Laura Geller’s Blush-N-Brighten in the Birchbox

Have you heard about Birchbox? It’s a website where you can sign up to get a monthly box of beauty products. It is $10 a month and a much anticipated event, each month, in nail/beauty bloggerland.

Most of the items are sample size, but at least one item is full size. And you get opportunities to purchase the full size items from their website as well. I have been getting my Birchbox for the past 3 months and I do enjoy the excitement of seeing what I’ll get each month.

This is a blush that came in my box, this month…

From Laura Geller Makeup, this is her Blush-N-Brighten in ‘Apricot Berry’.

Just look at this swirly goodness…

Looks like a photo of Mars or Saturn, doesn’t it? These blend of baked colors is a trademark of Laura Geller’s. I’m a fan of hers after discovering her about 8 years ago on QVC.

One of her premier items is Balance-N-Brighten…

I can use this as a foundation, blush, eye shadow, contour and probably more. There’s just enough warmth, brightener and color to brush over my entire face and look luminous. Check out the top that is half mirror. Good idea!

One of Laura Geller’s products that I can NOT rave enough about is her Lip Spackle…

This lip primer is bad ass!!! Best primer for the kisser EVER!!!

But, this post is about my new Blush-N-Brighten. This blush blends on so smoothly that there is no fallout. It looks dark in the pot however, with a subtle hand, it puts just the right amount of glow on my cheeks.

Looks very good on my skin that has just a tad of a tan. I have been using SPF 45 while out walking/running in the mornings, but I still get a little bit of color. So, ‘Apricot Berry’ works for me.
Blush-N-Brighten costs $29. You can purchase it from Birchbox or from QVC.

Have you tried any of Laura Geller’s products?