Can’t Decide Between Crackle or Flaky? Do Both

After trying out ‘Irish Green,’ I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try ‘Green Ocean’ as an overlay or a new China Glaze crackle.  Well, I knew the entire manicure was going to come off that night anyway.  I had a convention to work today and needed something very dull more business-friendly.

That do I do when I can’t decide?  Try both…

I picked ‘Lightning Bolt’ from China Glaze’s crackle collection and I used Sinful Color’s ‘Green Ocean.’  I alternated nails to check these two out.

I will confess, I had to redo the crackle nails.  When I did it the first time, I monkeyed around with the polish too much, thus, it didn’t crackle.  It crapped instead.

The second attempt was OK.  I’m not in love with it.  The ‘Green Ocean’ was the definite winner here.

‘Lightning Bolt’ is a fussy polish.  Man, you have to place it right over the base color.  No fudging allowed!  You can see the base coat showing through at the cuticle and on the sides.  I didn’t put a top coat on either of these polishes.  The China Glaze crackles do matte dry.  However, a shiny top coat snaps it out of the matte.

Oh, and I used two coats of the ‘Ocean Green’ to make it super sparkly.

Did you know you can capture Leprechauns by baiting them with shiny pennies?

They are known to be greedy and let down their guard when they see shiny pennies or coins.  Do you think I can capture one by setting out a bile of shiny nail polish?  If you can capture a Leprechaun, they have to tell you where they have their own stash of gold hidden.

Which do you like better, gold or green?  Crackle or glitter?