Better Late Than Never; Or, Shopping Early

I had some work, Monday, scheduled at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once I finish my work, I take photos of it, to send to the company I work for, to show what I have done. This time, I took photos of new beauty products first.

I did it mostly because I was stunned….

Granted, Miss SinfulColors is not, like, old but, there is a new display of Adventure Island!!! It only had one bottle missing, it was that new. I thought I’d get one or two from these collections however, they were lackluster to me. No longer in vogue, or trendy to me. NEXT!!

I got around yesterday (watch how you take that!) and stopped in a CVS. I didn’t have hopes for this one either. But I did find something new to me…

I didn’t see any new shades in this 8 pack but, it has a nice color selection. The price is fairly decent too. Keep in mind, they are mini sizes.

 After visiting that CVS, I stopped at one Walgreens closer to home. If you are a nail blogger, you probably know what I was looking for. No luck. Yet this was new to me, as well. I don’t think I’ve read about it either.

More crackle. I mean a LOT more crackle…

 Peek-a-Boo! I see you, Kimberly!

Hee hee…the tops are dusty. 36 different colors of crackle? No way!

  I looked to see if there were duplicates. But I didn’t find any.

 I didn’t get any of these…yet. So, I’m unable to tell you how the quality ‘cracks’ up. It’s named Cherimoya’s ‘2012’ collection of cracked nail polish. And for $2.99 a bottle, 2 for $5; the price isn’t killer. If there is a particular look you want to do with a crackle, you’ll surely find the shade you are looking for in this collection.

EDIT: My dear reader, Shally from Polished and Not Quite Put Together, just posted a nail look using 2012’s Black Crackle. Step over here and take a gander. 

 Today, I went by a Walgreens on the way home (a different one) and even though I wasn’t hopeful about the Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl collection, I stopped in.

I didn’t find them, and I was prepared for that. However, I do want to mention to my faithful readers that sometimes Walgreens puts product out on the floor but, just on the higher shelves waiting to be ‘dropped’…

All these products are shelved on the top level of the shelf. This is the aisle that has mens’ products on the other side, and on this side is the hair care/products. These items are for the ‘first wave’ of Christmas retail. You can still shop for these items; they have to sell any product they put out on the floor. However, they are meant to be dropped, or placed, on regular shelves as the older displays dwindle down.

Most of these items are from Profusion Beauty. I got a set of 3 from one of these collections. I will have photos and swatches for you tomorrow.

One last thing before I wrap up…the display of Wet ‘n Wild that had the duo packs; it is almost empty, so I’m betting another WnW display will take its place. Please, don’t let me get my hopes up!!! *sigh*…too late.

Did you know about looking up on the above eye-level shelf at Walgreens?

  • I have some of those crackles. I posted at least one picture of them on my blog. I like them, but I don't have any other crackles to compare them too.

  • I'd love to have all of the Adventure Island colors. But I never found them in my area.

    I do always look skyward at Walgreens just incase lol

  • Damn, no OTP here either. *sigh* Oh well. I don't have the Cherimoya display here yet, but I'm sure we'll get it. I especially notice those “high up” displays at CVS, so I tend to do a top to bottom scan when I first start out!

  • the 2012 crackle smell, I had to give mine away!

  • Make sure you check the halloween aisles, cuz they have a tendency to believe its for halloween

  • Awesome! I never pay attention to the top of the shelves. Now I am going to next time I am there!

  • I saw the 2012 crackles, emailed G about them too. So curious to see how well they crack

  • Wow, would sure love to have walgreens in canada…

  • wow those crackles seems interesting. I will search them in Walgreens near my house.

  • I would look up if my stank-hole Walgreen's ever put anything up there worth looking at. *sigh* I still want the Adventure Island polishes but they never di hit my Walgreen's. But I think that there is a BB&B up at the Gateway Mall… Maybe I should check in there. Couldn't hurt. They probably won't have anything, either. Small towns suck! 😛

    Why yes, I do think of your comments as my personal gripe zone. Thankyouverymuch. 😉

  • I'm glad Sinful has another display out for AI. I never found it the first time. Here's hoping second time is the charm. I'm really disappointed that Cherimoya put out such a big display of crackles at Walgreens. There is stuff I want from that brand but none of it crackle. There are so many other amazing polishes in the Kleancolor line they could be focusing on. Boooo!!

  • I am still stalking On The Prowl.. grrr….

  • Those Wet 'n Wild sets look really nice!

  • @Shally Thank you for the follow up. Hey everyone, jump over to Shally's blog to look at a swatch of 2012. 🙂

    @Shopping Addict I never found them until now. How long ago were these released? And, why now? *scratches head*

    @Nicole I don't think I have checked high ups at CVS. Doesn't seem the beauty aisles have the high shelves. But then, neither do all the Walgreens. Do you think we'll end up seeing OTP after Thanksgiving???

    @EverthingsDiamond Well, now that you said that, you KNOW what I'm going to do do! I do check the Halloween aisles on occasion too.

    @imfeelingnail-venturous I've learned a few tricks being a merchandiser. I don't think they are secrets so I'm sharing. 🙂 The Walgreens checkout person didn't have a clue about the items I purchased. And when they rang up for $.99 each, she about fell over. (See next post on what it was.)

    @Mimi Take a look @Shally's blog. I think they look pretty decent!

    @ptitemeve That is a shame you don't have Walgreens. 🙁

    @preciouspearl I hope you find them. You shouldn't have a problem finding any color you want when you do. 🙂

    @Ice Queen Hee heee heeee! I'm glad we are familiar friends, then. 😀 You'd think that if there is just one Walgreens around, they'd really load it up. But, don't feel too bad. I check a LOT of different stores and never found AI at any of them.

    @purplegreenpanda Am I understanding you correctly that Cherimoya is connected to Kleancolor? I have picked up a few Kleancolor crackles and they flake off my nails! Very weird!

    @Fashion Footing I feel the name 'On The Prowl' has been a wicked taunt to us.

    @Vintage Makeup I thought they looked cool too. If I worked where there was a 'Secret Santa' arrangement and I knew the person liked polish, this would be PERFECT!!!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    I have given up on the OTP… I just give up. Sad but true. 🙁 that is probably the first collection that I give up on finding. I sometimes forget to look up on top shelves.. not really anything up there though.

  • Kimberly, as I understand it, yes. Cherimoya is supposed to be reformulated Kleancolor. Which makes me think Kleancolor knew their brand name didn't have much cachet or they would have kept the same name.