Can You Help A Blogger?

You may know that I am a freelance merchandiser. I work on various projects for different companies. I have a total of 4 major companies I work for that are permanent contracts. That means they go on continuously.

One of the companies I do work for is The 11 Agency. They were actually the first company I started with when I untethered myself from the office cubicle. They are having a contest and I’d love to win.

They are giving the person that can get the most ‘likes’ on their Facebook fan page a HD webcam. Oh yea…I can so get this with everyone’s help. It will be great for YouTube tutorials!!! 😀

Click here and like their page. And then, let me know you did so as I need to send in a list for their verification.

Also, if you are looking for part-time merchandising work, you can check their fan page for opportunities in your area. I can vouch that this is a great company to work with. I have done 3 other projects for them other than my ‘forever’ contract and it has been fun.

I thank you BUNCHES for helping me out. :DDD Let me know what name you use for Facebook too. You can certainly email me privately at libbyspinkvanity(at) to let me know too.

Click here and ‘like’.