Sample Saturday: Jergens Body Lotion

In my Target swag bag, a few months back, I got a sample pouch of Jergens body lotion. I like body lotion samples as it is about the only way I’ll take a chance on a new brand of lotion. I was really impressed with Jergens.

 That led me to purchase Jergens Ultra Healing in the full size bottle. I just finished that and got the Shea Butter lotion. Just what my skin needs…

Even though I liked the sample of Jergens original, and I really liked the Ultra Healing lotion, I’m loving the Shea Butter lotion. The fragrances are great and the lotions absorb into my skin very well. Yet, this Shea Butter is something my skin soaks up and makes it so smooth. I’m extra dry during the winter months. And when my skin gets dry, I feel itchy. Jergens lotion really is healing as it soothes my skin and makes it feel supple. The price is decent and if you watch for coupons, I do see Jergens products often.

Here’s why I’m such a fan of Shea butter. I did a review on raw Shea Butter here and went on about how much I loved it.

At the same time I purchased the Shea Butter, I got some African Black Soap. I had heard so much about it, I wanted to see for myself if it was all that. I reviewed the soap here.

Two organic, raw, unrefined beauty products. It doesn’t get more organic that this!

Interestingly enough, I got an extra set of the Butter and the Soap. And I’m curious as to whom would like to try this out for themselves.

How about a quickie giveaway? This is going to be fast and furious. Leave me a comment on which one you’d like to win. I’ll draw for two separate winners; I’ll draw one for the butter and another one for the soap. But, you only get to request one or the other; not both. Leave a comment along with your email contact and I’ll draw the winner on March 1, 8 PM EST. Open to everyone who is a follower.

It’s important to follow the rules or you’ll get disqualified. One entry telling me which you would like to get: Butter or Soap. Leave me a contact email so I can send you a notice if your name is drawn. You must be a follower of my blog so let me know how you follow. That’s just three things!

You Better Wash That Look Off Your Face

You might remember me mentioning the African Black Soap I saw at the flea market.  The folks I bought my Shea Butter from was selling it too.  Here’s where I wrote the post on the Shea Butter.  Which I am still lovin’.

I could not get the soap out of my mind.  After seeing it at the flea market, I came home and Googled it.  Damn! How did I learn about anything before Google???!!!  After reading info on the soap, I was really lemming for it.

I returned to the market and made a beeline to their booth.  Sweet folks, and they remembered me.  I got this in a deli like container.  This is $5 worth.  Hey, this ain’t black!
Here’s a link to learn more about how African Black Soap is made: here.

As the photo shows, this soap is actually light brown, like brown sugar.  It is crumbly but molds into a ball very easily.  It has an odor that I don’t really care for. I can’t really compare it to anything either.  It is definitely the palm oil.

Some of the benefits are: clears up acne and blemishes; relieves rashes, itching, dry and scaly skin; cleans the skin making it fresh and clean; good for eczema, fungus, ringworm, acne and body odor.  I also found out that you can wash your hair with it but, as I found with my skin, you more than likely will need a good, hydrating conditioner afterwards.

I scooped up some and formed it into a ball.  I took a shower using it as well as washed my face.  I was squeaky clean.  The odor didn’t linger on my skin either.  I did use it a couple of times to wash my hair and it felt very, very clean.  I made sure to use a good, thick conditioner, as my hair tangles really easily.

This is not meant to be a brag, however, my skin is damn near perfect.  I rarely get any zits, didn’t have them as a teenager, and my skin is very smooth with no dry patches or overly oily spots.  People better not be blowing smoke at me, but no one is able to guess my age, usually thinking I’m 10 years younger than my real age.  I do owe this to good skin care and good genes. 

So, what African Black Soap does for me is clean my face like nobody’s business.  No type of residue and a totally fresh, clean feel.  I always do follow a wash with moisturizer and using the soap is no exception.  African Black Soap washes away the skin’s oil, as does most cleansers for me, so moisturizing is necessary.  And I didn’t have to use a separate product to wash off my makeup.  The soap took care of that.

My skin can be a bit sensitive to products.  But this was not an issue at all here.  There was just this feeling of super clean.

Recommendation:  Great stuff!  May not be for everyone, I’m sure.  But it’s a go for me.

I Softened Up to Natural Shea Butter

There is this very large, long-standing flea market in Sanford, FL.  I loved going to it when I lived here the first time (’88 to ’92). And I still love going.  It’s best I go alone because, even though I have an incredibly understanding husband, he can’t hide boredom.  After 30 minutes at the market, he’s ready to go.

So, I did make it a day, last weekend, to visit. I had a very good time even though it was almost 100 degrees.  Luckily, the market is covered, not air-conditioned, but with lots of fans with water spraying into them making a fine, cool mist.

One of the vendors I visited with was a couple, originally from Connecticut, who was selling, among other natural products, shea butter, African Black Soap and fragrant oils.  They had a large bowl set out with a mound of fresh shea butter in it. I asked if I could try some and the woman said sure, that’s why they had that out.  First I swiped up a bit, smelled it and then proceeded to smear it on my cuticles and knuckles.  It felt buttery, melted quickly, smelled nutty and earthy and softened up my cuticles, hands and knuckles.  Damn!  It was fine!  With what bit I knew about shea butter, the nice woman went on to tell me more about it. The women of West Africa make this from a nut off a tree. They have used it for centuries for softening their skin and hair.

Without further ado, I asked the price.  They had two sizes, one was the size of a small deli container, which is the amount I got, shown here, and the other was in the size of a larger plastic deli container.  The smaller was, get ready….$3!!!  The larger….$5!!!!  The $3 size is, at least, about 3 times the size of my Lush Lemony Flutter. ~gasp!~

The deli plastic container was too difficult to take the seal off without tearing a nail.  So, I transferred the butter into a small ‘Lock-N-Lock’ container.  Plus, it is sealed a bit more airtight.

It really is as creamy as it looks.  Melts on contact with the skin.  Smells nutty but softer. And I love it (hushed whisper…better than Lush!!! SSHHHHHhhhhh!)  The only thing that the Lemony Flutter has over this shea butter is the lemony smell.

Shea butter is one of the ingredients of Lemony Flutter but, all those other ingredients seem unnecessary after experiencing natural Shea.  Three bucks!!! I can’t get over it!!

The husband of this team shared with me the benefits of the African Black Soap. I’m kicking myself now for not getting it.  I came home and googled info on the soap.  It’s true, it’s not really black in color.  But the uses of it are amazing.  Let’s just say my skin needs this! It’s wonderful for all types of skin from oil, to acne, but is especially good for dry skin.  I’m not terribly dry but, enough that I try to stay ahead of getting dried out. I’m using it nonstop on my cuticles, both hands and feet.  Works to soften my elbows and heels too.  And after I finish rubbing it on my body, I pat my hands over my face to put just a hint on there too.

Now the question is for me, how long will I go before heading back out to the flea market and getting that black soap? 😉

My 99 Follower Giveaway is going on right now.; going til July 11.  I’ve passed 99 and, golly, I can’t believe there are people who actually enjoy my blog! 🙂 Thank you very much.:)

I think I got a home run with the Shea Butter.  What do you think? Have you had the chance to try raw Shea Butter? How about the African Black Soap?