Black Magic Going on at Emberstone Castle

Did you know that I wanted to get married on Halloween? I really did! But my hubs, he isn’t too…uhm….what’s the word?….’out there’.  So we decided on November 1st. Which is the pagan new year day, anyway. So, you must know that Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas.

I went shopping today with Kari from Once Bitten Blog. We went to Target and had fun ohh-ing and ahh-ing at the cute Halloween stuff. I need to find my Halloween decoration box and get to decorating, because that shopping got me in the Halloween mood.

In the meantime, I’m decorating up my nails…

Here is Orly’s ‘Emberstone.’ I keep calling it Brimstone…lol.  ‘Emberstone’ looks like an orangy-red indoors. But it pops open to a bright, sparkly orange outside. This is certainly micro-glitter. I see pink, orange and maybe some silver in this. And the name ‘Emberstone’ so works with this shade. I love it!

Doesn’t ‘Emberstone’ sound like the mysterious castle or estate’s name from a mystery or vampire story? ‘Emberstone Castle: What Happens at Emberstone, Stays Dead at Emberstone.’ 

Here’s the ‘Black Magic’ that is going to be added as an accent…

I’ve gone on a bit about this little stinker ‘Black Magic’. Jump here to see the story.  This is the Wet ‘n Wild ‘Black Magic’ that DOES have the sparkles. Please, look for it and you will be so happy you did. These photos give NO justice to the very pretty sparkles set in this black jelly. The micro-glitter is all different colors with a bit more purple glitter than the other colors. It is cool to look at in the bottle but you’ll gasp when you see it in real life on your nails.

And now, here’s the mani…

Both of these polishes apply beautifully. ‘Black Magic’ is super smooth and it makes me want all polishes to go on so sweetly. The first coat gave me doubts that it was going to be opaque. But, that second coat covered it and you are seeing it with just those 2 coats! ‘Emberstone’ has 3 coats and it was so easy to remove.
You will be seeing a full manicure with the sparkly ‘Black Magic’ soon. It so deserves it. And a statement about Orly’s ‘Emberstone’, I feel you can work this shade year-round.