Purely Pleasures Cosmetics

Just have to plug the current giveaway. I have 3 prizes for a just because contest. Check it out here.

Earlier this month, I won a contest and, here is what I got…


The contest was sponsored by Purely Pleasures. I got to pick out three mineral shadows of my choice. And the elf brushes and the Lip Lush were added bonuses.

‘Lip Lush’ come in two choices: original and peppermint. I picked peppermint. Every single ingredient in this lip balm is one that I know.  Here’s from their description:

Ingredients: (All organic)
Original & Peppermint: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E.
Peppermint Only: Pure Peppermint Extract

My ‘Lip Lush’ is right in front of me, in my desk drawer, I use it that much. It is very smooth, glides on and the peppermint is as minty as a York Peppermint Patty. (However, less fattening.)

 Two elf shadow brushes. These are my first elf brushes and now I know what the rave has been about. Truly, I adore these two. And, I certainly would know a thing, or hundred, about makeup brushes…

And the shadows next…

One shimmer and two mattes. I picked 3 shades that I felt would compliment each other.

I think I did quite well.

The shimmer is called ‘Innocence’ (#17). It is a dusty rose shade with just a hint of taupe. Works as a shadow highlighter, as I hoped. I also found it was nice as a light-handed cheek highlighter. I used a huge brush for a quick sweep over the apples of my cheeks.

This is ‘Closet Freak’ (#52). A smudgy, browned-out purple, this matte color is as super pigmented as the other two shades.

And last, is ‘Gunmetal Gray’ (#50). An incredibly pigmented matte gray, leaving no question that this is going to be bold on the eye.

This has never happened to be before: I swatched these three dry and then wet and there is hardly any difference. ‘Closet Freak’ and ‘Gunmetal Gray’ look the same. Even though they are matte, I figured foiling it would intensify the saturation. So, have a look for yourself…

Sunny day in the shade.

Direct sunlight.

Maybe that is part of its uniqueness. You don’t have to foil them to get deep color. I am, with that, deeply pleased with the application. I like pigmented shadows and these were no exception. It doesn’t take hardly any powder to get transference.  On the downside, the jars have no sifters so there is spillage; a bit messy.

Click on over to Purely Pleasures Cosmetics website to see the rest of their products. The prices are very competitive. The ‘Lip Lush’ is $2. The shadows are $4 for 3 grams. There is a monthly color that is $3 for 3 grams. A set of 4, only $15. A set of 8, just $28. The website also shows these different sets with recommended color combinations. Really helpful if someone isn’t confident on picking their own combinations.

Purely Pleasures has a gamut of products that are all natural (no chemicals from a lab), not tested on animals and, mostly vegan. If you are wanting to try out beauty products from an all natural indy company, I suggest you try Purely Pleasures Cosmetics.

Swept Away By Brushes

For kicks and to earn a few bucks, I take online surveys.  Sometimes I can get a pretty nice award.  There’s one in particular that likes my reviews and comments.  Probably because I give more than a ‘It’s nice.’  So, I got a couple of Amazon gift certificates and found what I wanted in a heartbeat….

It’s a bundle of joy!  It’s a toy for playing makeup!

It’s so nice and tidy in this leather bag.  Yet it’s weighty.

Ta da!!!  Tons of makeup brushes!!  Yippeee!  I can toss out those stupid, cheapy brushes that come with shadows and as that something ‘extra’ the companies throw in to make it look like a better ‘value.’

There is quite an education to be had here in nail/makeup blog land.  I’m happy to say that I’m glad to be learning more about it.  There are quite a few blogs I fancy and they are leading me to temptation a better understanding of the beauty industry.  One of the things I learned is that Konad isn’t the only game in town.  When I read about Monster Bundles, I didn’t even think twice before pressing the confirm button on Paypal.

However, what I discovered on my own was that this same company sells a sweet package of makeup brushes.

Look here.  The same folks that brought you more stamping plates than you know what to do with, brings you, now, more brushes than you know what to do with!  34 different brushes!  REAL BRUSHES!!  I wish I had a friend who wastes spends her money on MAC brushes so we could compare.  I’d like to know which of my brushes match MAC numbers. Alas, I’ll just have to wait on that.  However, I did NOT wait, too long, before snatching some of these out and putting them to use.

But first, I had to take a photo of the lovely set all tucked away in their pockets.  Nestled in line…with…cat slobbers??!!!!!!!!!

OK, looks like Sebastian wants to play with MY new toy.  But wait, there’s more….

Libby stepped away from her vanity to come see what her brother was fawning over.  Are they gaga for the smell of leather?!!

Sebastian actually pawed one out and they both were checking it out.  Probably to see if it was still alive.  Shortly after this photo, I picked up the brushes.  MINE!!!

After a couple of days laying the pouch out across my vanity, my husband finally asked if I planned on hogging up the vanity with this ‘thing.’  Hmmm…I thought I already was hogging the vanity.  Never mind.  I did explain that as I used each one I was transferring it into my own brush holder…on the vanity.

To wrap this up, I love, love these brushes.  They are made well, the handles are long, the bristles are firmly tuffed into the barrel.  And the kicker…It was $32; two $15 gift coupons and the whole thing cost me $7 including postage.  Sweet!

Am I the only one that drools over new brushes?  I’m thinking not if you are reading this blog. 😉