But Wait, There’s More!!

In nail blogger world, do we not show pedicures?  Well, if not, then I’m breaking the rules for the second or so time.  I figure, almost everyone says they have ugly toes. I never have given mine any regard one way or the other.  I do know that more, regular pedicures would do my nails and feet a world of good.

However, with an additional 10 nails and lots of polishes I want to review, it’s like two for the price of one!  Sort of like an infomercial….but wait, there’s more!…Get your 10 fingernails today and we’ll throw in a set of toenails for free.  Just pay extra shipping and handling!

This is a little mini from a Forever 21 set.  No name, so I get my chance: Piggy Pink.  OK, it only works if you do it for your toes.  My toes have a BC, 2 color coats, and a Seche Clear top coat.  That’s all I need for polish to stay on my toes for days.

My poor big toe just didn’t handle its last pedi well.  I have dry cuticles and I can’t seem to nip away the dead skin without causing trauma.  Anyhoo, this is such a girly pink. It has some lighter pink shimmer to it.  And the big surprise, this cutie went on really nice.  Wow!  Complete coverage with just one coat.  Now, granted, I can’t get my face down into my toes like I can with my hands, but it was smashing to see a color behave so well for toes.

I can’t say I did this alone, though.  Libby supervises almost all toe painting. She comes around when I’m doing my toes and I yell out to her ‘Stinky!!!’  Then she has to come over and smell it anyway.  Squint, squint, squint!  Well, I told her it was ‘Stinky!!’

The polish is cute. The cat is soft. And my toes…still ugly.

What color do you like to put on your toes?  Do you deem your toes ‘cute’ or ‘ugly’?  Pedi posts here?? Not??