More on Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner

I know I am NOT the only one who finds more is better with makeup, polish, skincare, etc.  Why else would there be soooo many blogs like this one?

I posted here about getting three Maybelline lip liners at Big Lots this past week.  I loved them so much that I shopped at two different BL to see if there were more colors of this brand.  Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner.  I’m in looooveeee!  

Yippee!  I was able to score two more different colors.

                                                Here’s Cocoa and Toast.

And here is how it looks over 2 hours later and at least two hand-washings.  Plus, I tried rubbing it off with my index finger to boot.

                                               Light from a sunny window.

                                                Here’s a look with outside light.

                               (Eeps!  I notice that even the freckles [that’s the story I’m sticking to] show                                   up in macro shots.)

And now, 6 hours later, more hand-washings and cooking up a dinner.  Just in case you have doubt, I do wash the back of my hands!  I’m using hand soap and dish soap.  
I was so impressed with the first three, I had to get more.  I’m sure you understand. 🙂
Now if I could just find a pink shade, I could throw away all other liners.  But then that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

                                            Libby’s fun.  She has permanent ‘pinky’ lips.

What’s it take for you to say ‘good-bye’ to cosmetics you’ve used?  Have you had any new cosmetic discoveries yourself?

Lip Service for Maybelline Lip Liners

I wasn’t going to post, quite yet, about makeup.  Not that I don’t have much, mine you.  I just wanted to establish my blog around nails.  However, today’s trip into Big Lots welding a boon for lip liners.
I found these all in a bunch in a crate at the front of the store.  After some rummaging and a..cough, cough…test swatch…I knew I’d get a few of these.  It’s Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner. 

The swatch at the store felt so smooth and creamy on my hand that it just had to happen.  So I picked out a red, pink and nude.

Then, before I even left the parking lot, I swatched all three on my hand.  (I ended up putting the Nude on my lips.)  Do you know that it was almost 2 hours later and this is how the test swatches look?  I even tried to rub the evidence…oh, I mean, the TESTS off my hand.  And this is what they looked like even after that!  Heck, I had washed my hands twice before I took this picture.
  Swatches are top to bottom:  Wine 60, Nude 95,  Red 80. Same order as the picture of the pencils above.
Now, I’ve seen liners like this demonstrated on QVC.  But I figured that they weren’t REALLY rubbing hard.  But I promise you, I was trying to smudge these.  Note even a softening of the lines.  And for a buck, I’ve struck makeup gold!!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme?  What’s your color?  Have you ever had a lip liner that had this durability?