Golden Opportunity

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Gold has truly been a trending color this fall and now into the Holidays.  I haven’t, in the past, been keen on wearing gold nail polish.  And I haven’t worn gold eye shadows much before, either.  However, things tend to change when you start blogging about beauty items.  It has a tendency to stretch out one’s boundaries.  And within that, you can discover new joys.

Here I am swatching 5 different gold polishes; from 4 different companies…

From Left to Right: Wet ‘N Wild’s Goldmine; Borghese’s Ipnotico Gold; China Glaze’s Cleopatra; Savyy’s Golden Honey; China Glaze’s Cowardly Lyin’

WooT!  I scored 5 gold medals!!  They are all gold but each has their own expression.

Just a bit out of focus to see who sparkles and who shines.

My nails are in the same order here.  From Left to Right: Wet ‘N Wild’s Goldmine; Borghese’s Ipnotico Gold; China Glaze’s Cleopatra; Savyy’s Golden Honey; China Glaze’s Cowardly Lyin’

I have three coats of color on.  And I have 2 coats of Seche Clear with Olan Labs’ Quick & Slick as a top coat.

As much as I love twinkly colors, I like the buffed gold color of Savvy.  The rest are just a bit too weak for me.  Cleopatra is one that I would just use as a top coat. 

Here’s the look in the sunny window.  Cowardly Lyin’ just can’t get past the VNL.  All the golds are ‘warm’.  It was fun to see them all side by side.  I think that they are all so subtle that no one noticed that there is a different gold color on each nail.

Are you sporting any gold polishes this Holiday season?  Do you like to wear gold as a polish?  Tell me your favorite.

Being a Nail Polish Matchmaker

Borghese Nail Polish as always struck me as a chic and cosmopolitan company.  Truthfully, I have no idea about them.  It’s purely on speculation.  It’s from the name, from the shape of the bottle and right down to the sophisticated colors.
Here’s ‘Bella Berry’…

Almost sounds like ‘Build-A-Bear’!  hee hee!

Just the slightest bit of tip wear after 2 days.  Enough to annoy me.  However, the polish applied easily.  I could have gotten away with 2 coats but I did three.  I have Seche Clear and then Vite on top.

A true vampy color, I just adore!

I know this will be annoying to some that I have failed to do a decent clean up.  I’m blaming it on not having enough corrector pens.  The only one I had at the time was smeared from a blue polish prior.  Eh, I’ll just admire the deep, velvety purple color instead.  I must say, vampy colors are truly the only creme polishes I love.

Before moving on to the next mani, I put on an overlay, just to play…

From one of Revlon’s newer collections, this is ‘Slipper.’  Created to be a top coat, this one WILL be showing up again later in the year on this blog.  Glittery goodness!!

Provided this had been a ‘fresh’ manicure, this would have been a complete success.  A happy marriage of Borghese’s ‘Bella Berry’ and Revlon’s ‘Slipper.’

Are you over all these ‘Twilight’ references as I am?  Do you hope vampy colors stay in vogue for a long time?  I think they are staples just like jeans and blazers; they’ll always be around.

Borghese; Polish Fit for a Noble Italian Diva

Something quick, dark and sultry….

Borghese presents ‘Plumaggio Purple.’  It’s the deepest, blackest purple I have met.

Held in direct sunlight is about the only way you will know that this is truly a purple.

I have just started getting into Borghese.  I think I only had one color before I started nail blogging.  It’s my opinion that Borghese is one of the better qualities of nail polish you can purchase at the drug store.

This polish has a thick brush.  I love it.  The polish goes on so smoothly that it’s a dream to use.  The handle is ridged and it felt safe holding it; not that I’m the most graceful!  Two coats and it’s good to go.  I do have on a top coat of Seche Clear and then Vite.  Wow, this polish wears long too.  These photos were after 3 days of wear and just the slightest tip wear.

Borghese has many vampy colors right now and so my inner vampy, diva is quite happy. 🙂

How do you like Borghese?  Do you like those colors that are so dark they look black?