Blue On Blue, Heartache on Heartache

Monday’s aren’t blue for me.

Since I’m able to create my own schedule, I don’t have any dreaded days. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could have the schedule that works for them? I think there would be a lot more happy employees. I have deadlines, yes. However, they usually are not stressful. And, I know it’s a luxury many folks don’t get.

However, I did have a Blue Monday…

 This love & beauty polish, from Forver 21, is named ‘Blue/Multi.’ I’m just going to leave it at that because I have managed to keep myself out of court for a long time (don’t ask). So, I don’t want to get into any trouble renaming a company’s polish. What if it is trademarked and can only be spoken aloud by professional nail techs?? Eek!

Well, I am through…

So, for right now, I’m just gonna let that slide…

Just depending on which way the light hits it, this is a duochrome of blue or teal or pink.’Blue/Multi’ didn’t want to shine so much so I have a top coat of Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff.


I tried all different angles and light settings to give you an idea about this color. My nails actually do look like that color shown in the first photo of the bottle.

Now, I did these nails yesterday and I’ve been oiling them up and rubbing in cuticle cream, etc. Then, all day today, I was rubbing in Neutrogena’s Swiss Formula. I mean a LOT! I had a lot of driving to do today so I kept putting it on and putting it on while I was cruisin’ down the highway.

On the way home, I had been thinking about which glittery/shimmery polishes did I have to swatch over ‘Blue/Multi’. Since I landed on two different ones, I used one as an accent nail.

Two yummy Kleancolor polishes. The very chunky, hex glitter is ‘Starry Blue’ and the micro-glitter is ‘Sparkle Emerald.’ That must be a BLUE emerald, at that! Gorgeous, aren’t they?!!

Here’s the thing; I tested these on my right hand, and wouldn’t you know, it looks better there! First, I’ll mention that with all the glitters, I only did one layer. Here, I’ll show you…

There, I just took this photo whilst typing away on this post. I really wanted to show you I meant business!!

The mood must have been set today. I listened to the 60’s station for the 1-1/2 hours to get to the coast and then all the way back. I got to hear Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue On Blue.’ That was a #1 hit in 1963. Yea, that is an OLDIE.

That hex glitter is something, isn’t it? And you can’t dismiss ‘Sparkle Emerald’ even if it is blue instead of green. But, it is all Blue On Blue.