Black Radiance Lipsticks; Two Red Hot Colors

When I get a new product, I’m itchin’ to try it out. But, I refrain until I can take photos of it and swatches, as well. Heck, I even managed to photo one of these products on my lips…

swatches and reviews 302

It is only on a rare occasion that I find Black Radiance cosmetics. I know they are made by the same wonderful folks that make Wet ‘N Wild. When I do come upon them, I look for any new lip shades. Even though Black Radiance is marketed to women of color, I find that most of their lipsticks and glosses look awesome on me.

Here are the two lippies that I got…

swatches and reviews 302

Sadly, there are no names on these. Sort of odd since Wet ‘N Wild has some of the cleverest names for their products. Anyway, #5016 is a super deep magenta color. #5014 is a dark pink-red; definitely has the blue undertones.

This embossing makes me weak in the knees. I love things like this with makeup…

swatches and reviews 316

swatches and reviews 317

Swatching these two products reminded me exactly why I love red lipsticks…

swatches and reviews 324

Since I was on a roll, I went right ahead and applied # 5016. I wanted to see how it looked on me…

swatches and reviews 330

I found that this darker shade was not quite as dark when swatched or applied on my lips. Nevertheless, I really like the color and how it turned out.

These lippies are very creamy and smooth. After about 2 hours, I did feel like my lips were getting drier. However, I have moved to a much more arid climate and have been experiencing dry lips for months.

Black Radiance is a bit more expensive than Wet ‘N Wild. I don’t remember the exact prices of these lipsticks but I do remember that their 8 pan shadows run about $1 more than WnW. Still, I find their prices to be quite reasonable.

Do you think it’s cool that a drugstore brand put an embossing on their lipsticks?