner. I used Missed The Bus in the inner corners, Where’s Your Hall Pass? over the lid and blended up to the brow. Then I used Waiting For The Bell in my crease…

Back To School eyes

And my complete look using the Back To School collection: I used BFTE’s Ivory foundation, Aruba blush (soon to be added to the site), Translucent powder, and the shadow Stunning mixed with a lip balm for my lips…

Back To School look Kimberly

Have your tried Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics? I invite you to come take a look at the site.

Kiehl’s: Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash and Micro-Blur Skin Perfector

I am excited to share with you two new products from my favorite skincare line: Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s has been my ‘go-to’ skincare line for the past two years. So, let’s talk about these two new kids on the block. One is a cleanser called ‘Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash’ and the other is a skin treatment product named ‘Micro-Blur Skin Perfector’…


Let’s discuss the Micro-Blur Skin Perfector first. It’s a new favorite!…

DSCF0006 DSCF0007

It is so good to my skin! I use it every morning after I hydrate. I use this whether I put on foundation afterwards or not. I can’t say that this hides my imperfections but it does blur the appearance of large pores and fine lines…


This product glides on. It doesn’t pill up even if you tend to overwork it. Truthfully, it doesn’t take much product and lays across the skin smoothly. The sample I put on the back of my hand is enough for me to use across my entire face and down my neck…

DSCF0008 DSCF0009

It’s subtle but it does soften the spots on my skin. There is a slight fragrance that might give issue to those with a very sensitive nose but, I found that the smell didn’t linger one bit. It’s not claiming to be a primer but I use it as such. Since this is recommended for all skin types and is paraben-free, you should try it!

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is a long title for a face wash that is simple. It contains no parabens and is soap-free. It really cleans your face; makeup and all! This wash foams up good and sudsy, which is surprising since it contains no soap. It smells just like Calendula flowers and, is such a wonderfully relaxing fragrance to unwind to at the end of the day. I look forward to using it because of that!…



You will notice that this is recommended for normal to oily skin types. Well, I sure don’t have oily skin. So you can imagine how skeptical I was that this was going to make may skin feel OK after a good washing. So, yes….WOW! I always follow up after washing with a moisturizer anyway (I use Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate at night) however, my skin didn’t feel extremely tight or dry afterwards. It just felt super clean. And I loved how it tackled removing my makeup without needed to use a separate product for that…


Even my husband likes using Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. He likes the foaming action and how clean his skin feels afterwards. Also, since the fragrance is more of an herbal note, I think this wash is great for men and woman. It sure doesn’t take but a partial pump to get enough wash to completely wash my face and neck.

You can purchase these two products and other awesome Kiehl’s items from their website, stand-alone stores that are popping up across the country or, at fine department stores like Nordstrom’s and Dillards.


These products were provided to me for review. These are my own, honest opinions.