Believe The Hype: 24 Hour Color Tattoos by Maybelline

Have you ever been reluctant to try something, then get the opportunity to do so, find you love it and kick yourself for waiting? That’s my story on Maybelline’s Color Tattoos. Sure I was reading all the raves about them on other beauty blogs. Yet, my previous experience with L’Oreal’s Infallibles turned me off on these so-called long-lasting cream shadows. The Infallibles failed and creased before I even finished my makeup.

However, I got a chance to try a couple of the Color Tattoos out. The 24 Hour Color Tattoos run roughly $5 to $7. So, I knew I had a steal when I found a pot for $1.78 at Target…

polishes green eye 124 polishes green eye 125Even though it was a matte orange, I figured that it was a very cheap investment to find out just how great these Color Tattoo pots were. But, for good measure, I picked out a metal-colored one too.

First, this is ‘Fierce and Tangy’…

polishes green eye 126 polishes green eye 130 polishes green eye 132The metal shade I chose is ‘Inked In Pink’…

polishes green eye 129 polishes green eye 127 polishes green eye 131The reason I picked a pink was in the hopes that the posts I read about these was true; they last and last. I figured that pink would make a great colored primer if it did just that.

I liked what I saw when I swatched…

polishes green eye 138 polishes green eye 137 polishes green eye 134After allowing the creams to set on my arm, I did a finger rub and they did not budge. I was eager to try out ‘Fierce and Tangy’. I wore a solid orange top that day and I got a couple of compliments on how cool my shadows looked. IOne person even asked me if I did my own makeup. I took that as she couldn’t believe I could have done so well. Shrug.

Did they live up to the hype? Affirmative. And with flying, stay in place, colors. You may not believe it, so I’ll do another post on the 9 more I have accumulated since these two. Talk about hanging around on the eyelid!!!

The texture is a bit dry yet, you can work with it before it sets. I used my finger to apply it. Later on with a matte taupe I purchased, I tried a stiff makeup brush but that didn’t work so well. It clumped up. But, one thing you can do is layer this product. After applying one, let it set. Repeat.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Tattoos? What one is your favorite color?

  • marciaf

    What a steal. The orange isn’t easy to wear but you can use it with a dark purple and it will be a very interesting look. I like to use my MAC 217 brush with these for application.

    • I paired it with a Cover Girl Flame eyeshadow pencil in Gold. I never would have worn orange shadow if I hadn’t become a beauty blogger. I read all the time about the wonder of the MAC 217 brush.