Best Blog Tag: What I Like About You

I snagged this from the cute as can be Christine, who owns She has quite the professional beauty blog.

This is a tag that helps (or averts) people to get to know you. Many folks say they are private people. Well, that is true, to an extent. But I don’t have any issues with sharing this info. Here is goes:

7 things about me:
1. I love tattoos and am so looking forward to getting a few more.
2. I went to a high school, all 4 grades, that had a total of 100 kids.
3. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending time with my maternal grandmother.
4. I love Twizzlers. This is one of the ultimate comfort foods for me.
5. I truly believe I will win the lottery.
6. I will always love the ’80’s.
7. I’m the oldest of three. Next is my brother, then my sister.

Favorite Color: Red. Bet you are surprised.
Favorite Song: Kansas: Dust In the Wind
Your favorite dessert: Turtle Cheesecake
What is pissing you off: Out and out rude people.
When you’re upset, you: rant to my husband
Your favorite pet: Ragdoll Kitties
Black or White: Black
Biggest fear: That dying will hurt.
Best feature: I can make about anyone laugh 
Everyday attitude: sarcastic as all hell
What is perfection: Enjoying the very moment you are in
Guilty pleasure: Besides makeup stuff? Workout DVDs
I tag these beautiful ladies:
If I didn’t tag you, it doesn’t mean I don’t think you are NOT the best. If you are on my bloglist, you ARE the best already. Snag this tag if you’d like to, and sent it to four blogs you follow. 😀