Bath and Body Works Haul

The new men’s signature collection was released on May 27 at BBW.  Usually they will have baby samples you can get to try out before the full size release.  Just a quick smell of these and I knew I’d love them.  Got them into the shower and invited hubby to try them out.  I was actually surprised when he asked about getting some.  He’s been into his Axe brands for some time.
BBW also has the new stuff at a good deal and I was hoping this would be the same with the men’s collection.  Actually, they are having a buy 3 get 3 free on all signature collections.  Whoopee!  I was in!  And, I had a coupon for a free body product from the signature collection.  Now I had 4 free. 🙂

All of these fragrances come in a body wash, body deodorant and a cologne.  I got the Oak body deodorant as the lone wolf, but I’m sure I’ll be back to get its body wash mate soon.

I cannot even begin to explain the fragrances.  They are masculine and sexy and I love them all.  Favorite is probably Noir.  Hubby said it was his too.  We are a good, clean couple.

Do you think you’ll go check these out?  And, how about wearing guy’s fragrances or body products?  Yes or no?