Bare Minerals New Eye Primer Shadows

Being a freelancer has sooo many advantages. Like making my own schedule. Well, almost 90% of the time. I am working on getting back to a 4 day work week. I like having Fridays off because it gives me just the right amount of down time to feel like I truly had time off.

That being said, I was looking at just doing some homework tomorrow. However, I got a gift certificate from one of the companies I represent and I’m gonna spend it!!! Mall, here I come!

Last time I went to work at this mall, my eye caught this…

This display was front and center at the Bare Escentials store. Confession…I moved on from Bare Minerals when I found indie mineral makeup companies. I like supporting indie companies, especially if they are ran/owned by women. And, their product is almost always better.

But, I had to get a closer look. These are eye shadow primers that are tinted/colored. There are a total of 6 different shades. I swatched some and was wooed by the slippery, smooth application. At $18 a puny tube…

It better make me look damn hot!!!!!

I picked ‘Urban Nature’ because it had a wicked duochrome flash….wicked….

Purple? Pink? Brown? Well, yes to all…

Very petite.

And as you may have guessed, a little will go a long way. I swatched it here, with nothing else on my lid or brow…

(That is a bit of eyeliner you see. However, that is all that is left from getting ‘permanent makeup’ eyeliner. Note: This doesn’t ‘still’ permanently. But that is a whole ‘nudder post!)

I wore ‘Urban Nature’ with mineral shadows over it the following day. Not only did they stay in place all day, but it gave a cool undertone shading to the colors. I’m dense…I didn’t take a photo of the look. But, I’m shy about LOTD as I am self-conscious of the many scars I have on my face from a car accident.

So, getting back to my first point, I’m off to the mall tomorrow, gift certificate in hand, and I’m going to walk right past the Bare Escentials store. The question is…not will I walk on by but, which color do I chose this time?