Bath and Body Works: Shea Cashmere Hand Cream

We have all decided that Bath and Body Works is one of our favorite stores, right? Who said no?! You don’t count!!!

Now, to all those that are in their right senses, let’s talk about this yummy trial size: True Blue’s mini of ‘Shea Cashmere’…

If you like lotions that have that extra ‘slip’ feeling, you’ll love this. When I first purchased ‘Shea Cashmere’ I had gave it a whiff at the store before purchasing. So, I had assumed that the Cashmere part was due to the lush fragrance. If you like ‘Cashmere’, ‘Black Cashmere’ or ‘Cashmere Mist’, all by Donna Karan, then you will like ‘Shea Butter’. That ‘cashmere’ word ties these fragrances all together. I think B&BW was giving a gentle nod to Ms. Karan.

However, there is cashmere extract in this cream. Here is the list of ingredients…

Go ahead and click on the photo so the print isn’t so miniscule. It’s nice not to see mineral oil as an ingredient. B&BW used it for years. They may still use it in some products, but the ones I like don’t have it.

This is a hand cream but I didn’t keep it just to my hands. I ran it up my arms, to my elbows. What do you know, my elbows liked it too! In fact, I liked it a lot. That ‘slip’ feeling just feels good. And it doesn’t make the skin sticky or tacky. My knuckles are my indicator how long a lotion is moisturizing. So, my knuckles stayed soft, easily until my next hand-washing.

My vote is yes for Bath and Body Works’ ‘Shea Cashmere’. I like the feel of the lotion and the fragrance is wonderful. If you are sensitive to fragrances, you might want to check this out first before you purchase. It is a very powerful smell and may not appeal to those that get headaches from perfumes and such. The lotion is very fast absorbing so I can get back to my work at hand without anything falling from my hand.

If you purchase stuff at B&BW without one of their coupons, I’m sending you to be back of the class! I never buy anything there without a coupon! Sign up on their webpage and get some coupons sent to you. Most of the time when I purchase something (with said coupon, of course), I will get a survey on my receipt. It has always been for a $10 savings on a purchase over $30. And, the very, very coolest part of that survey coupon, it never expires! I save mine and use them when I don’t have a store coupon.

And, another good thing, these little trial size make the sweetest gifts for RAOK (random acts of kindness). 😀