Sample Sunday: Avon’s Shine Attract Lipstick

Do you love Avon’s mini sample lipsticks? I sure do! Take a look at this one; it’s different…

This is Avon’s Shine Attract Lipstick in ‘Orchid’. Directly from the ordering website, this is what it says about it: 

‘Lip color wrapped in a clear gloss. It’s the perfect balance of luscious color, hydrating gloss and soft shine in one ingenious package. Glides on smoothly. Infused with vitamin E’ 

Let me tell you, right off, I love ‘Orchid’. It looks great on me. The lipstick is not sticky or overly slippery. It does feel dewy, and not dry at all.

It’s sort of neat to see the lip color suspended inside the gloss ring. And the color payoff, I like it. It’s got just the right amount of saturation for my preference…

The only downfall I could think of, since the color is in the center of the stick, when I apply it, that color doesn’t get to the edges of my lips. But, I can use my finger and even it out. ‘Orchid’ plays out quite nice on me.

When I use Shine Attract Lipstick, it will last 3 hours. That is not only a good thing but, I am surprised considering how glossy it is.

You can purchase your own Shine Attract Lipstick at beauty blogger, Alyssa Eckhoff’s  Avon site. The price is $9. However, there is always a special going on, so you could score yourself an even better deal.

Also, you can check out Alyssa’s blog here.

This sample was provided to me. I have taken the opportunity to review it with my honest opinion.

Sample Sunday: Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

This was a FUN weekend! The Central Florida Beauty Bloggers had a meet-up at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on Saturday, here in Orlando. We were sponsored by several, wonderful, WONDERFUL companies. And I got to meet some of the smartest, gorgeous and supportive women in the beauty blogging world. I want to start planning our next event NOW!

Yours truly, is the first on the left. From Tampa to Viera and all in between, these are the beauty bloggers of Central Florida.

Please stay tuned for reviews of the items I got at the meeting. I’ll also share links to blogs by these fabulous women.

Today’s sample is courtesy of Alyssa Eckhoff, an Avon representative, who knows about my love for the Anew skincare line. One of the samples she shared with us at our bloggers meeting was this…

I used half of this sample last night and the other half this morning, so it is spent. But I couldn’t wait to try it. I have read about it in an online magazine and was very interested in what I read. This product sounded for me. It’s suggested to use both in the AM and PM skincare regimen.

This is Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. Phew! The names of skincare products is getting long!

The promise of this fluid is that it is almost (79%) as effective as a professional microdermabrasion treatment, sans the irritation. What this does is retexturizes your facial skin. It removes the top layer of dead cells. When your skin does this, it creates a faster turnover of your cells replacing itself. Think of it as sanding wood to a fine, smooth finish. Well, it IS called ‘abrasion’! Just not that rough at all!

True to the name, this is a fluid. It’s not a serum, which is thicker. It’s not a cream. But it’s something right in between. And when I used just three drops, I not only covered my entire face and neck, but my skin absorbed the fluid instantly.

This product is for those that want to lessen the appearance of fine lines. It’s for those that want to tame down acne scars. And people that want their true glow to show on their face, will find that this may be a product that works for them.

Now, granted I have only used this twice in the last 18 hours, so I can’t say it has given me results. However, it felt wonderful when I put it on. The sample has enticed me enough that I will order this from Alyssa.

You can, too, from her website: One ounce is $38. There are competitors that have way more expensive versions of this, and there are some that are less expensive. Yet, I think this is reasonably priced, if it will deliver on that promise. I’ll keep you informed.

Have you tried This Fluid? Anyone else a fan of the Anew skincare products?

Independence Day Nail Art

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Hooray and Happy Birthday, United States!!! How are you going to spend the US’s 235th birthday?

I’m going to show you my July 4th manicure with 10 different looks. I couldn’t land on just one so I went crazy. I made some winners and losers. However, it was a lot of fun to do these.

First, let me show you the polishes I used…

Here are the ‘stars’…Nubar’s ‘Hologram Glitter’ and Kleancolor’s ‘Silver Star.’

Avon’s ‘Rich Red’ (which is a blood red, not an orange-red) and Color Club’s Frosty Blue that has no name. Even with the vast array of polishes that I own, I didn’t have one medium blue creme polish. So, the blue here is frosty.

OPI’s ‘Red Shatter’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, and China Glaze’s ‘Lightning Bolt.’

Here, I have a Color Club white creme and one from Sally Hansen. I tried both to see which I preferred. Color Club won as it wasn’t as streaky as SH. Plus, that SH is years old.

Mix them all up…

 I won’t go through and tell you about each design. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

And, this is my right hand…

I did use an irridescent glitter from Color Club on some of these nails. I just didn’t get a photo of it separately.


I think my favorite one is my left-hand pinky. I feel very patriotic, seriously.

Did you do an Independence Day manicure?

The Art of Making Your Nails Prance

(Here’s the beginning credits….my giveaway for a muscle massager closes on 12/30/10, 8 PM EST)

Wet ‘N Wild kicked some serious boo-tee with their limited Holiday collection.  Most stores were out of it before Thanksgiving.

I found this polish from the Holiday collection behind a display at the cash wrap in Walgreens this week.  So much for cosmetics department understanding sales.  That’s why there is a merchandising industry.  Companies cannot rely on the associates at the store level to display their products properly.  And, as long as that is true, I’ll always have clients to work for.

I found ‘Prancer’.  I knew it was going to be a top coat.  And I didn’t want to use stark white as a base.  So I chose an old Avon polish called ‘Salma’s Hope.’  The collection was to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  This was a super pale pink…

I’m not fond of this polish at all.  It makes my nails look terribly yellow.  And they are not.  But that thumb nail is gross.

Regardless, I only used this color, in hopes that, it would highlight ‘Prancer.’

Large, chunky red glitter with some micro glitter spun throughout.

Sunny window hides nothing.  There’s a cat hair on my pinky and my cuticles, sigh, well, I’m not biting them, hardly picking at them but nonetheless, it’s all gross.  Blech.

Here with outdoor light on a cloudy day, I think ‘Salma’s Hope’ makes my nails look dirty.  And the combination would best be suited for St. Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t removed this mani yet.  I bet it gives me one more thing to complain about.

Did you get a chance to grab some of the Holiday collection from Wet ‘N Wild?  What other color could I put on for a base coat for ‘Prancer’?  Have you ever Pranced????

Met Pink’s Cousin~Lavender

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When I was a kid, I remember the Avon lady coming to our house, sitting down with my mom and chit chatting while my mom looked at the Avon catalog.  Now, women shop Avon online.  Or, I do see shops at the flea market.  When I lived in Virginia, there was an Avon store.  Ah, instant gratification!

Now, before I go off on a tangent about how much I like Avon, let me put a photo up of a really cool Avon polish…

This is Nailwear Pro ‘Luxe Lavender.’  The photobox doesn’t capture the color too well.
Here’s one outside…

That’s just a cool, literally, purple.  This creme isn’t quite a pastel.  I think it’s just a bit too dark to be an out-and-out pastel. 

The squared off bottle is easy to hold.  And, the top, being squared off as well, makes polishing quick.  The brush isn’t skimpy.  It loads up a nice amount of polish and applies very smoothly.

This is in the sunny window.  Not a terribly clear photo but you can see the shine.  This is two coats of color.  I needed that as only 1 made bald spots.  I have a coat of Seche Clear then Vite.

I’m just going to quit apologizing for my cuticles.  They suck.  I know it.  You know it.  We are all hoping that I can get them moisturized.  I did some swatching today and remembered to put on some Lemony Flutter before the photo shoot.

Anyhoo, I love that the back of this bottle is bare.  You can see for yourself that this is a cremey, dreamy lavender.  It’s a color I love.  But I bet you wouldn’t like it so much if the bride picked this shade for your bride’s maid dress.

Did you know that purple is pink’s cousin twice removed?  Yes, you can discover this on!  So, don’t you think a cousin purple giveaway would make a nice theme?  I’m just sayin’……

Bad Boy Blues

In my last post here, I mentioned my dear high school boyfriend.  Today, I’m going to talk about the ‘bad boys.’

After leaving the clutches of my parents, I let all hell break loose.  I partied, I drank and I hung out with ‘bad boys.’  It wasn’t because I really liked them.  I think it was just to be defiant.  Not one of those bad boys liked me for who I was.  They were not interested in cultivating a relationship.  In case you wonder, I saw the light and got away from that.  It is all out of my system, thankfully.

Yet, there are some things that you want to try out, you want to experiment with.  And experimenting with nail polish is a ‘safe’ hobby.  Albeit, not for my wallet!  This is Nina’s Ultra Pro ‘Babi Blue.’

I don’t feel ‘Babi Blue’ is coming through for me.  This is 3 coats and still VNL.  Gosh, and it looked so inviting and fun in the bottle.  But when I took Babi Blue home, it just…um….didn’t perform.  And I don’t even know how to pronounce ‘Babi’….Bay-bee???  Bah-bye???  Ah!  I like Bah-bye; that fits!!!

Nina’s polishes are almost always watery.  It can take 3 or more coats to get opaque.  Maybe that’s the premise of this brand; to be sheer.  And yesterday I was at Sally’s, where I got this one, and I alllllmost bought another Nina’s but in green.  I remembered this experience and passed.  I felt burnt by the first encounter.

Eeeeeee!  This is a shallow relationship, indeed!  Let’s see if I can clean this up.
I went looking for a not so white cream and I found it.  This is Avon’s Nailwear ‘Salma’s Hope.’  This came from an Avon collection for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I put it on first and then topped it off with Babi Blue…

Hey, that Nina’s was on clearance = cheap!  All the warning signs were there!  And Selma’s Hope didn’t have much hope on this mani.  With 2 coats of Selma’s Hope and 2 coats of Babi Blue, I decided that this relationship was requiring too much work.

The only thing I didn’t think of was to put some ‘Hidden Treasure’ on this.  That might have been a saving grace.  But I had broken off the relationship before I thought of that.  This mani was quickly replaced with a better one.

It seemed to be fun at the time, but it was dangerous to hang out with bad guys.  And no matter what anyone told me, I was going to do what I wanted.  Maybe television has influenced us too much.  We see a nice woman meeting a bad boy and changing him into a sweetie, next thing they are living happily ever after.  In retrospect, I know that this very, very rarely happens.  Bad boys are bad news. 

Happily, bad manicures and colors can be fixed and remedied in one day!

Have you had to break up with a nail polish?  No saving grace for it?  They go into the franken stock, don’t they?