Be A Runway Beauty: Wet ‘n Wild Three-Pan Shadow Collections

Nothing wants time to fly faster than me anxiously awaiting to get the newest Wet ‘n Wild shadows. These three are almost their newest ones. There are the holiday cream glitters and 8-shade palettes now coming out. I’ll show you those in the near future. For now, here are some delightfully interesting 3-palette shadows…

swatches of wnw 002When Wet ‘n Wild puts a color collection together, it will get it to expand out of ‘safe’ color choices for shadows. Most of the time, I would never think of putting some of these colors together. Yet when I create a look with them, I’m like ‘Wow! That’s amazing!’

First up: Grays Matter…

swatches of wnw 005I had to take a super close-up to show the twinkle..

swatches of wnw 006Here’s your warning for this post: my swatches didn’t turn out at all like I wanted them. You may know that, mostly, Wet ‘n Wild powder shadows are not all chalky. Some have the fall-out expected from Wet ‘n Wild shadows. But, the natural lighting I used is way too harsh to see the proper pigmentation of these on the skin. There. I have given the disclaimer…

swatches of wnw 009Why there is the reference of gray in the name of this palette is beyond me. These shades are purple! The lightest shade is very pale. However, it did show up better on the eye. And the darkest, it was very flaky but with primer, it rose to the occasion for the eye of the day look.

I’m going to say this one is my favorite: Silent Era Film…

swatches of wnw 019 swatches of wnw 021Everything you read before on the first palette applies here. The darkest shade doesn’t work too well without a primer or something underneath to grip it. The lightest shade is more obvious on my eyelids because of the skin tone difference from my much darker hand.

And last, here’s Camera Obscura…

swatches of wnw 013 swatches of wnw 017The lightest and second lightest shades practically don’t exist on my hand. Again, on the lid, it is better. But, not only by about half. These two shadows were the weakest pigmentation-wise of the entire collection. However, where the previous darkest shades were full of fallout and really needed a firm hand to apply properly, this dark shade rocked out. It was very pigmented and created an awesome, deep smokey eye look.

If you keep your eye shadow choices far away from the wild side, you should be quite happy with these. They are more subdue, much more neutral, than the previous Pop Art collection of late this past summer.

How do you feel about these colors? Can you see the cross-usage between them?

  • Ohhh I love camera obscura!

  • OOH! Must find these! I haaaaated the glitter pans.

    • I always hope the glitter pans will be better than last time. No such luck. šŸ™

      • It’s like, why even TRY?! They could have put that $$$ towards more Color Icon shadows!