Borghese; Polish Fit for a Noble Italian Diva

Something quick, dark and sultry….

Borghese presents ‘Plumaggio Purple.’  It’s the deepest, blackest purple I have met.

Held in direct sunlight is about the only way you will know that this is truly a purple.

I have just started getting into Borghese.  I think I only had one color before I started nail blogging.  It’s my opinion that Borghese is one of the better qualities of nail polish you can purchase at the drug store.

This polish has a thick brush.  I love it.  The polish goes on so smoothly that it’s a dream to use.  The handle is ridged and it felt safe holding it; not that I’m the most graceful!  Two coats and it’s good to go.  I do have on a top coat of Seche Clear and then Vite.  Wow, this polish wears long too.  These photos were after 3 days of wear and just the slightest tip wear.

Borghese has many vampy colors right now and so my inner vampy, diva is quite happy. 🙂

How do you like Borghese?  Do you like those colors that are so dark they look black?

  • I especially like these types of colors on my toes…not so much on my fingers…but I'm weird like that. I don't paint my finger nails…

  • I looove dark colors, but I do prefer them on my toes. I'm never disappointed when I look down at my feet and see a pretty, dark color. <3

  • This is a really pretty deep rich purple. I don't own any of the regular polishes. I just have the two mini sets from Christmas. I'll have to add this one to my list.

  • Great color! Very sophisticated.

  • I agree with Erin and Celestial; I like this color but would use it for my toes!

  • I think I liked this better in the bottle. Its shimmery duochrome nature showed more. :/

  • wol! That´s really pretty color…I´m brazilian and I neve used this polish nail( label Borghese)… i´m in love it.