BeautyBeam: Putting A Spotlight On Your Polishing

Sometimes, I want to say ‘What will they think of next?’ when I see new beauty gadgets. The BeautyBeam is one that had me wondering why it took so long to come up with this idea. It’s a little flashlight for your nail polish bottle!

DSCF0053 DSCF0054

Like a miner’s lamp, you can strap this right on the handle and put a trouble light right on your work…


And, if you need a tutorial, you can download BeautyBeam’s app…



Even if you do your nails in a well-lit area, putting some light right at the point of work can make it just a bit easier. This is a tiny gadget, so you’ll want to keep it in a safe spot. There are two pieces to it; the light itself and the silcone sleeve that holds it on the bottle. The little button is the on/off switch…

DSCF0023 DSCF0024

I brought out an array of different polishes to test the BeatyBeam on. Here’s the bottles I picked…



I will admit, it took me a moment of wrestling with the silcone sleeve to stretch it over the polish’s handle and get the light in place. But, after I had switched it out over numerous bottles, I did get it down and was fairly quick with it. Here’s what it looks like on a bottle of polish…

DSCF0046 DSCF0044 DSCF0041 DSCF0040 DSCF0039 DSCF0038 DSCF0037 DSCF0031


Once the light is snuggly in place, turn it on and then remove the polish’s top from the bottle…


You’ll want to make sure that the light isn’t too far down that it gets in the way of dipping the brush back into the bottle too…




The light wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be. However, as you can tell, I’m taking these photos at a sunny window. There is just enough of a light beam to make it to the end of the brush and shine right where you are polishing…beautybeam on



As I was removing the BeautyBeam’s silcone sleeve, I noticed that it was quite easy to stretch to hold the light in place. It didn’t slide around.

One thing that I learned when I was in nail tech school was to not hunch over while doing nails. As a professional, doing that every day would be murder on your back! So, I have found that I do sit up straight, but lean into the table while I paint my nails. However, if I leaned my face down even closer to my nails, I did see that the light make a better visual impact on the area I was polishing.

You can purchase the BeautyBeam at their website or, on Amazon. They have a kickstarter going on as well.


This product was provided to me for review. These are my own, honest opinions. 


  • wow. let me say that again. wow. I think I need one!

    • Let me know if you do get one and how you like it.

  • This is actually pretty cool. It’s one of those things that make me smack myself because I didn’t think of it.

    • Right!? They have others too. I have one for a makeup brush that I’m still testing.

  • Such a cool little contraption!

  • erikatheicyone

    Nifty little gadget. Knowing me, klutz of the century I am, tho… Trying to use that thing would result in an epic spill. I’ll stick to my OttLight. It’s safer. LOL

    • I’m butterfingers too. At first it was tricky but after I did it over and over, I did manage to get better.

  • I just bought some lipgloss that has a light in the applicator, why not nail polish? I do have to bring my nails pretty close to my face so that I can see what I’m doing.

    • I am more in need of holding my hands steady. Ha. Old age is looking me in the face!

  • Ange

    Ok, this pretty much would be a life saver in my dark little apartment! Super cool!

    • This would be perfect for you!

  • Pink Sith

    HA! Cute idea. and with LEDs being so inexpensive now it looks like a great little item! Of course now I “need” one.

    • You’ll have to get one and try it on for size. 🙂

  • INTERESTING! I love reading about new products!

    • What’s cool is they have these for all sorts of beauty items. I have one for a makeup brush that I have been testing out.

  • Very interesting product!

  • This is actually something I’d like to try. I constantly do my nails at night when BF wants it dark to watch a movie and I have a really dim desk lamp!

    • This could give you the light boost you need.

  • I wouldn’t mind giving this a try. Dave’s room has horrible lighting and I hate painting my nails in there.

    • I just can’t do my nails in dim light. I have a hard enough time in good sunlight. 🙂

  • ok this is kind of awesome. I never have enough light!

  • Kelly R

    More light is always a good thing. But I think it might be a bit awkward for me. But I am going to give it a try!

    • It was only awkward at the beginning. But now, I like having the light there.

  • this is actually a useful gadget! thanks for letting me know it exists! <3

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Neat concept but not sure I would use it. Now that I said that though.. I’m going to find a reason I need it!

    • I felt the same way but the more I used it, the more it grew on me.

  • Justina

    This is such a revolutionary product!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Neat concept. But light or no light, I’m a hot mess w/ my nails anyways, haha!

    • Well, me too. But, I sort of like to think this helps me a wee bit.

  • It’s definitely an interesting product but i’m not sure I would have much use for it.

    • I’m glad I got to try it out because I wouldn’t have guessed it would be this neat.

  • Well that’s a neat concept. Would probably never use it but still a great idea.

    • I’m glad I got to give it a whirl because it’s rather cool.

  • Well, that’s cute, and would make my life so much easier when I’m doing nails at night!

    • Would be excellent for that, yes!

  • Anastasia

    Aw that’s cute! I know of a polish brand that already has the light feature installed in their caps (and their lippies and glosses), but it’s nice to be able to attach it to everything.

    • I have some other polishes that have a light in the handle too. But this one is cool that I can switch it around. I’m just sad it doesn’t work with my Cult Nails bottles. Those handles are just too big and I didn’t want to break my silicone sleeve part.

  • BTBAshley

    An interesting little beauty gadget.

  • This looks really interesting!

    • This was a review that I was pleased with the outcome. It’s very neat to use.

  • I really like this too! I haven’t reviewed yet but I’ve found it handy on multiple products.

    • I have to try it out on my tweezers, somehow.

  • Betzy Carmona

    This is totally cool

    • It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

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