I Spy…Bath and Body Works Candles and NeuroDrinks 3/6/12

Before I do the Tool Tuesday post, I have to share with you some I Spy stuff from today.

First, I got a heads up from Kari of OnceBitten blog on these candles…

Bath and Body Works has taken over my home. I should just move into the store and live there. I bet I’d have a lot of roomies too! Poppy Sunshine is definitely one that’s going to be burning in my home office.

Orchard Petal is one that just may get. I did like it but I have to decide how much.

A Pineapple fragrance and a peach one. Makes me what to get a straw and some rum!

I got a little, sample candle of the Wild Strawberry, last week. Yummy. And, then there’s a berry fragrance, of course!

I will get these two: Frosted Cupcake, ack, the only non-fruit in the bunch but I ran to it first. Then I had to take my first, ever insulin shot because it was soooo sweet. And, a Sage Cucumber. What a divine combination! Yep, that one goes in the blue shopping bag.

We are having a Central Florida Beauty Bloggers meet up on Saturday. If we go shopping at Bath and Body Works, I’ll make my purchases then. The 3-wick candles are not on sale, at the moment, but the baby sampler ones are 2 for $5. That’s why I got the Wild Strawberry and the Lemon Mint Leave samples to try out last week. After about 15 minutes of snorting all these yummy candles, I left with my tummy growling.

After I met up with my clients in that particular mall, I headed home. But as I usually do, I stopped off at a Walgreens. If anything, I was going to get something refreshing to drink. I was walking away with a Vitamin Water when I spotted these…

Neuro Drinks are totally new to me. I never heard of them until today. They are $2.79, which is $1.70 more than I spend on SoBe or Vitamin Water. But, these looked catchy and I like to try new things.

Each color is for a different focus. As you can see, on the bottle, it not only says what it is helpful for but has cute copy to go along with it. (I think the bottle shape is weird!) You can check out their website and see all the different flavors they have.

Since there was only one left, I picked this one to sample…

Wait…are you laughing? Don’t you think I should test something before I recommend it to you? Of course! And, stop giggling!!!

Since it is ‘lightly carbonated’ I wasn’t thrilled with that. I stopped drinking sodas (my favorites: Cherry Coke Zero, Coke Zero and Pepsi Max) about 3 days before my last 5K race. So, I’m looking at just about 2 weeks soda sober. Sadly, Neurogasm isn’t going to make a good replacement. It reminded me, at first, of when Bartles and James went to fruity flavors and ruined the whole market for wine coolers.

Then, there’s the so promised ‘passion’. It could kick in. *shrugs* I’m waaaaitinnnng…

There are about 120 calories in each one. They all have their own focus and vitamin properties. If you want to be a sport, give one a try. My curiosity has been satisfied. I’m back to my Sobe Zeros.

Will you be sipping some NeuroDrink with a Bath and Body Works candle next to you?

Santa’s Gift For The Vanity: Bath and Body Works Candles

What’s in the bag, Santa?

Well, Kimberly, I see on my list that you have been nice just a couple more times than naughty. It was a close call this year. But you made more people laugh than cry. You hugged more people than you walked away from. You smiled at those that didn’t have a smile. You’ve given away a lot of your unused stuff to charity. You still love your kitties and you didn’t call your husband one bad name……to his face, anyway.

So, Kimberly, this year in your stocking, you get two, new 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works. These are brand, new fragrances and I know you’ll just love them. And, they haven’t broken the bank too badly at 2 for $20.

Oh, thank you, Santa!!! I love both the Black Pepper Bergamont and Mahogany Teakwood!!! I don’t think I’m going to wait until Christmas to use them. I plan on picking them up, hopefully, tomorrow when I have lunch with my nail blogger girlfriends.

Santa, you are the BEST! And I will always believe in you!!!!

Bath and Body Works Fall Candles and Winter Holiday Sneek Peek

When asked ‘what are you doing this weekend?’ I actually had something to say!

Today was Bath and Body Works ‘vote for your favorite, out of three given recipes, to see the winner made into a fragrance candle event’. OK, I give it the long name, but that’s the gist. With a purchase today, between 11 and 2, you could get a tote bag and 3 mini candles from the Winter collection. I was soooo there!!

Gingerbread, Candied Sugar Plum and Marshmallow Peppermint

Besides makeup, nail polish, jewelry and clothes, I LOVE candles!!! One of the first gifts I gave my hubs, when we were first dating, was a platter that 3 different size pillar candles fit on. It was specifically for the bedroom. *wink, wink!* I’m very fortunate to have a husband that loves fragrant candles as well.

Funny, I have already spent quite a bit at Bath and Body Works on candles, lip glosses and hand soap for the Fall season, already. But I wasn’t worried at all that I wouldn’t be able to find something divine at today’s visit.

The Store Manager, at an earlier visit, told me to come early; there would be lines. She was telling me the truth!!

And, I do not think I have ever seen this many shoppers milling around this store before…

 I even documented my loot purchase…

This pleasant cashier made sure I got the best deal with the 2 coupons I presented. Coupon stacking (using more than one coupon per transaction) is not allowed. But, multiple purchases are. I got the best deals. There were some people there that had their child make a purchase as well to get another free bag of candles. I cry ‘fowl!’

In the last photo, you can see, to the right, the tote that was given away, as well. It was useful for me. I cleaned out the collection of recycled paper under my printer, and used the tote to collect the trash. Seriously, I have tons of totes already.

And so, here is my goodies I got…

This little ceramic owl holds the mini candles. I keep and burn my candles on a tall bookcase to keep it away from snoopy kittehs. He looks like the perfect guardian.

The large candles, called 3 wick, were 2 for $20. That was a good deal since the mid-sized candles are $9.50 themselves. The large ones are normally $19.50. I got these two…

Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Marshmallow Fireside

I got one medium size candle free for that purchase. I picked up 2, however…

Cinnamon Sugared Donut

Cinnamon Sugared Donut is already lit and is sitting on the top of the bookcase. Hence, it is surrounded by other mini candles and oh, a bottle of Zoya back there!

Now, here’s the story on Lavender Macaroon candle…I was going to get that scented candle as one of my large, 3 wick candle purchases (it is a very favorite, right now). I couldn’t find it so I asked. The sales person, who was quite pleasant, said that she didn’t know if that candle was coming out in a larger size other than the mini. Oops! I ran over and got 3 of the remaining Lavender Macaroons! They may have had more in the back, I wasn’t going to ask, I just grabbed.

And, here are the 3 for $5 minis I got along with one free S’Mores scent, since I had a coupon…

Three Lavender Macaroons and one S’Mores

And, here are the three new, fragrance candles that are just a small part of the Winter collection that will be released in October…

 Candied Sugar Plum
Marshmallow Peppermint

It is very Fall and festive around the pink vanity, right now. Are you starting to feel Autumn creeping in? What is your favorite Slatken & Co. or Bath and Body Works candle scent?

Don’t Wait! Get Your Halloween Stuff NOW!

Amongst my travels today, I stopped at 2 CVS stores and 3 Walgreens. I didn’t find any of the Wet ‘n Wild products I have been longing for. But, I did find some other stuff. Also, I got some goodies at Bath and Body Works.

I saw this Sally Hansen display at Walgreens about 2 or so weeks ago…

And, I purchased ‘Teal-y Cool’…

I swatched that baby right out in the parking lot before I even got into my car…

This is over a blue from Color Club’s Poptsatic collection. (Damn, no names on the bottle!)

If you look at the display, there is a dark polish in the middle, next to a blue. That is ‘Pumpkin Spice.’  I photographed it but, didn’t buy it. I really figured I had something like that already. And, I was trying not to purchase every polish color that strikes my fancy.

That is until Scrangie swatched it on her blog. I haven’t swatched this one yet, so please, click on her name/link to jump over there and be in awe.

Ohhhhhh, Halloween, why do you have to be so far away! And, by the way, Happy Lammas: celebrating the first harvest of the year, August 1.

Next, I snooped the $1 bins at Walgreens. When you were a kid, did you like to put your quarter into the candy/cheap toy machine and get a luck of the draw jawbreaker or a rub-on tattoo? Well, I get that same feeling looking through the $1bins at Walgreens.

Here’s what I got for one buck…

Constant readers will know that I am a merchandiser. I get to make things look pretty in stores so you will empty your wallets be enticed to purchase. So, I get to go to malls every week. Yea, this job sucks….NOT!

I got a few of the little Fall candle samplers at Bath and Body Works last week. I loved them soooo much that I got 6 more to share with my blogger girlfriends when we had lunch. I noticed the second time I went back, they had even more fragrances. So, today I wanted to pick up some more.

Now I have a total of 6 different minis to tide me over until I get the biggies! But, what did I Spy at the counter when checking out…

Yes!!! SIX different body lotions!!! The store had just put out the first 6 as samples when I yelled politely asked when they would be available. The sales associate said they had boxes of them right there, just delivered. Yippeee!

Are these little Halloween themed-bottles so stinkin’ cute!!!!…

I am so glad to see all these Halloween-themed items coming out so early. This way all the Christmas stuff will be available in October. (sarcasm)

Do you have any of these items or, are they on your wish list?