Bath and Body Works Always Works For Me

In an earlier post I talked about a Bath and Body Works haul.  I love that store!  When my husband and I first started dating, I took him to a BBW store.  I stepped into the store, spread my arms out and said ‘if you ever want to get me a gift, you can come here and get me ANYTHING!’  He took notes as he wanted to be a ‘good’ boyfriend.  And I was training him right, right off the bat. 😉

Since I think BBW is the bomb, my friends are quite aware of my obsession.

This is a surprise gift I got from a very dear friend.  It’s the ‘White Citrus’ fragrance in a body butter, body scrub and a body mist.  Ahhh…nose heaven!!!

These three joined the rest of the White Citrus family…

I have the body wash, the body lotion and the room spray. Of course I like it!!!  You can see that, right!!!

I’m from the Midwest and my hubby is from New York state. I told him that I was going to stink to high heaven, which is a colloquialism meaning you put on a lot of perfume.  I asked him if he had heard that before and he had.  Here I thought it was a Midwestern/Southern quip.  I just hope it wasn’t my friend’s subtle way of saying I really did stink!  Nah, she said she just wanted to make me smile.  I did.

If you like Bath and Body Works, what is your favorite fragrance? Do you like best the body butter, body wash, room spray or….????